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Hi puys, If you have ebook link for the following books, please provide me: 1\. ‘Quantitative Aptitude for CAT’ by Nishit Sinha (Pearson publications)2. ‘Quantum CAT’ by Sarvesh Kumar Verma (Arihant publication)3. ‘Quantitative Aptitude…

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Hi puys,

If you have ebook link for the following books, please provide me:

1. 'Quantitative Aptitude for CAT' by Nishit Sinha (Pearson publications)2. 'Quantum CAT' by Sarvesh Kumar Verma (Arihant publication)3. 'Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations' by Abhijit Guha (TATA-McGraw Hill publications).

Wish to look into the contents before buying the book!!

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P.S: If you guys already have the books with you, please rate it.

Have a look to this link, I am sure it will be good resource for most of you Guys..

Hello. Do you guys have any ebooks or links for RC and VA? Can you please send them to me? Thank you! 😃

anyone tell me which one is better abhijeet guha or sarvesh kumar?

I need some seating arrangement problem books. If anyone has it then pls forward it to [email protected]

Many thanks

quantum cat by sarvesh verma ..

[email protected]..

plz help bro/ sis what ever

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Anyone have sarvesh Verna PDF please send 

PDF of Pearson Pub. for CAT

Quantative of arun sharma

Quantitative Aptitude by Nishit sinha 

need quantum cat by sarvesh kumar ebook

And soe material for english

need quantum cat by sarvesh kumar ebook

 Quantitative Aptitude by Nishit sinha 

 need quantum cat by sarvesh kumar ebook 

Urgently needed 1.Managerial economics by dr h.l. ahuja management by n.d. vohra Please someone upload ebook or link to download Also please suggest some website for free ebook downlaod

Nishit Sinha VA RC needed


Hello MBA Aspirants!

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I have covered real brands & Live campaigns which books won't provide. 

Happy CATs & Best of Luck!

Can anyone provide the solutions of 'TEST YOUR LEARNING' exercise that is at the end of every Unit of QUANTUM CAT by SARVESH K VERMA.