IIFT Gd Pi Experience 2007-2009 Thread

hi Junta, Since, the IIFT interviews start today, kindly post your IIFT GD PI experiences here…it would be useful for those appearing for it later… Please give the essay topics, GD topic…also is the pattern same as it was last tim…

hi Junta,

Since, the IIFT interviews start today, kindly post your IIFT GD PI experiences here....it would be useful for those appearing for it later...

Please give the essay topics, GD topic...also is the pattern same as it was last time...

Best for luck to those who have there interviews tomorrow:grab:

Which college's GD/PI experience?

Sorry my blunder....IIFT...Mahip could u please edit the Tread Title...sorry again

gizmora Says
Sorry my blunder....IIFT...Mahip could u please edit the Tread Title...sorry again

When are the GD/Interviews starting? In a day or two?
Mahip Says
When are the GD/Interviews starting? In a day or two?

GD PI for IIFT started today .. at 9 AM to be precise .. :)
The first batch should post their experiances by mid aft or even ...
Let the thread remain .... title could be changed to
"IIFT GD/PI Eperiences 2007-2009"
GD PI for IIFT started today .. at 9 AM to be precise .. :)
The first batch should post their experiances by mid aft or even ...
Let the thread remain .... title could be changed to
"IIFT GD/PI Eperiences 2007-2009"

Best of luck...i guess urs is tomorrow....will be waiting for what u guys tell me...min on wednusday....

We could laso close the other Threads....(IIFT Interview calls are out) ...too many threads...makes it difficult to track informative posts

Best of luck folks!

Have asked the mods to rename this to: IIFT GD/PI Eperiences 2007-2009.

BOL..!! i.e Best Of Luck to all the PGians whose GD/PI starts today..

My heartly wishes that most of you clear the GD/PI so that I will get less competition next year..just kidding..

really looking forward to hear the GD topics

All the best to all puys for ur IIFT interviews....!!

Waiting eagerly to read ur experiences.....
Please post them asap....:)

Quoting tatimatla vbmenu_register("postmenu_671856", true); experience today

Probably the first one to post the experience here...
The Essay/GD/PI process kicked off today at 9.45 in the morning.

The Essay was: "Spirtualism in India is regaining the ground."

The paragraphs I stressed on were as follows:
1. How colonalism led to the disregard of spirtualism
2. How spirtualism potrays a great picture of India abroad.
3. How the work of institutes like Ramakrishna mission, Aastha channel (Swami Ramdev) are catching up with the masses.
4. A morning walk in any residential area potrays the picture...India is slowly turning spirtual.
5. BUT...it is common among the older people than the youth...to really regain its lost ground, importance must be paid to spirtual awareness among the Indian youth.

The GD was on: "Is Foreign investment in the Education sector good for India?"
There were 11 of us...and it was a bad bad bad GD...it was a fish market from the beginning to the end.
The start itself was bad...ppl started off with opinions...I tried hard to bring in some structure...of no avail.
Junta please remember...all those who start off the GD's, put in the structure initially...that's what earns most of the points.
The best part of my GD was the moderation...I actually took over and silenced all those who wanted to make the GD look like a fish market...only those people spoke whom I wanted to speak.
The conclusion was even worse...indeed there wasn't any conclusion...it was a fish market all along.
I hope some of the ppl who are gonna have the GDs in the future take care of these misgivings.

The interview left with me no good feeling either.
My interview lasted about 8-10 minutes.

There were two interviewers, both women...another man joined in later.
One interviewer was wearing a punjabi deress (P) and the other one with a saree (S).
I am the bakra (B)

P: Inroduce yourself, in short.
B: blah...really short.
P: You mentioned something about leadership position in a firm. What is the difference between leader and manager.
B: Leader is a generalized version of a manager. Manager is a corporatized version of a leader. Manager has pre-defined tasks and deadlines...blah...I had a feeling that the interview panel wasn't convinced.
S: You have been in embedded systems throughout...how do u think IIFT will help you.
B: If I wanted to be in Embedded Systems throughout, I would have gone into research (an MS in the US). The main reason why I entered into the corporate world is with a purpose of attaining a leadership position. I have, over two years established a technical base that would aid me in any position in a technological firm. I look up to IIFT to imbibe in me the necessary business knowldge that would help me in running a business. (now this was totally unintended...I didn't mention anything about being an enterpreneur)
P: Now how is the enterpreneurship scene in India?
B: talked about how india is loaded with enterpreneurs, especially the retail sector.
P: now...is running a kirana store enterpreneurship
B: definitely...they have their own businesses, their own targets, they employ people...definitely. Only difference is that they don't have the technical details about running a business.
P: If you were to open an exports firm, what would you do?
B: I would first of all zero in on the place where I am gonna sell a product. I would then promote the product.
S: Do you mean to say that you are doing market research before you develop a product.
B: I assumed that we already have a product. (S smiles). OK...I develop a product, conduct market research, promote the product in the area we're gonna sell and finally ship the product. We then look after the smooth running of the operations. After we conduct these operations for 2-3 years, we then assess ourselves and decide on the future course of action.
S: Now if you get a seat in IIFT, you would remain in Embedded systems...right?
B: eh? Mam, I am extremely serious about the MBA program at IIFT, I look at this program as a stepping stone for my career. If I stay back as an Embedded Systems Engineer, I would become an SME, in which I would have done better pursuing an MS.
P: We don't doubt your seriousness B...if u weren't serious, you wouldn't have been here...
B: Eggjactly

P: OK...thank you very much.
B: thank you very much.

Overall...the only thing that left me in bad taste was that the interview lasted only for 8-10 mins...I thought I did a good job in some of the questions...my opinion...the interview was more of a psychometric test.

