Admissions for PGP/PGP-ABM/PGP-SM Courses at IIM-Lucknow 2017-2019

This group is intended to clarify the doubts regarding admissions of aspirants and future prospective students of IIM Lucknow for the batch of 2017-2019

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do we have apply seperately now for iim l ?

When is the shortlist expected to be out? What was the composite score cutoff last year for General category?

QA-96.85, VR-84.37, LRDI-65.14, OA-90.31. Category:NC-OBC. Work Ex- 2.6 years(manufacturing industry).10th-93.33%,12th-96.2% Grad-83.8%. Any chance of getting call? Thanks in advance.

Verbal 97.76 DI/LR 80.38 QA 80.73 OA - 92.81....NC-OBC....20 months Work Ex ..X  88.7 XII 82.4 Grad 68 Masters 80...Any chance of getting WAT/PI shortlist ?? 

Meanwhile a worthy read!!

Hey Did anyone get a call from IIML? if not when will we start getting?

Any idea when the list for ABM will be out and what is the expected cutoff for GEMs?

  97.86-oa lr-95 ls-98 qa-92 general non engineer male fresher X-9.0 XII-82 grad bsc math stats-63
what are my chances of getting a call and if i do cnoverting it?

vr 78 lr 96 quant 98 overall cat percentile 96.1.......category PWD....10nth 71%, 12th 81%. Any chances of a wat pi call ??

When is the shortlist expected?

OA - 99.11 VARC- 92.75 DILR- 99.49 QA- 97.91 

10th- 9 CGPA 12- 86.8% Graduation(Commerce)-61%

Work ex- 10 months 

CFA Level 1 also cleared

Any chance for IIM Lucknow´s call?

What was the cutoff (General category) for the composite score out of 100 last year for a call? Also, can it be expected to reduce a bit coz 99%ile was at a score of 180 whereas this year it is at 156? Thanks.

This may help with cutoffs

Xth 8.2 cgpa

XIIth 76.6 64.5

CAT OA 98.24, QA 96.29,DI 99.78and VA 81.30.

OBC category no ABC call any chance of L,I,K

no work ex

10- 86.5

12- 85.4

College GPA 9.48

Overall % 98.53

VA 92, quant 99.23 , dilr 96

Work experience 15 months

What are the chances of iim L call?

X - 88

XII - 80.8

Engg - 64

Overall - 99.57

Sectionals (99.96, 94.61, 97.56)

Work ex - 24 months

 Chances of IIM-L call? 

Xth: 91

XIIth: 91

B. Tech: 8.1 CGPA


OA: 98.13

VA: 99.95

DI/LR: 83.63

QA: 90.54


What are the chances of getting a call? Low in DILR for PGP, but ABM and SM?


When can we expect the shortlist ?