help shortlisting schools

this is one of those classic questions…but i post it yet again…it is true that i ahve done 3 months of research on schools but i keep drifting on choosing schools could u guys help me in this… 1. Safety schools: does one apply a…

this is one of those classic questions...but i post it yet is true that i ahve done 3 months of research on schools but i keep drifting on choosing schools

could u guys help me in this...

1. Safety schools: does one apply at this category only for safety even if u get admit would u reject it and try next year...

2. emplyability after doing MBA from a us 15-30 good is it

how many schools should one apply at ideally...i know application costs are big

can anyone tell me important it is to have onsite or a foreign postin in your work ex????
is a decent score and a work ex of 2+ with a top company is enough...
or is it totally worthless to give gmat when u have no international exposure????
n please reply regarding the same for isb specifically...

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i am too looking for the same

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@hanu: Without a further exposition of your profile you can hardly expect anyone to do justice to your very pertinent kindly give full info regarding your profile and GMAT score...

hi oxymoron,

here's my profile:

B.Tech. Comp Sci. from Govt. Engg. College. 70 % marks
Working in IT 4 yrs
GMAT 700
Extras Moderate -- College Computer Club President, Debating etc.

Lived in US for i year and worked as client interface
great recoomendations -- star performer in current job
trying to move int businerss development activities

Hey Hanu,

I thought I could take a shot at your questions before I call it a day.

1) Safety schools should not be of the kind you wouldn't join even if you get admitted. It takes too much time and effort (also add your recommenders') to let it go. The meaning of a safety school is "If I don't get in anywhere else I am applying here so that I can start my MBA the coming session come what may". I know that some of us might have eventually decided to wait another year and give the higher ranked B-schools another shot but that would only happen if you are not sure that your safety schools can do what you expect a B-school to do for you . If that is the case then why even bother applying to them. An MBA is a huge investment most of us would ever make in our life times (app cost is a very small value in comparison) so apply carefully. Don't apply just to get in anywhere and then rethink.

2 ) It won't be easy to define Job prospects for top 15-30 as a lot would depend on which city you would go to, what kind of a career placement cell the school would have (would they be aggresive enough to get you the jobs or do they drop the ball once they reach the top 20/30 ranks), status of the economy when you graduate( in a good economy top 15-30 should be fine however in a year like 2002 even students at top 5-15 would have been sweating), not to forget your determination to succeed inspite of the odds and all important luck :)

Your profile looks good on the surface for all the top schools. Great execution of the application could differentiate you from other applicants and that could mean an admit in top 5(who knows)

All the best!