Essay : 7/10
GD: 7/10
Interview: 7/10

Hope is all I can do.

i had my iift stuff at 9:30 at iift, met quite a few puys and many recognised them and i guess still remember me(the one in blue shirt who was babbling a lot)
anyways coming straight to the pointthe whole thing was of 3 stages
1st was essay spiritualism is again gaining momentum in india( time alloted 20 min)
2nd was gd foreign investment in higher education in india( 1 hr, yes 1 full hr)
3rd was interview( just was asked in depth about the resume thing and conents)

essay:spiritualism is again gaining momentum in india
i wrote aboput our spiritualistic past , why it degenerated, then the contemporary scenario and its relevance( hectic life, conflicts , fights over petty issues etc) , then about art of living, baba ramdev sanskar channel etc, then about the fake guys exploiting our innocense, then concluded that india could setan example for all other countries who are fighting over indentity etc ...and ofcousre more blah blah

gd: 2 min to each 10 guys, then session thrown opened for all and each had to be moderator for 3 min
i raised about forex investment, industry specific needs and philantropic and deemed status of the foreifn industries and said that we had rice(talent) but we need cooked rice(training) but the foreign countries are giving us cake to eat..
as a group we also discussed about regulatory mehanism, relevance to different fieldsand somewhoh corerelated to primary education etc etc.... i think 30 guys were present for gd and divided into 3 groups , it wa only our group where the gd was very harmonious and we let everybody speak, heard from other fellows that there was a fish market but still as they had onehour to babble so everybody got chance to speak....

interview: the oment i entered the room my file fell down and my testimonials were on the floor, but i dint panic, picked them up and started to answer the questions very confidently.... as i am a final year b pharm student so i dont think my interview will interest you all engineering and commerce guys much.. but yeah he asked me where is bruendi, i answered it rightly that it is a north african country...

anyways with a written score of above 28 and good essay gd and pi i will make it but u never know so lets wait till the result ....
and best of luck to all u guys, onlyone suggestion chill....
sibm , i am coming on 1st feb...!

Mahip Says
When are the GD/Interviews starting? In a day or two?

Hi Mahip,

Please could you tell me how to create a threaad....been trying to find out but can't

Hi ppll

I had interview today at Mumbai. (29 jan 2007)

It started predictably bad

essay - Spiritualism is regaining momentum in India :wow:
had to write so I did
Never expected this..actually nobody did
thanks to baba ram dev , everone tried their best

GD- Is Foreign investment in the Education sector good for

gr8 one..Had lot to say .. and discussed some valuable point..
R& D , help in vocational course, employement blah blah
bad side- social cast disparities might increase, red tapism to earn more money.

was cool

INTERVIEW- 3 panel (male profs) A, B, C
I am Vishal V

A: ur parents are in banking, go there
V: I have my own aim, mba blah blah

A: ur companies revenue, core values, punch line
V : cake walk..dont miss these any work ex ppl.

A: join IIMA
V: no call sir ...also globalization is theme now..foreign comp here we out..My priority IB

A: how to convert ur company profits to crores.
V: i messed it with saying 100 million = 1 crore(its 10 mil= 1 crore).

all started laughing at me..

V: i said its imp to know currency exchange rate in globalized world. told them euro, dollar , pound rate.

B: which country should i invest my money in
V: china. manufacturing and all

B: out of these three(us, uk and euro)
V: ....not us (shaking economy now)..may be EU(coming up with good trade plans)

C: tell about badminton scene of india(my hobby)
V: not much infrastructure...more passion for cricket..lack of sponsors...

A: tell about cricket scene today
V: (its bread and butter..we indian are masters in this)

talked about management prob...drop sachin...follow aussies policy....encourage young..keep sehwag(my personal view)

B:what u like abt concorde airplane(my hobby)
V: gave 3 min answer....two nations came together..overcame sound speed.. teamwork they showed..technical aspects..proof of fast speed with relevant example

A: horrible ques- -ur in 20th floor of building..there is flood throughout city.no phone no net.How will u save ur building ppl.
V:1)ask them to move to upper floors.
2)indians keep lot of food in fridge..share bread, wheat, and all
3)if necessary, some can join ladder or saari to move to other building..get and share food or go to main road by that blah blah
(kya bolta yaar..phone aur net to kaat diya)

V: welcome sir


Hi Mahip,

Please could you tell me how to create a threaad....been trying to find out but can't

Go thru this:
abhinandansexy Says
i had my iift stuff at 9:30 at iift, .!

sorry i mean at coffee board banglore...

i ll rate my essay as 7.5/10
gd as 8.5/10 and
interview at 8/10

thankss guys....keep posting and let us know what you thought of the panel and also if you can identify them from the IIFT website

Ppl who attended interviews today plz reply.....

Do we need to take attested cpoies of all our certificates/marksheets?

I beleive we need to take call letter,admit card of iift,copy of CV letter, original certificates,copy(attested?) of certificates ?

Did I miss something in the above list?

they didnt check any of the testimonials let alone the xerox..... but i ll sufggest u that do take it...
then it is not a stress interview....so again chilllll
third i could identify mrs bhatia( one of the 3 chairpersons at iift)
alomst all banglore guys remember the small little gal who was present at the gd time and essay writing, she was daughter of mrs bhatia, as the panel was interviewing us i was interviewing her lettle daughter( she is standard third in saint anthonys in delhi.... not dont groan she was vey helpful as she broke the ive ther:)
anyways i had great time at the gd/pi, hope u all have fun...be yourself and chilll

Guys, did they ask questions from whatever we have written in the application form - i mean the essays abt books, why mba etc ??