Gre 2013

Hello everyone! I am taking the test this year and prep for it. Is there anyone who’s taking the test this year? Let me know plz.

Hello everyone! I am taking the test this year and prep for it. Is there anyone who's taking the test this year? Let me know plz.

hey i am taking gre this year! probably in april or may 😃

@anusha7 Hi.m also taking GRE this year...

Guys count me in..I'm preparing for the GRE and planning to take it in March end. I'm going solo with my prep. I'm currently using Princeton Review's Crack the GMAT and GRE Verbal Grail. GRE Math is very easy so don't need to worry about it. GRE verbal is what I need to focus on.
I think most good MBA programs require full-time work experience and people take the GMAT for them.

Count me on too! I am also preparing for the GRE.

Currently building the vocabulary by learning some words and their usage everyday. Currently not worried about Maths. RC practice from GMAT material.

Please let me know how you guys are preparing to tackle Verbal section because I believe without building vocabulary there is no point attempting the vocab related questions.

Stay in touch and lets build this forum to exchange ideas.

hey guys.. ive started with the barrons word list.. can anybdy tell me any other gud book for verbal? iv heard abt manhattan and kaplan books. Dont know wic is gud..

@gambit007 Hi buddy ..i am also in same boat going to give GRE in May.
Barrons word list will suffice and also for now i have completed KAPLAN's Verbal it's good with lots of examples and questions .
Which test series(if any) are you going to join for GRE prep ?

Hi Friends ,

Prasanna here from Bangalore , Marthahalli .

I will be taking my GRE in May END 2013 .
Barrons 2013 Book is my bible now , Once i have finish this book , I will go for GRE Egde to practice more as i have plan .

As of my Background - 26 / M / IT Guy with 3.3 Exp / Planning to do MS in Business Intelligence / Analytic s

Please give me suggestions for preparation ways / Materials .

I will go for gre in nov..plz suggest top universities for mechanical Start working with Barron's Word list and also start with Nova GRE for quant and verbal...take some sample test and then discuss the difficulties...

@amitpuy : could you please guide me , When should i ideally finish GRE , for doing MS in Fall 2013 ? Like August / June ? sorry i am completely newbie to this area . I just got Barrons book and struggling with verbal words preparation . Ideal time for GRE is approx. 2 months... You should try and remember about 50 words daily.. Next day you would realize that you remember only 25 of them but next day you have to do 50 more in addition to 25 which you learnt and forgot previous day... So this way you have to keep proceeding and try to remember th eword list... For quant you should know how to handle questions of the two types.. Data Comparison and Problem solving question.

Verbal is major problem with most of the people but don't forget that Maths is most scoring so a 100 percent accuracy is something that should be looked upto.. Nothing less than that. Therefore even quant is no less difficult as 100 % accuracy is not very easy again.

But just keep working with verbal.. Read some novel as well if you like to improve your reading comprehension.


@@vishwadeep2010 hey sorry for the late reply mate.. well im stil with barrons word lists and done with some topics from kaplan.. regarding test series im not sure yet.. was hoping to take from GRE Edge but den again want to know how good is it.

@@amitpuy hey buddy any tips from u.. m answerin in may, so wat other prep do i need?

I am new to GRE. I am planning to take the exam soon. I have got the materials for preparation. Just wanted to know good universities for Computer Networks. When is the good time to apply ? Experts please help.

My profile:

Work ex - 2 year and 6 months (Cisco)
1 year (Robert Bosch)

BE- CEG - 9.06/10
12th - 97%
10- 91.1%

Please suggest universties which will suit my profile.

@vinoth2030 : CS in Networks is in Good Demand @ US compared to low market @ UK . So better aim for US based univ .
Heres a list of top Universities to aim at : . It would be great if u apply for Spring Intake Rather than Fall Intake . Based on University months will vary . So decide the area / Unvi which u want to go on and check theri intake dead lines . I suggest you to go for Spring Intake which will be by OCTOBER / SEPTEMBER as deadline . So Take your GRE by JUNE then u are good to go for Spring intake in most of universities .

@ Experts : Please pitch with any additional information .

Prasanna Selvaraju
@gambit007 I hope you are already working with Official Guide for GRE... It's fairly good for both quant and verbal. Also you can download score 800 tests which are somewhat difficult that actual GRE but will give you nice practice stuff. In terms of test series I think you can try for IMS test series.. Have heard good about it...


hi, im thinking of taking gre test, so can anyone suggest me a good gre coaching center in bangalore?

hi everyone, which is the best institute for GRE in bangalore. i am a bit apprehensive in joining some institute with a big brand name as their services vary from centre to centre. help me out with a center putting in genuine effort for the students.

Planning to take GRE sometime in May

Yet to start preparing for it exclusively
How are you guys preparing ? any tips ?