FMS 2007 exam results out

check this link for results (Rules, Posting Guidelines ) (For Newbies: Mahip's Visual Guide to Navigate Around the Forum)

Pls use the search option before opening newer threads!!!!

The discussion is goin on over there about the no of calls and the proable cutoffs, so please carry on the discussion over there!!! :grin:

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madam the results came out two days back...kindly use the search option before creating a thread

hi everyone..

me in ... got both the callss..


check this link for results

Yaar... pls chk kar liya karo ki already koi thread hai ya nahi...:huh:
And more importantly if u r new... then u shud head towards...
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BTW FYI... the results have come out 2 days back mam...

am sorry for startng this thread but i didnt know that thr was a thread already...i cudnt find it..neways..sorry for thr trble