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A. It is against this background and in this context that we must begin our understanding of political theory.

B. Students of anthropology and of animal behavior are making it increasingly clear that in man, most of the other primates, and in many other animal species as well, social life and organization are primary biological survival devices.

C. What we call political and social organization- the customs, practices, and procedures that with varying degrees of firmness hold men together in interrelated groups- is perhaps the most important form of human adaptation to environment, both external and internal.

D. Man has no leathery armor like a turtle or spines like a porcupine, but he does have social life and the capacity to organize it effectively for survival purposes.

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A number lies between 300 and 400. If the number is added to the number formed by reversing the digits, the sum is 888 and if the unit's digit and the ten's digit change places, the new number exceeds the original number by 9. Find the number.


Figures show that homebuyers looking for 90% mortgage deals now have more choice, with 244 products open to them, compared with 199 at the start of this year and 77 two years ago. But some would argue that if there are signs of hope for homebuyers on the mortgage front, they are faint. The rates on these deals are usually much higher than those paid by people who can afford to stump up hefty deposits. While the average new two-year fixed rate for someone who can manage a 10% deposit has edged down to 5.95%, its lowest level since early 2008, this compares with the 3.73% that someone who can manage 40% would pay. And many of the 90% and 95% LTV (loanto- value) products have major strings attached.

1   These often prove counterproductive; many prospective homebuyers give up scouting for a home.

2  There will often be qualifying requirements and/or the credit scoring will be tough.

3  In all, the lending landscape hasn't changed much.

4  As a result, an average homebuyer feels exasperated.

5  Recession is also one of the possible reasons for this difficult situation.

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I have Problem with Verbal ability as i am from Telugu medium background. Could you please suggest me how to start preparation for Verbal(CAT 2016).

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Is there any website which provides RCs?

Hi I found a word called discursive and got confused by its meaning as it is described as jumping from topic to topic and yet analytical. How it is possible?

Can someone explain it to me and all the puys out here?

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Any RC book please suggest..??


It is simply absurd to accuse someone in Indian politics of autocracy and undemocratic behavior because our entire political culture has been undemocratic (leader-centric) and hypocritical. As the veteran politician, the late P V Narasimha Rao candidly wrote in his memoirs, our political culture has always been feudal at the core, where the leader assumed all powers. Intra-party democracy never existed in any party. This country, proclaiming itself a republic, vesting sovereignty in its people, actually practises the worst kind of concentration of power in a supreme leader. Can there be any greater hypocrisy than this? It began right at the dawn of self-rule: Mahatma Gandhi, the supreme leader of the Congress chose Nehru to be the king and simply asked other contenders like Sardar Patel and Maulana Azad to endorse his choice.

  • It is again a corollary of the feudal political culture that makes the leader assume all powers to do whatever he or she likes and certainly, Mayawati is not the one who set the precedent.
  • Barring a few short preludes, when, for instance, Lal Bahadur Shastri or Narasimha Rao became prime minister (albeit not for democratic reasons), for a large part of its post-independence period, India has been ruled by the Nehru dynasty.
  • Indian politics is not new to this; for instance in the Mahabharata the entire ‘epic’ unfolds as a result of unstinted power vested in the hands of a leader.
  • There is practically no accountability of the leaders to anyone except the token concern for their voters at the end of five years, which is also at best a momentary surge and not an underlying principle.

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Hey guys..I just started preparing for CATE 2016...Currently i am doing B.Tech 3rd year Mechanical.... Plz suggest any ideas on how should i prepare..and how should i spend my summer vacation for CAT?


A. Teams focus on controlling pain, nausea and other side effects; they also address patients' worries and make sure they have help with making meals, dressing and bathing when not hospitalized.

B. Palliative care typically begins with a long conversation about what the patient with a terminal diagnosis wants out of his remaining life.

C. Hospice care is intensive palliative care including home nursing, but insurers usually cover it only if the patient abandons medical treatment.

D. It includes the options any oncologist addresses: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and their side effects.

E. But it also includes how much suffering a patient wishes to bear, effects on the family, and legal, insurance and religious issues.

Quant group is quite active .....but this group seems to be much muted....Puys , let's discuss verbal questions also ....It can be a game changer

root"splitting into two" add some more..

Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE. Q 1. Help a. This syrup will help your cold. b. I can’t help the colour of my skin. c. Ranjit may help himself with the beer in the fridge. d. Do you really expect me to help you out with cash... I dont have the ans. Pls post ur solution

Ques 14

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Para jumble

  • but it is impossible to spot one without a naturalist in tow
  • Today there are around 50 pairs in the pristine jungle
  • the bird stoutly defends its territory and rarely ventures out in the day
  • In the beginning just two pairs of birds were detected

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