This thread is for those who have missed ibps clerk2 allotment and waiting for second allotmentโ€ฆ like me :grin:

This thread is for those who have missed ibps clerk2 allotment and waiting for second allotment..
like me ๐Ÿ˜

hi friends am a general candidate from Andhra pradesh ....i missed the allotment in the first list by .60 marks (got 64.60 where cutoff was 65.20)...do i have any chance if there is any waiting list....๐Ÿ˜Ÿrolleyes

hi all...i got this info from admin of bankers ka adda group in facebook...

## The Biggest Question: "Will Po2 and Cler2 Waiting list Come?"##It has been the biggest question for all the waiting candidates for IBPS Po2 and Clerk2? So will the Waiting list come or No.โ€œOh Yesโ€, It will surely come. Reasons:There has been around 10% to 15% candidates not joining the banks, reason being selection in SBI and SSC, 2% to 3% with some other reasons. (data collected talking with different candidates of all the banks joined banks on reporting date, confirmed it).So Close to 22500 * 15% , close to 3500 could be in the 2nd allotment. But there has been fresh man power requirement for all the banks, like United bank of India requires 3500, Canara Bank 7500 for this financial year ( not sure about PO and Clerk break up). So more allotment could be along with 3500, for which we all have to wait and check.Why Delay!Bank of India has not completed its joining formalities with the candidates yet and some candidates are on extension with other different banks.IBPS will be with 2nd allotment after getting the final man power requirement from the all the banks together. And It is at least going to take 3 months from the date of First allotment, Quarterly kind of things So It will may Delay but have patience it will surely come for Both PO2 and Clerk2.Po2 is expected by June or July end, (sources with different news and after talking to candidates.)Clerk2 is expected by August or September end , (sources with different news and after talking to candidates.)All the best Everyone!!!


another info...from admin of bankers ka adda group....

Breaking News:-------Good News for Waiting List PO2.....######## 8000 Seats in PO2 2nd Allotment, ####### Confirmed... (Source of info news from CANARA Bank HR...... )(1st News Provider .............)We Dont Follow Other Group/Website .......... They Follow Us ...........!!!!!!!


some one filed rti and got reply like dis....

no updates?

Hi friends, Please check IBPS website regarding the notification about second round allotment...

guys if u want to comlain regagrding ibps about alltoment and waitlist and no transperency

http://pmindia.nic.in/feedback.php check out this link too and post complaint i psoted few others r too we po2 waitlist r complaining if he recives more complaint then he may notie it so if u want please do

Even i missed the 1 st round by 0.0 ๐Ÿ˜ž

So are there any chances this time!!!!!!!!

where are you guys??

How many friends have filled the application form of the IBPS RRB.


how many of you cleared ibps po2 and clerk 2 but not get allotment?

any info of WL?

rti replies from different banks....

frnz..p2 waiting list is out..wht are the chances of clerck 2 waiting list???whn it will be out?n any information regarding the no. of vacancies???

hi friends any karnataka candidate is der?

m from karnataka missed 1st list by 1.8%

any1 know about clerk2 waiting list date....

Anyone knows,what is the minimum cut off for clerk 2 2nd allotment for all the states?By How much %age the cut off is down from present???

--##### Expected cut-off for 2nd round Clerk2 #####--

In PO there are avg 70-75 candidates in 0.04 and cut off decline for Gen was 1.56 (for about 25% vacancies of 1st round allotment) In clerk there are 70-75 candidate in .20 (taking India avg).. now lets see po 1.56% decline means 1.56/.04 = 39 slots for po 2 but if same 25-30% vacancies will come for clerk then 1.56/.20 = 7.8 slots of clerk.. 1 slot = .20.. so For 7.8 slots there will be 7.80/.20 = 1.60 decline if 25% vacancies ~ (similar to po2) will come. But in case of clerk unjoined/ left / rejected/ additionals will be higher, so at least 35% vacancies will come for 2nd round (taking all additionals and unjoined). Hence my conclusion.. a min. fall of 1.60% (for highly competitive zone like UP,Delhi etc) is 100% sure.. More over it will be more than 2% - 2.40% for Less competitive north eastern states ( Jharkhand, Bihar, CG, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Odisha, MP etc.)