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Welcome to the group for prospective candidates who are considering Asian Institute of Management – AIM MBA Class of 2021 – SY 2020-2021

We here to interact with those who are considering the 12-month MBA at Asian Institute of Management, Manila (AIM), for its 2020 July intake.

All your admission and college related queries will be resolved at the earliest; however, patience from your end would be appreciated. All the Best!!


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 Hi, I am Sandeep Waghmare, Class of MBA 2016 at Asian Institute of  Management. Please feel free to PM me for all your questions. Also, we created a group page for AIM - Manila MBA Class of 2018 (SY 2017-2018) (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1711132045875311/) on FB.   

 Welcome to the group for prospective candidates who are considering  Asian Institute of Management - AIM MBA Class of 2018 - SY 2017-2018   All your admission and college related queries will be resolved at the  earliest; however, patience from your end would be appreciated. All the Best!!

Follow us at: Official website: http://wsgsb.aim.edu/…/master-in-business-administration-mba 

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 Asian Institute of Management is participating at Access MBA Tour in India. 

New Delhi: November 10 

Mumbai: November 13

Bangalore: November 16 

Register soon at  http://www.accessmba.com/tour and have the opportunity to connect with our Chief Marketing Officer, Anthony Bernabe and Alumni as well. 

See you there!

@HarmanSBedi - How was your interview today? Could you share your experience here for the benefit of others?

Did you know that AIM offers opportunities for its students who want to engage in additional international exposure? Here's the list of opportunities that an AIM student can avail -

#1 International GNAM Week

1 week of student exchange with the best of universities around the world. University partners include Yale, UBC, Fudan, etc. 

Read here for more - http://wsgsb.aim.edu/academics/master-in-business-administration-mba/global-network-for-advanced-management

#2 International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Spend your elective term in another university. Universities include Wharton (US), McGill (Canada), Melbourne Business School, Mannhiem, among others. 

Read here for more - http://wsgsb.aim.edu/academics/master-in-business-administration-mba/international-student-exchange-program-isep

#3 Asia Study Tour

Take up one week at Asia's leading universities to learn more about their culture and corporations. 

Read here for more - http://wsgsb.aim.edu/academics/master-in-business-administration-mba/asian-study-tour

#4 Dual degree program with Yale School of Management

AIM students get an opportunity to take their elective term under Yale's MAM Program, and with additional 6months, are entitled for a dual degree.

Read here for more - http://wsgsb.aim.edu/academics/master-in-business-administration-mba/dual-degree-program

Hey @arisamanta  i wanted to know if there are some published results for placments which are provided by AIM in terms of the companies which take part in the palcement process couldnt find anything on the website. Thanks a bunch in advsnce 

Before coming to AIM, I didn't realize that there was such a strong Indian diaspora living here in Manila. What this means is that there are loads of Indian restaurants as well, that serve the tastes of a yummy butter chicken to recipes for our "jain" school mates 

Check out the list of awesome Indian restaurants here in Makati -


Hey guys, 

What can we, the current students, help you guys with?

Let us know if you have any queries.


 STARTING SOON: LIVE chat with admission director and current student of Asian Institute of Management (Manila, Philippines) Here's link to join this chat http://gmatclub.com/forum/calling-all-aim-manila-mba-applicants-2017-intake-class-of-222598.html#p1775425  

 Going abroad for higher education is never a smooth ride. Partly, because it involves adapting to a culture that's new, unfamiliar and perhaps to some extent even intimidating. How promptly one adjusts to a foreign country is determined on how quickly one adapts to its culture, language, food, weather, and on how easily he/she is able to befriend residents. Keeping that in mind, PaGaLGuY plans to run a series, one each week, wherein we speak to students pursuing education in different countries to learn about their experience adapting to a new culture  Read our first article in the series...


 If you're interested to pursue MBA or higher education in Asia, kindly follow the thread (link given below) to know what's trending in the education scene in Asia; what are the courses one needs to watch out for in the continent and for every other educational news in Asia.https://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/study-in-asia-5089073515462656 

anyone having pdf of kaplan 800? 

  E-Cell IIM Rohtak( ECIR)  is looking for Campus Ambassadors. Do you have it in you to become one???
 The Campus Ambassadors, shall be given interesting and challenging tasks which will help them hone their leadership skills. Upon successful completion of their duties as Campus Ambassador ECIR, they shall be given certificate/letter of appreciation from E-Cell, Indian Institute of Management Rohtak. Apart from this they will get an opportunity to work with like minded people from across the country and get access to the events organized by ECIR. For more information visit:https://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/iim-rhtak-campus-ambassador-4578842766213120http://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/ecell/ca 

  Hi, I am Arshad Ahmad, Class of MBA 2010 at Asian Institute of  Management. Please feel free to PM me for all your questions.  I have captured my whole journey of AIM , Manila Here


Can anyone tell me if it is true that no placements are held at AIM, dont glorify, just yes or no for campus placements? Also if yes, the average package?

Sir how to apply this clg

I have applied to AIM on April 11th. When can I expect the admission decision? 

Hi, can we defer the admission?

Anybody applied for master in data science program?