Admissions for PGP/PGP-ABM/PGP-SM Courses at IIM-Lucknow 2017-2019

This is for everyone! I've heard that the list will be out tomorrow. PS: THEY'RE JUST RUMOURS. DON'T KILL ME IF THE LIST ISN'T OUT BY TOMORROW.

Any chance? CAT OA 97.12 ( VA96 DI 88 QA 96) X 89.8 XII 91 BTECH 76.83 WORKEX 24 months as on Oct 2014 General Category

IIM-L call for an overall percentile of 92.32 with all sectionals clear sure looks bleak now, after seeing that they only call 97%le+ people.

CAT Score: Overall = 92.19%le, VA = 62.91%le, DI = 98.15%le, QA = 94.10%le

Pursuing MMS from SIMSREE (1st year - Finance)

Work ex: 13 months (Content Author at

S.S.C. = 85.84%

H.S.C. = 59%

B.E.(Information Technology) = 61.86%


What are chances of call?

Meanwhile, a good interview experience!

P.S : Not mine. A friend's who is in IIM Lucknow now.

XYZ – Candidate 

I, I’ – Interviewers   

I: Please have a seat, how are you? 

XYZ: I am fine sir, Thanks. (Sat with a thud in desk, felt bad) 

I: You didn't sign the form? (I didn't even know I had to sign. I checked but couldn't find where, so I asked) Signed with the pen he gave. 

I: You didn't even carry a pen? 

XYZ: I have sir, It's here. 

I: You know XYZ, every action that you make here makes an impression. Shouldn't you use your pen?  (Cunning smile...understood they are stressing) I should have used. But since you gave it before, I thought it's the first thing you are offering. I should accept. 

I: Do you know this person ABC? (I never heard of him, I felt lost) XYZ: No sir.  I: You don't know him? Do you know Raghuram Rajan? 

XYZ: Yes, sir. He was my alumnus!  

I: What do you know more about him? 

XYZ: He is the RBI governor. After IITD he did his MBA from IIMA. Was a topper there as well. He has been head at IMF and now RBI governor. 

I: That's it! You don't even know him well. Who else do you know from your alumni? 

XYZ: Well many. Most famous being Chetan Bhagat! He was from my hostel as well! 

I: He is the most disgusting person I have ever known.

I’: You know; he was my student. Now, I feel I wasted my effort on such a student at IIMA. I: Total waste of nation's money! 

XYZ: I don't feel saying like that sir. Personally... Because, if a man is able to earn a reputation in the society, it takes a lot of effort in that! There might be a reason why people don't know me but him. There is some kind of talent in him! 

I: You would say that these Babaji...people know them as well. They have talent? I laughed loudly. In some sense, yes! 

I: Talent is not a right word for that. Use something else. It's not how you define talent. I couldn' smiled.     

I: You look so much changed from your pic here. Is it really you? 

XYZ: I laughed. May be because of formals today, I’m looking different! 

I: Why not IAS? People from Bihar does that? 

XYZ: Yes, sir. There are a lot of aspirants there! But I don't yet feel like doing IAS. I feel good at my start-up.  

I: You know Flipkart CEO resigned? 

XYZ: No sir. It's Myntra CEO. 

I: He tried to argue...I smiled. XYZ: What is this (my start-up)? Copycat? (Quoted other name which sounds similar) elevator pitch sort of... 

I: But why ? Why this logo? (He opened in his phone) 

XYZ: Tried to explain...reason and logic behind the design Asked few more questions... He sounded not so convinced... and told I don't think you will be able to get this through. You are not understanding the situation well! 

XYZ: Yes, sir. May be. That's the reason. I feel doing an MBA can be lot of improvement in my skills.  

I: But what about this start-up then? will you be continuing it there as well? 

XYZ: Honestly. I don't know sir. I am still struggling for funding. But will be able to decide only at a later stage. May be if time permits at the campus, I will continue. 

I: You will not get time. Don't even think of that. I will not give grace marks even if you plead. 

XYZ: I laughed. Okay sir, I will think about it.  

