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Welcome friends..this is Jaguar

posts very less every year plus himachal state GK is really very tough in comparison to other state gk

Hey friends, any information about the combination of subjects that have a good chance of selection this time? Any news on mains cutoff this year? Also how many sc/st students are there in the 57 students called for general seats?

Hey friends @jaguar, diner, csl others. I have a query. Is the person already selected for BDO, Tehsildar,ETO only considered for hPAS? I mean a person already a BDO, can he again get BDO?  Won't it be a wastage of seat? Does anyone has an idea how does the preocess goes?

about 34 person from general cat r with geog (hi this is abhi)

A very happy new year friends..those of u who r going to appear in the interviews,may you conquer ur long desired goals in the new year..and those who could not clear prelims or mains this time,may this coming year brings them the opportunity to work harder and to achieve their aim (including me) 😃

civil service is not about the red beacon,it is about this..friends have a look on the link     http://thelogicalindian.com/story-feed/exclusive/naga-ias-officer-builds-100-km-road-manipur-without...

another story to ponder upon.. http://thelogicalindian.com/story-feed/get-inspired/blindness-not-enough-blur-ajits-vision-career-ia...

bk151196 & serene77: Bhaiyon pre clear krne k liye kaise aur kya pada jaye? Please guide!   

friends i had a talk with someone in hppsc,he told that HAS notification is likely to be announced next week..and pattern for mains is not getting changed this time..disappointed


the bigger picture 😛

Is change in pattern much needed??

  • yes
  • no
  • bhaad me jaye Has, mai Upsc ki teyari karunga/karungi
  • optional change karke kaam ban jaega
  • doesnt matter,bring it on in any form

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@u.insatiable bhai management and psychology ke papers download kar lo..upload ho gaye hai hppsc ki website pe

@u.insatiable @bk151196  & others   kisi maths optional wale ko jante ho?

I have sent the following mail on the feedback section of Hppsc,let us wait for their action.


                I would like to bring to your notice that last year papers of some of the optional subjects have not been uploaded on hppsc website. Last year papers of Geology optional are not present of any year viz Hpas Main 2011,2012,2013. Also Papers of only three optional subjects have been uploaded for Hpas Main 2013. It would be highly helpful to the candidates who do not have access to last year papers,if uploaded on website.

Thanking You.

@ Diner & rkc

Can we discuss the strategy for Management optional...

Can someone plz share the individual marks of 98 candidates as shared on hubpages @ pahari777@gmail.com  

Found this in a thread on "forumias"... Can't comment on the authenticity of the document... Sharing for the benefit of everyone..


For all the ppl going for HPAS interviews.... You can find some interview experiences in this forum...