IIM B – EPGP 7 Aspirants, Class of 2015-16 – EPGP (One Year Full-Time Residential Course)

Hi All, We are the current batch of IIMB EPGP (6th Batch) and we would want to make use of this thread to answer any of your queries regarding the course. Please feel free to ask your doubts. We will try our best to help. Thank you. ...

Hi All,

We are the current batch of IIMB EPGP (6th Batch) and we would want to make use of this thread to answer any of your queries regarding the course.

Please feel free to ask your doubts. We will try our best to help. Thank you.



I was looking at the application process for PGPX and one of the requirements is a reference letter from the employer and a second reference letter from someone who knows the applicant in a professional(?) capacity.

My questions related to this are:

1. Is there a template that the IIMs use for reference letters?

2. Will it suffice if I get the "letter from employer" issued by my immediate manager / who should issue the letter from employer?



Are reference letters required to be submitted by the deadline itself?

Hello, I need some info. Does the EPGP programs in IIM A, B and C give more weightage to our academics or the quality of work experience? I have a low grad marks of 63%. Can someone please clarify? The 2 year PGDM course gives very high weightage for academics. Is it the same for the one year EPGP as well?


I can see in the portal is still of the previous batch.

1) I would like to know what is the average years of work ex in current batch?
2) What is median GMAT scores the batch has ?
3) I hope the last date is 31st August for 2015-16 as well.

How are the placements coming along @EPGP_IIMB ?

i am not able to see the 'Apply online' option on the website. The application window starts to day, right?

Hi @EPGP_IIMB I have few queries & my work-ex goes like this:

1. around 13 months as an Associate Soft Engg in supply chain solution provider (Manhattan Asso.)
2. arnd 14 months - involved in business with my uncle - (Restaurant & Exp-Imp)
3. would be completing 3 yrs in March 2015 as an Central Excise Inspector (presently conducting Audits of Central Ex. & Service Tax units)

My queries are :
1. Am I eligible for the course i.e. will the 14 months of business work-ex be counted
2. I want to move into a General Management or Business Development Role - do I stand a chance seeing my profile and moreover with just 5.3 yrs of work-ex.....& more importantly how many companies come for these kinds of role

The IIMB online admission link is not available on the portal?Can you suggest where can I find the link on the portal.I tried to open the link from Google but got a link where on;y profile is getting updated but application form is yet not available.Please help.

Hi @EPGP_IIMB, is it required that the email id of the recommending person be his/her official emaild id? I have used their personal ids and now I am worried if this means lesser credibility

The link to open house registration is available at


In case the link does not work properly, please remove the port number (9040) and try... worked for me!

Hi, I am attempting my GMAT for the 3rd time over the last 5 years. My previous scores are 630 and 660. The question is which score will IIM consider the latest or greatest and also having three GMAT scores has any impact on my application. Can someone please clarify? Thanks

why is it that they didn't give application portal link in their epgp portal?



The link on "http://www.iimb.ernet.in/postgraduate/epgp" points to the old thread. Can you please ask IIMB media team to tag to this thread?

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Hi Puys,

Apologies for the earlier fiasco. Please see the profile and help me.

Evaluate my profile.

Basic Profile:

Indian male 27 years and 7 months old.


2008 batch Chemical Engineer from premier institute in Maharashtra (70%)

All India Gate rank 403 in 2008.  Within top 10% of candidates appearing for GATE.

HSSC: 88.5%. Highest scorer of Physics (97/100) in School.

SSC: 81.5%

GMAT: 690, AWA 6.0, IR 4.0. I know this is a killer and may hurt but sadly, I have no way of retaking GMAT.


Total of 5years and 9 months of work ex in Water treatment Industry.

International work ex of 6 months in Dubai (Currently employed in A US company)

Office accomplishments:

Worked with one of the biggest Australian desalination company in 2013.

Received "Exemplary contribution to the division" award in 2010 from SBU Head.

Received "Exemplary contribution to the division" award in 2011 from SBU Head.

Received "Exemplary contribution to the division" award in 2012 from SBU Head.

Received award for "Value addition to existing system" from MD and Executive vice president of company in 2011.

Was head of a team comprising of HOD's for "Development of approach on Design to Cost" Basis.(I do not have certificate of this though)

College activities:

Organized Badminton tournaments in college.

Organized Chemical Engineering quizzes in college.


Organized in house training program for the division.

Deputy Editor in chief of divisional magazine 'Exposed'.

District level badminton participant

District level Swimming participant

Brand Ambassodor for Teach for India.

NCC 'B' ceritificate holder.

Took a training of Fire Brigade and safety precautions in Dubai.

Other Activities:

1. Selected for Training program of Channel partners from GE and went to Thailand.

2. Visited Zimbabwe alone to successfully solve the problem of sewage treatment plant not functioning for 13 years.

3. In midway of starting a new website for educational development.

4. I have started learning German language.

Do let me know:

1. Whether I stand a chance of getting a call.

2. Ways to improve my profile considering my low GMAT score.

3. Any particular point that I should take care of /consider for better chances of getting an admit.

Many thanks,


Hi @EPGP_IIMB, The 'Preview Application' option is a great feature in the application portal to view how the application is coming along. However, the Roles and Resp. section somehow seems to corrupt the output, if the text in the section is greater than 50 words.  The FAQ for the section says that the R&R section can have around 200 words. Can you please check if this something that can be fixed if it not too much of a bother?

Hi, the last date for submission of application and relevant documents is 29th August, can some one please  guide, by what date should I appear for the GMAT exam?    Thanks in advance ☺

At the time of filling online application for EPGP,bangalore do we need our official GMAT score card or score details are sufficient ?