discussion queries preparation for CAP 2018 WAT PI

IIM rohtak shortlisted

when do i get interview related mails

 My WAT and PI under CAP are scheduled for 14th feb but I also have another interview scheduled for the same date, Is it possible that the date can be forwarded?

I have recieved a mail regarding my interview for cap and the venue mentioned in the mail is Janpath hotel, CP but when I filled the form which we were supposed to fill the venue for the interview changed to Radisson Blu Dwarka can someone please help me with the actual venue?

IIM Ranchi HRM form would be available later separately , but for PGDM at other IIMs do we need to apply separately anywhere or the submission of CAP form would suffice ?

Do we have to fill all 9 of the cap colleges form seperately?

 I have been shortlisted for CAP 2018...I have done an internship in hr after my graduation. Can I fill this  under  work ex or should I specify it in Co curricular / Extra curricular  block.  

I am observing irrelevant Radio buttons in the CAP details​ form... Are they going to modify the form or we have to submit it as it is ?

Please follow the official thread of IIM Rohtak given below to keep yourself updated about the CAP process and queries regarding WAT-PI process 


Last date to fill the form please

For CAP wat-pi process,

we need self attested documents or by gazetted officer?

I have a experience in 3 companies and in the section of "Reason for leavinng" in the current company

i have mentioned for the MBA thing ....  is it fine ?

Important update for CAP 2018!! This is to notify you, that the process of CAP comprises of WAT-PI and Extempore, hence we advice you to prepare well for all three.

is editing the CAP form immediatly reflects the updated one ?

What qualifies as a certificate of educational qualification?

Work ex letters are enough or do we need payslips as well?

Please reply ASAP. TIA!

Please share your interview experiences to help others.

Can the documents that we have to bring be self attested or attested by a government officer?

CAP ( 26th Feb Afternoon ) Kolkata Wat : Does Travelling help in generating ideas and experential learning ? Explain. PI : 3 Panelists ( P1 - F / P2- M / P3- F ) P3 : Introduce yourself Me : Answered P3 : You didn't have any campus placements ? Me : No P2: Production house and distribution house difference ( Watching movies hobby ) Me : Answered P2 : Name some production houses of india Me : Answered. P2 : UFO ? Me : Don't know much about it. It works digitally. P1 : Women are better managers ( Extempore ) Me : Answered only for 50 sec to 1 minute ( not satisfactory to me) P1 : 3 women business tycoons Me : Answered only one ( Indra nooyi ). Tried to add Nita ambani but P2 mocked. P3 :Any recent news u read in last 3 days Me : Justin trudeau visit , Rohingya crisis P2: Rohingya in last 3 days 😡 Me : sorry sir, I read it in last 3 days 😋 P3 : Who got rosgolla tag Me : WB for bangalar rosgolla P3: Not for odishar ? Me : No 😂 ( Laughter * ) P3: Any news from north-eastern states Me : Tripura election P3 : All north eastern states with capitals Me : Answered P1 : Scotland of east ? Me : Shillong P1: why ? Me : May be due to its natural beauty or rainfall ( seems satisfied ) P2 : Iron making n steel making difference ( Graduation ) Me : Answered P2 : Product of blast furnace Me : Iron ( Wrong from P2 expressions ) P3 : Thank you