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Guys, any info on IIFT , Exam pattern this year , tests one should take for prep …??? Also for IIFT GK section which r the books one should refer ? :: Syberite


any info on IIFT , Exam pattern this year , tests one should take for prep ...???

Also for IIFT GK section which r the books one should refer ?


As of now there is no info on the exam pattern of IIFT.
But the info is expected in another 10 days time.
Gk should not be a worrying aspect as it hold s avery little weightage in the final score. But you must update urself with lattest in world business. Use FE, ET, BW etc.

Its useful you know why you want International business. MBA(IB) is more rigourous than MBA. You must be lil well equiped with good business gyan. At least 100 ppl in my batch do ( I am number 101)

Do not prepare in particular for IIFT. Our test is on same lines as other papers but yes pattern is slightly different which shouldnt bother a prospective candidate.

Best of luck for your preprations,
IIFT school of international business.

Hello Junta
the IIFT forms willbe available from 23 august onwards
the addtional info that can help you A BIT

Written scheduled on jan 9 2005from 1000-1200 in 18 cities
generally the interviews are schedule in first half of march ( not too sure of it this time)

last date for sending the filled in form would be 8 nov 2004
The form could be purchased from IIFT either in person or through a mail + a demand draft
Or you can login to innsti site www.iift.edu click on admissions 2005 icon and fill up the form there

A few things about exam
It is pretty simple nothing sort of rocket science/ super quant fundas ( like CAT), vocab of foreign languages ( as in FMS), or copied GK questions ( like XAT)
the only important thing is the diffrential marking that gives more weightage to quant Qs and least to the GK Qs
so ppl who are afraid of GK need not worry that much ( it comprises of only 20% of total score and if you can score greatly in rest 80% , you are through)
the questions generally follow the pattern of easy Qs with a few traps laid in b/w
So ideal strategy would be to keep going ( thats what I did)
For GK,
it would be good enough to have a bit of knoledge about business on intl level but don't go too much deep into it ( after all insti wants to teach you intl business not learn from you)
so Just keep on flipping through pages of ET,Fin Express etc whatever you want
for current affiars it would be fine toget hold of diffrent editions of various books from coaching centres like CL, IMS, PT, or career economy and all that kind of stuff

Just keep yourself free from distractions ,hopefully CAT results would be out by that time , so there is no need to take it lightly even if you receive all 6 IIM calls (after all our insti is at par with IIMs
If any aspirant has got any specific problem then he/she can mail me or anyone froom IIFT batch at this forum at any pt of time.

best of luck
MBA(IB) 2004-2006
skool of intl bznes

hi sumit,
i'd like to know the pattern of the iift paper
is it as tough as CAT?

Hey dude,
dunno bout the pattern which u might get this year, but last year when i wrote, it was pretty similar to CAT except that the questions were unbelievably easy. Getting easy questions is not necessarily good for u, cos it only makes the competition all the more tougher. All the best,
Sanjeev Garuda

had a doubt regd IIFT... is this a super spez in IB or is it an MBA with an intl perspective....also nothing is mentioned abt course contents on the website unlike other b skools whih give u the curriculum...next sum1 said the mkt in india is not good for foriegn trade, whts the major function/responsibility offered to graduates from IIFT. i.e. analysts, purchase, logistics, etc.

awaiting replies

Hi Sumit,

Is there any place from where we can get the sample papers of IIFT or last year's papers?


Hello junta,

arunava asked me about the sample Q paper for IIFT

Well If you Are somewhere in delhi or so you can do A few things

There are lots of magazines like ( career economy, management compass, career advacedge and lots of others.......................)

other option could be getting coaching instis Q paper they are generally out in DEC (though its not that good option but still gives you abit of feel)

beware of one thing in all these papers ( last year the paper was a bit easier, i felt it, so these sample papers might have very poor level of Qs,)
but IIFT is known for creating troubles for trendfollowers ( they change trends almost every year)

regarding the INTL bznes Vs MBA with intl perspective
What I have felt about it from course curriculum is that we are focussed on MBA suitable for global bznesses rather than foreign trade experts

mbaib 2004-06
Skool of INTL bzness

IIFT ->ADMISSION 2005 I am not able to see anything after a window pop up for online registration for IIFT .. :shock:

hello vin 320

probably you forgot to scroll down and look at the link below

I would suggest you and all other aspirants to get a draft made first.

fill up online form completely.
take its print out paste ur photograph on it , sign over it as it has been asked

just add 2 adhesive address slip to it and send it to IIFT

The admissions sec will send you a brouchre later on .....................

Hello Friends

I am not able to submit the IIFT application. I sthis the correct site address

If so i can't see anywere ADMISSION 2005 icon.

please guide



hey gautam,
can u suggest some good online reading material for IB for that extra "gyan" u mentioned ? plz reply asap .......


Clicking on the ADMISSIONS 2005 leads to "page could not be opened"
IIFT guys , pls get the admissoins site enabled.

"contact us" option available on the front page is also not working
Sorry to say but the site is really ill managed !!


Hi Piax!
Well I had mentioned in my msg above that Finbancial times, business world, Economic times etc give you more than the sufficient level of gyan required for any gk stuff at any paper. Coz cat doesnt have it you need not foicus on it too much as of now. Pick it up thro archives etc after 21st nov. You must give IIMs and the others a good shot first. IIFT gk will not be very different than Symbi or Xat, in difficulty level per say or the preprations for them. Just Go thro ur economic journals daily. Whichever good b-school you get into ull get benefitted from it rest assured bout that


I would like to know if there if there are any accommodation facilities in campus for students who are not single. By the way are there any non-single students with their families in IIFT. Any quick info in this regard will be highly appreciated... 😁


hey guys

i dont think this is the right time to start preparing about iift gk now. concentrate on cat and leave everything else(gk gyan etc)after 21 nov

i got final call from iift this year,but decided to leave it as i wanted to give another shot at cat

as fr the paper there were 4 sections
with quant and di getting maximum weightage
so u need to score well in these 2 sections

gk last yr was quite easy and was not absurs as xat ( )
i still do know whether there was any kind of attemptable gk was there in the xat paper


IIFT Ranked 6th. Is it really that good?

hey IIFTians

tell me are there any sectional cutoffs in IIFT paper,..........????????




i'm a newbie ..ive applied to iift tis yr,i wrote the test last yr..dint make it 😞 so hopin this time i can make a difference...so i need tips .tat can help me pep up my prep...especially quant..as unfortunately i'm weak in quant.can u tel me wat range my scores need to be in so tat i can aim 4 tat and hopefully achieve it in the comin 2 months.
take care then