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Guys pls suggest which one is better for Cat

Cplc or Time (Vile parle branch)

Hi Puys,

I would like to know which is the best coaching center join for CAT in Pune. I am working in a software MNC and planing for weekend classes from the month of December (Actually I am gunning for CAT 2014). As I am new in Pune I haven't got much idea about the coaching centers. So please someone help me out and suggest which coaching center should I join....TIME , GenEsis, IMS or Byju??

hello folks,

I am tired of my current job. I want to coach QUANT in a cat coaching insti. i do not have a 99%le in quant to boast of. But i am good at quant. i have an iim-shillong convert too. n an iim-kozhikode call. If anyone of u can help me get this going (an insti wer i can take quant) reply.

note : i am desperate to leave my job n any help would be gladly received.

Location : punE

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Hi Guys,

I am living in Mumbai near Ghatkopar. I will give CAT 14, so planning to join an institute near my place. Which coaching institute is the best (best facualty, less students). Fee not a problem, TIME or IMS or any other Institute you would recomend. Please do suggest the best branch of the institute as well. Thanks in advance.


We are a BFSI focussed executive search firm located at Chembur. Wish to hire graduates preparing for IIM entrance exam and looking to get work experience related to Banking & Financial Services alongside. Candidates with good academics and extra curricular achievements will be preferred

Please guide which institute to join for CAT'15 preparation in Pune.

Hi, I recently shifted to Powai. Any idea which are the good CAT coaching institutes in this area? Any help will be much appreciated! 😁

Hi i am Janhavi from Pune and i am so so confused about GMAT and i really want to avoid coaching classes. Is there anyone like me in such a situation? If yes, can we make a study group and figure things out together? My email id is- [email protected]  It would be great if any of you live in Wanovrie, NIBM or Kondhwa side.

I have just shifted to pune and looking for a good coaching class for my exam preparations ... near FC road/Kothrud Area ... 

I have visited classes on FC road ... some students outside CL told me to join in if its Vishwajeet Sir's batch at CL ... Can someone already in CL guide me on this?

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Maharashtra students Ping me on 9595723933 toget add in Whatsapp group to get guidance about CAT preparation.


Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Coaching

Curricular activities are activities apart from regular studies which are designed to develop the overall personality of the students. It helps in the physical emotional and mental development of the student. It helps in strengthening the knowledge which is being taught in the classrooms. Based on the activities they can be voluntary or non voluntary , but the main objective of including it in the student’s curriculum is to help him in gaining a valuable experience by his own learnings .It also helps in the intellectual growth of the student and it is should be designed in such a way that it helps in enhancing the learning process at coaching and helps the student in learning something beyond the studies




The first and the most important role of co curricular activity is the overall personality development of the student and what better place than coaching which is an informal environment of study. Only being a book worm and mugging the syllabus can be helpful in getting good grades in the exams, but what is the use of that knowledge if you are not able to showcase it to others when needed. That’s where this activities come into play it exposes you to various challenges and by overcoming these challenges the student is able to develop self trust and even if he fails the challenges he develops a fighting spirit in himself that is helpful to him when he is exposed to greater difficulties of life .Not only this a very good habit that should be inculcated in students is acceptance of others.


Co curricular activities not only give a better fitness or personality to a student but the main aim is to develop the mind of the student. Co curricular activities arranged in the coaching can lead the students to interact with different minds , different ideologies and thus their way of thinking is questioned leading to a journey of self exploration. The student finds it easy to develop a habit of active communication which is very important in modern world. All this experiences help him in developing self confidence which could give wings to his ideas and he is ready to complete any task without hesitation.


Arranging co curricular activities in coaching can be helpful to student as they could do self realisation and could find that at what or what other ventures they are capable of whether it is singing, any sports activity or drama. And if they are able to find any such hidden talent in themselves they can easily polish that talent of theirs and make it a successful skill for themselves. So it can be helpful if coaching institutes arrange these kinds of activities from time to time.


Some people think that participating in co curricular activities is a waste of time and it only distracts the student from his studies but this is not the case. These are helpful in improving the concentration power of the student and allows the brain to function efficiently. There are many researches which show that participating in sports helps in boosting self esteem and lowering psychological stress. Students participating in co curricular activities know how to nurture their talents and also develop a skill for better time management.


Studies, exams, good grades thinking about or doing these things for a long time can lead the brain to a standstill. Your mind is not able to do other things efficiently and here these activities provides the kid a escape for one or two hours and thus he is able to relax. Even the relaxation period is smaller but its effect are for a longer period. It fills the mind with freshness and a fresh mind is all that anybody needs to solve the biggest problems of life.


In todays competitive world only good grades and medals in studies are not appreciated or taken into account by prestigious universities. They look for x factor in students and give preferences to those who have a good record of activities other than only studies. It also serve the student as a reliable and an asset to the school or college. Thus here these extra skills can prove game changer for students, it makes the student different from the crowd.


Students are given a new environment a totally different aspect of life, this helps them in gaining an insight of what they want or what else they can do or learn. This is a very good way of introducing students to new hobbies which can be anything ie Singing , debate, painting. It is very important to encourage creativity of students and encourage them in developing life choices. The basic reason for this is that many students convert their hobbies as their mainstream career.


Participating in these kind of activities from young age helps the student in recognising responsibilities from a very young age. The students are given small tasks according to their capabilities and thus they are able to recognise the difficulties and able to tackle it , this helps them in building up their efficiency and also helps them to be open to new challenges from a very early age .The students also develops commitment values and thus they are able to manage things properly and develop an insight into dedicating time to any work and complete it within the dedicated timeframe.


Every activity has its own pros and cons it is very important that students are introduced to them wisely. Studies have shown that co curricular helps in developing patience, motivation and self confidence among students. Various activities focus on various aspect of lives like sports helps in maintaining fitness levels, teaches team work, likewise drama helps in improving language skills and developing public speaking abilities. Thus it is shown that students who actively participate in co curricular activities in coaching have better academic record and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

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