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Guys i am searching for Simcats 2010-14 pdf...can anyone help out??

Sim 103 -

VARC: 20A 14C = 37 (found some of the RCs quite weird) :( 

DILR: 15A 15C = 45 (good sets.. couldn't solve anything in the first half an hour)

QA: 22A 20C = 59

OA: 57A 49C = 141 (low attempts overall) :( 

Hi Guys!

This is the first I took SIMCAT . What is the context of the cutoff score shown in the report . is it for the 90th percentile ? 95th percentile ? . What exactly can we infer from the cut off given ?

Thanks in Advance!

Guys need help.

Which one should I join:-


SimCAT Plus (Rs 4000) or


SimCAT Proctored (Rs 3000)

And anyone have Fee Waiver Code then please share 

SIMCAT 105 VARC: 41( isko kaise improve kare) DILR: 37 QA : 50 OA: 128 (98.36 percentile)

For take home mocks, does the percentile change when more ppl attempt them? 

Hey guys please do share the test link for SIMCAT 1 to be held on 9th June in the comment section if you get it. Thanks! :)

Hasn't the slot booking yet started?

Anyone else's slot for simcat 1 showing 1 January 1900 as appointment date?

I am not able to book slot... Showing only 2 dates and those too are full.. @OfficialIMS

@OfficialIMS we are not getting 'take home' option in slot booking centre. As I am outstation, how can I attempt the test in different city? (Only for Simcat 1) . I will be available at my location for SIMCAT 2 onwards.

@OfficialIMS sir i am out of station , is it possible to appear in this proctored simcat 1 through take home mode. i havnt booked any slot yet!!  Thread for SIMCAT 1 2017 Discussion

when is the rank/%ile for the first proctored mock going to be released? 

when this proctored simcat 1 will be available to someone who was not able to book the slot due to some unavoidable circumstances .Plz help ?

When will the detailed analysis for SIMCAT 1 be released? I mean after how many days after the window gets closed?

Also is there any other thread to discuss the exam with those who have given?

How was DI section of Simcat 1... Overall paper was easy but I found DI bit tough... Or I m the one who screwed it completely...?


QA      98.16

VARC   95.23

DILR     97.06

OA       99.60

Guys when can we review the test ??

Are the take home Simcats last year's proctored ones, or fresh tests?