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Hello friends ...feel free to ask any queries regarding gate 2018 chemical

Anybody is having objective in chemical engineering books of o.p.gupta and ram prasad in pdf format?Plz comment on it.thanx in advance.

Hello guys...for 1mark core question m doing this things Clear all the doubts & collect all the imp topics from different books. & planning for solve gate previous year 1mark questions To get 25 out of 25 should i hv to do something else. ???

Hello guys , if anyone wants progate full chemical engineering gate material pls message me

The mass transfer coefficient for a solid sphere of radius ‘a’ dissolving in a large volume of quiescent liquid, in which D is the diffusivity of the solute, is

A) D / a, B) D / 2a,

C) proportional to (D)1/2 D) dependent on the Reynold’s number

Which is the best coaching institute for gate chemical engineering?


Plzz tell

Where can I get some standard books in PDF format.

Bhai 85b ka solution chahiye

i want study material of gate chemical engineering

g/gc is equal to A) kg/kgf b) kgf/kg c) kg/s d) N/m for ESE prep paper 1 (current afairs and general knowledge) 

Gate forms for respective departments are out.. check the gate website of IITG

will bpcl recrt only mechanical eng. thrgh gate 18??

 A long iron rod initially at a temperature of 20C has one end dipped in boiling water (100C) at time t = 0. The curved surface of the rod is insulated so that heat conduction is one-dimensional in the axial direction. The temperature at a distance 100 mm from the dipped end becomes 40C at t = 200 s. The same temperature is achieved at a distance 200 mm from the dipped end at time. 

A) t = 283 s, B ) t = 356 s, C) t = 400 s, D) t = 800 s, 

Hey, I want to practice solved question for mass transfer can anyone suggest which book should be beneficial!!!!

Does any1 has the soft copy of mass transfer BK Dutta!! please share...

Anybody is having hand written notes for gate chemical?