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Can u please answer this gate 2017 question no 36

Desirous candidates may comment with their numbers to get added in the group!!

anybody has any idea about GACL, which is a psu of Gujarat. Recruitment procedure, also know about salary etc.

is anyone practicing gateforum test series?

If you are afriad of investing, if you think you will lose your hard earned money, then ask Max Wheelock what should be your next foot forward. 

Here is answering 

Will I ever lose in this market? What are some risks that I should keep in mind #Cryptocurrencies

Guys is the preparation level going on ....i am bit tensed ...not prepared ...anyone who has a gap after graduation?

Little tricky

is this group active-how was the exam?

What is ur opinion abt paper

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i attemped only 41 question is there chance to get psu call

Can anyone remember the answer where intercept of the rectifying line was 0.3 and composition of distillate was given as 0.9? What was asked in it? Liquid to gas flowrate or gas to liquid rate ?


What was the answer for yield question in which mole fraction of Q was changing with temperature ?

any body knows the answer to degree of freedom question ??? 

there was one question on w in which we had to find out abt AR but there was no thing mentioned abt the units of time constant ???in dat case i had cnverted the w to rad/ min

What is the expected cutoff this year?

Any body did the sum on mass balance to find out the actual conversion??