Cat ,iift -ews 2019

Ews Category people who applied for cat ,iift can join this group for discussions

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Around 1256 people applied for iift under ews Category expecting around 2k people for cat Group link please invite as many people as you can

VA :- 35 DILR :- 44 QA:- 56 slot 1 Ag fresher EWS category Acads:- Xth :- 10 cgpa Xll th:- 74.5% (99.4 percentile) Grad:- 65% (till now) Please help me with which colleges to be applied...nd also can i expect a call from new & baby iims??

As few people applied through ews Category will the cutoffs be lower side as compared to obc Like sc/St? For both cat and iift Any idea

OA 128 ( sectionals clear) Slot 2 What to expect under EWS?

Would I get any calls from IIMs(old/New) for a score of 104( EWS)? Work experience of 2 years. Engineer. Male. Or any of the good private colleges?

EWS V:40 D:37 Q:41 Slot 2 OA:118 X:97.2% XII:98.58% BE:8.84 CGPA Work ex:14 months(on 31st July) What are the possible colleges?

Cut off for iift should be around sc as per the number of applicants . Is it so? Chances of 115 over all and gk(6) ?

Kya chal ra bhai ek night mei double..kal raat 47 log the ab tho 100 k aas pas.


  • <100
  • 130+
  • 120-130
  • 110-120
  • 100-110

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i got 81 as my raw score ews i have any chance ?

guys, i just saw the sectional cutoff of many iims are same as general cutoff which is far above then NC-OBC what do you guys think ki sectional cutoff neeche aayega for ews?

IIFT results out. Your scores

  • 135-140
  • 150+
  • 145-150
  • 140-145
  • 130-135

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Iift site not loading may be there are uploading final shortlist or server crash?

Can someone please suggest that which online course is best to buy for CAT 2020?

Bhai 120 Ka Kuch hoga iift me, yehi group Ka Hun.

EWS Guys, please choose the options

  • <100
  • 100-110
  • 110

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Iift EWS Guys please join this grp to discuss the scores and gdpi