I: What about other founder? 

XYZ: Sir, He deferred his admission last year. So, he will be joining IIMA. Most probably.   

I’: Tum bhi aa jana yaar. Kya karoge. Kya pata Agli baar CAT ni nikale tumse? I laughed.  

I’: Would you like to meet us again? 

XYZ: Yes of course. Where? 

I: Where do you want? 

XYZ: Campus would be better than interview panel. You may leave.   

I’: No No. I am not finished yet!  I: Ho gaya yaar! 

I’: Bas last one? It's the most important one! You didn't mention Rajat Gupta? Do you know him? 

XYZ: Yes, sir. He is also my alumnus. (grin) 

I’: Why didn't you mention him? 

XYZ: After Chetan Bhagat, I thought the panel might not appreciate a person caught in insider trading. 

I’: No No... He is a masterpiece. Only few people who are super genius can do these things. He found a management failure. All of us can't do that. XYZ: Of course sir. McKinsey. Founder of ISB! (smile)   

I: You can also do great things XYZ. There's nothing like failure! Better ideas keep coming!  

XYZ: I never said I failed! I said I still have one month to try on funding.   

Both: Ye nai manega! Chalo almonds khao. nikalo! 

XYZ: Took and said thank you! It was nice meeting you! Perhaps, I will look the problem with better perspective.   

I: Not "problem", "opportunity" 

I bowed. Thank you.

OA 99.58

VA 99.61

DI 96.55

QA 98.70

10th 95% (10 GPA)

12th 91.4%

Grad 6.62/10.00

Chances for call? And when wil the shortlist be out?

Is there any member from the media cell of IIM Lucknow who can clarify the date by which we can expect the shortlists? Help will be really appreciated.

OA-99.05 sectnls-97+ 10-89.08 12-91 (7.7) 2016 NIT Rourkela..workex -2 mnths..any chance of a call..:-/


CAT OA 92.60 VARC 93.45 DILR 80.38 QA 90.92 10th 93 12th 82 B.E 73.4 
3.5 years experience male OBC-NC. Do i Stand a chance of getting a call??

Hello everyone!

This handle( @ignicion ) will be the sole communication interface between aspirants and the IIM Lucknow Admissions. All the communication by other members in this thread is in their own personal capacity.

We completely understand the anxiety you are going through at this point of time. Been there. Done that! :) The Admissions office is working on the process and it will take a little longer for that extra time to prepare the shortlist. Hope you understand. We assure you that we will communicate the dates and timeline the minute we get them. 

All the best!

Please like this page as well for further communication.

Team Ignicion.

IIML call chances please for a guy with 68.2 in 12th and 62.7 in bachelor's. Pls _/\_

Some gyan regarding WAT

OA 96.99

QA 92.97

VA 96.22

DILR 94.61

XIIth 90.2

Xth 84

Commerce Graduate 


Any Chances for a Call?

@ignicion @vndkumar222  

is there any expected date as to when the first shortlist will be out?

On a side note, my acads are (88-81-64) and CAT OA-99.57 (99.96, 97.56, 94.61).

Any chance of call/convert? 

I am a G-E-M. and IIMs A,B,C,S have already regretted me (contrary to what the onyourrank link predicted :P ).

Cat 2016









Any chance of getting a call? 

CAT OA 92.6 VA/DILR/QA 82/97/87 10/12/GRAD 83/86/63.5 NC OBC ENGG MALE. WORK EX 36 MONTHS IN BANKING. Shortlisted for stage I kozhikode and rejected by Indore. Will I get a call for GDPI in Lucknow?

Expected cut-off percentile for PGP - SM??

When can we expect the shortlist? @vndkumar222  





10th- 9.6


Grad- 72

GEM nd freshers.

Chances for IIM L and K calls?

Many people will say ki I have serious insecurities but after Indore fiasco yes i am insecure.

CAT- 99.95 All sectionals above 99.5+ 12TH- 82.20 GRAD-69.10  GEM 0 WORK EX.

Call aayegi kya