IIM Bangalore WAT/PI Shortlist 2017-19

hi peeps

please post ur cat score


IIM Bangalore listings out 

Hi guys! Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates :) You can reach out to me for any queries regarding the process or admission! All the best :)

I read in one of the posts below that we need to collect recommendations? If we need to do it this year also then from where all should we collect them? I have worked in two companies for more than a year but I left my job last year to take a drop. Can we get recommendations from colleagues ? Going back to my office would be very tedious. It's few hundred kilometers away. I am not sure how long will IIMB give to us to complete the process

did anyone get any mail from iim b regarding sop s ?

Hi All.

What is the next step ? Call letters will be mailed to us ?


When will the online application process/SOP submission start?

Any group for IIM C Call getters?

Shortly, mentors will be alloted to most of the IIM B call getters. Do make full use of them.

Congrats to everyone who's made this far :)

Since you know that soon mentors would be allotted to each one of you, so please make the most of it. In case you need any help, you can reach out to me too :) 

Good Luck !

Congratulations guys who have made this far! Do not put the foot off the paddle , prepare hard for the WAT/PI. For any further queries you can connect with me, especially freshers who have got a call can reach out to me for help. PS : I was a Fresher General Engineering Male.

Just got a mail regarding the online form. They are asking for three references who have to directly submit recommendations online. 

Mentors, what kind of references should we ideally provide? For someone still in college, can they be professors, project guides etc? I fear these references might end up stressing too much on technical details and skip managerial aspects altogether. 


Hi Mentors,

The work experience requries us to upload the first and last month salary slip.

However, I am unable to access my older payslips.

Furthermore, in my every month payslip the "date of joining" is mentioned.

Is it okay if I upload only the last month salary slip as it will include "Date of Joining".

Please assist.

In the work experience section of the online form, can I fill in details of my summer internship? Or is the section only meant for full-time jobs?

Can details of more than one professional degree be filled? 

I have more than 2 years of experience, should I get one recommendation from my college professor's or just past and present managers. TIA

hi, im currently in my final year of UG. So, who can i give as referee other than my HOD and project giude? I haven't done any kind of internship, and i don't know who else i can ask for.

Hi Guys!

Congratulations for getting shortlisted for the next stage of admission process of IIM Bangalore!

Please use the following link for the official pages run by the Student Media Cell and the current students of IIMB to get your queries resolved.

Pagalguy Thread:


All the Best! 

Is it possible to reschedule the interview? I am working in Ivory coast West Africa. I came here for a project work. It would be helpful if IIM bangalore accept for postponement, as I can complete both the task. I have send a request mail. Mentors please tell if such a procedure exists or not and give your suggestions.