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Let P is an interior angle point of an acute angled triangle ABCand let x,y,z denote the perpendicular distances of P from BC,AC and AB respectively .If the product xyz is maximum ,then which of the following is always true? P is incentre of triangle ABC. P is the centroid of triangle ABC P is circumcentre of triangle ABC P is orthocentre of triangle ABC


Amit spends Rs.100 on articles worth Rs.1 each, Rs.2 each, Rs.3 each and Rs.5 each. If he buys 42 articles, how may Rs.3 articles has Amit bought? Options 13, 14, 13 or 14 , 12

2) A Chain is made up of 5 links. Minimum number of links to be broken to have all links separate is options 2, 3, 1, 5

3) Latha has same number of sisters as she has brothers, but her brother Lava has twice as many sisters as she has brothers. How many children are there in the family? options 5, 6, 7, 4

4)For a leap year starting on Wednesday, the number of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays will be respectively options 1, 52 52 52, 2) 52 53 52 3) 53, 53,53, 4) 52, 53, 5

Two persons A and B are running between two points P and Q to and fro infinitely .A is starting from B and B is starting from Q.They meet for the first time at 0.6D from the point P where D is the distance between points A and B.At how many times will they meet at distinct points till their tenth meeting ?

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Here are the solutions of CAT2018 Slot 2 QA section. Feel free to ask questions if needed.

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