IBPS CWE CLERK4 Reserve List Candidates

This is a platform for all the reserved list candidates of CWE CLERK4.

IBPS Clerk 4 reserve list candidates please share from which state you are & your final marks and by how much marks you miss the final merit .

IBPS Clerk-4 Reserve List Candidates Any Information/Opinions You Have On The Reserve List Please Share It Here.


do anybody hav anyy idea abt reserve list of clerk??? kb tak aayega

i secured 70.20 from delhi.. cut off is 70.60

has anyone filed any rti to know the vacancies remaining or left in this year ... and is there any similiar group with more members

yah it was already mentioned in the notification, however we ll have our chances if RL comes out

vacancy list  Odisha ke liye 521 gen me tha. But  IBPS  list shows only 356 for gen . Reserve list is 10%. Then how many students are in reserve list. 52 or 36?

Ab to reserve list de do...Guys any idea when will ibps show some mercy on us?

Many of the ibps appointed candidates resigned & joined SBI asso as clks & banks are facing crisis due to new employee erosion. What the IBPS is doing? Its high time to file RTI

hello guys as we all know that ibps has put a reserve list for the unfilled vacancies but there is no news of 2nd allotment from ibps,so me and my friend has consulted a lawyer and have decided to file a pil against ibps in court as you all know we will be needing the support of u all and if u can we can manage a meeeting and sighn the petition from as many people as we can.if will be benefial for all reserve list candidates.it doesnt matter which state you are from it will benefit all of us.so kindly think about it as our reserve list will expire on march 31st.

interested people can whatsapp me on 9997688121


Dear all, I think that this delay of reserve list allotment is because of only those banks who are still calculating their probable vacancies for 2015-16. In the IBPS notification it is clearly written that the reserve list candidates will only be called if any vacancies arise in the Banks in the financial year 2015-16, thus how is it possible to calculate the final list of vacancies when the 2016 has not even started. I think we will have to wait more because IBPS is waiting for all Banks to send their respective requisitions/indents and then only the reserve list could be alloted. Hence, remain calm and I am sure that God will give us the best possible result very soon.

Dear @samkeys12 , who said that the reserve list candidates will be allotted exactly on 31/03/2016 ? Be assured that this time it will never come to the last date and the allotment will be much earlier. I just said that the Banks will take all the time available to them (as per the IBPS notification) for calculating their probable vacancies, we cannot do anything about it. Banks & the IBPS both are professional organisations and hence they will stick to their notification, nothing in the world can change that. Since, there is no fixed last date for reporting the vacancies to IBPS hence each bank will submit there list on different dates but of course there is a last date for declaration of the result (allotment) and that is the 31/03/2016.

Good News Odisha Clerk-4 RL Guys.. Just got a mail from GM, Andhra bank stating the the bank has already indented to IBPS for 2nd round of allotment.

Total unfilled vacancies are as under

SC-3 ST-2 OBC-0 and GEN-10 . 

Any news regarding reserve candidates

i got 70.40 and cut off is also 70.40. as my dob is 9-6-93 and last candidate who was selected was of 1992 dob. what are my chances for next allotment of reserve list. i am from punjab

you are having max. chance to get a call from next allotment.


I got 55.40

Final cut off 55.60

State Gujarat

Total Selected 182 (SC)

What are my chances ?

any  chances of reserve list before 31st march ??

plz give right info.

Anyone from meghalaya clerkclerk IV reserve list?