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Planning to take GRE sometime in May
Yet to start preparing for it exclusively
How are you guys preparing ? any tips ?
already given gre so i would suggest you go through the official guide , you can also go for princeton questions after finishing OG ....2 hours a day , 1.5 -2 months are more than enough
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hi everyone, which is the best institute for GRE in bangalore. i am a bit apprehensive in joining some institute with a big brand name as their services vary from centre to centre. help me out with a center putting in genuine effort for the students.

IMO and from my experience for gre prep dont go for caoching ,coaching does not make much difference unless you are really struggling in english ... self study from Official guide would save you time , money and hopefully get you a better score .

When is the ideal time to take the test ? Am planning to take admission this year.


I was trying to register for GRE 2013 and it asked me to fill out a survey. In the survey, it was asking for "Undergraduate Major Field of Study"; I did my B.Tech in Information Technology however there was no undergraduate field in the list which was relevant to Information Technology Engg. So what should i choose in the "Undergraduate Major Field of Study" list.

Has anyone experienced this while filling out the application ? Please help me out.


I plan to give the GRE by Aug. Want apply for MS in Eco/Finance in Singapore/US. Have done my B.Tech in Mechanical and have 2 yrs of work ex.

Want to know which universities to apply to. Placements should not be a struggle.

@[728849:amitpuy] Could you please tell me material for preparing my quants . I wanted to do well . I really forgot all my school maths 😃 and now i am scared at these question which i saw in barrons 😞 .
I just about to complete word list from barrons . Tell me book or material to start my quants which I need to do from base level .

Also for verbal , want are the things im suppose to do after word list preparation ?

Please guide me !


Thought that I'd share my GRE story here so that it can benefit you guys..All these forums have been very useful so far so i hope that my contribution will help a bit..

I took the GRE around a month back and scored a 334 overall(Q-169,V-165)

My target was to score 330+ and i'm targeting all the top schools for computer science on the west coast- CalTech, Stanford,UCLA,UC Berkley,USC . Although there are a couple of top computer science schoolson the east coast but i want to study in and around the silicon valley where all the action in computer science is so that's why west coast schools are my priority!

How I went about my preparation Since I'm studying in a top enginering school in India,GRE Math seemed liked a cakewalk and frankly speaking,I didn't study for it much I just brushed up my basics but did a lot of practice.

GRE Math:The GRE Math questions are from high school. The difficult ones are a bit tricky but if you get familiar with the types of questions that are tested,you shouldn't have much difficulty.

GRE Verbal:GRE Verbal was a tough nut to crack though. I've not been into the habit of reading much and had to practice a lot from different books.I primarily used 3 sources- Princetons' Crack the GRE, GRE Official Guide and GRE Verbal Grail.

Princeton's Crack the GRE book- The book is good for basics and for giving you an overview but not much beyond that. I guess it's written for people who are looking at average scores otherwise it's of not much help.

So for my verbal prep, I primarily relied on the ETS Official Guide and GRE Verbal Grail.

ETS Official Guide- The good thing about the official guide is that the verbal questions in it are quite tricky especially the text completion ones. The bad thing is that there aren't many practice questions.

GRE Verbal Grail- very comprehensive book for verbal. I especially liked its reading comprehension section as each question type has been dealt quite well and given that around half of the questions on the GRE Verbal are from RC, you should really be able to nail the questions. The book provides a lot of practice questions too.

Vocabulary: I kept on working on my vocabulary and would daily learn around 10 new words. What I didn't do is start practicing TC and SE questions alongwith learning vocabulary. I firstly wanted to be good enough at vocab before attempting these questions. Once I had some confidence in vocab, then I started attempting questions from the ETS Official Guide and GRE Verbal Grail books. I'd do a block of 20 questions from the books,then analyze them and then write down the new words that I learnt. This really helped me master vocab to a great extent.

GRE Test day:The actual test was not very much different from the ETS Official Guide practice tests.Both the verbal and the quant sections were quite close and I think that doing quite a few practice tests actually made me quite comfortable on the GRE day.

My advice to the fellow GRE aspirants:

1. Learning vocabulary becomes an interesting process if you use the words in your daily life. The more you use the words the better you will be able to understand the context

2. Learning the strategies for various RC questions is very important. If you don't know the strategies, you may end up taking more time than required on a question

3. It's all about practice. I think that GRE is quite an interesting exam and can be cracked if you practice well. That is really the key to success

4. Analyze your practice tests really well. There's no point in taking the tests if you are not analyzing them properly.Lastly, if I can get a good score , i see no reason why you guys can't. A good GRE score comes with hardwork but is something you can definitely achieve if you prepare well.

hi all,

iam planing to take GRE exam at the beginning of may so could you suggest some online test links where i can practise for the test and also the best book for preparation?right now iam using barrons for word list and for quant and verbal i practised princeton books so can you suggest some other books and also how to remember the words


Hello everyone! I am taking the test this year and prep for it. Is there anyone who's taking the test this year? Let me know plz.


hi everyone, which is the best institute for GRE in bangalore. i am a bit apprehensive in joining some institute with a big brand name as their services vary from centre to centre. help me out with a center putting in genuine effort for the students.

Hi did find a good coaching centre for GRE in Bangalore? I am also looking for one?

hi guys,

can anyone suggest books for quantitative in gre?lookround thank u

Hello Friends,

I am new to this forum, m planning to take Gre in between July and August ,could you all please help me with study materials or online sites ? Appreciate all your help...:) , thanks.

Colleges with Data Science Degrees 😁

Masters in Data Science , Information whoever looking for BI , Data Ware hosing Graduation

hi. i am planning to take gre in august . for fall 2014 admissions, please share 3 month study plan , how to crack exam..thanks 😃


I am looking to prepare for taking GRE in a few months and I see 3 possibilities to go ahead:

1. Self Study + Test Prep materials/books (manhattan, barrons, kaplan, official ETS, etc)

2. Self Study + online classes (like Magoosh, grockit, manhattanprep, kaptest, taketheGRE, barronstestprep, etc)

3. Local classroom coaching in a group

Not going into the cost factor of the three option, which is sufficient for GRE prep? Do local classrooms add any advantage, especially in cities like Kolkata where there aren't many good options I guess for classroom training.


hi guys,

Is there anyone who is writing GRE after completing their undergraduation like BSC or BCom please let me know guys?


You can go for Nova's Math Prep Book , It has math quest from base level to advanced level .
Its one of the best book for Mathematics out there in market . Both of below books are best , Only thing you need to decide is upon the cost factor 🍻 .

GRE Math Prep Course -

GRE Math Prep Course -

Somak, 2012 graduate in Civil Engg from NIT D. Scored 332 on my GRE. Where should I apply? My CGPA is 7.88.