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Hi everyone, I welcome you all to this thread in which all of you can share a day in your life. Many of us are working, running their own business or start up, pursuing MBA or doing something even exciting. This thread is not just about a day…

Hi everyone,

I welcome you all to this thread in which all of you can share a day in your life. Many of us are working, running their own business or start up, pursuing MBA or doing something even exciting. This thread is not just about a day / life at a B-School. We have plenty of threads for that (Life at B-school - For B-School Students - PaGaLGuY.com - The Everything of MBA in India and Abroad, CAT 2011, GMAT, XAT, MAT) but you can share it here, though 😃 Whether you are a working in IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Operations, Consulting or whichever field we all have got some routines and much diversity in our lives every day. You can either put a series of posts (like I am doing in the following posts ) or you can describe it in a single post.

Well, for those whod like to share their day here, Id be much appreciative if you can share following details so everyone can have some rough idea.

Company Name




Total Experience

Title: (For example A day in the life of a/an your role)

A day in your life

Happy Posting 😃 :thumbsup:
Alright, so I am going to start with mine. I am posting a series of posts about A day in the life of a Software Engineer. Here it goes.

Industry: Information Technology

Designation: Software Engineer

Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Total Experience: 14 months

Title: A day in the life of a Software Engineer


I am writing this because may be some day an aspirant wants to find out about a day in the life of a Software Engineer and what it is actually, this might help a little. These kinds of things are quite helpful when someone is doing his/her research on that field.

I work in Software Company as a Software Engineer. I work on PHP. It is an open source technology. It is very famous these days and jobs are also easy to get if you had a little knowledge and there are ample of jobs everywhere in India.

A day in my life as a Software Engineer:

The day begins

I tied my sport shoe laces and started my bike. I stopped at an atm. I withdraw some bucks from salary account (as I didnt have any buck in my wallet, again ) and headed for office. In the morning when I plugged my cell for charging I saw a bottle near the DVD player and I thought Today I might need this one so I should keep it with me. I was just a couple of blocks near my office and suddenly my bike stopped and I knew why that happened. Because there was no fuel in the tank (again!) L And I realized that I forgot to take bottle. Now you realize why! I had this feeling that today it might happen (again ;)) that my vehicle would run out of fuel. So I parked it in the sideways nearby, hoping that it wont be towed away (again!). I walked from there to my office. It was nearby. Thank God!

I reached office at 10:47 am (not early, huh ), wished Good Morning to security kaka, punched my ID card and right away to my PC. After logging in my Cyber roam account I walked through e-mails in Thunderbird and checked couple of stock prices on Economic Times.com (which I invested in before couple of months hoping I would make some dough ). It is nearly 11:10 am and I was about to start to work on a project which I left off yesterday. I was creating a PHP script which inserts data from one database to another, after checking some conditions. I tried to find solution with the grace of my other God (Google!) It really is next to lord, for developers :) Just after few minutes Ami Mehta (Sr. Software Engineer - who assigns task to me, name changed here) told me that we are going for client meeting (my first project since I joined the company). Here we go amigos! I had an intuition that it was going to happen today only. It was supposed to happen yesterday 😉
Client Meeting
So the guy from the marketing & designing is here, but the client isnt coz he is running late We (I, Ami & other guy) talked about few things and regarding the hacking, that happened before few days on the live site that we delivered before couple of weeks. Heck! I didnt know it :shock: It comes to my knowledge today only We kept waiting for the client for 45 minutes This guy comes late most of the time. Yeah, he is the client after all. Because of these guys I get salary (I like when it comes ), the company earns money and the circle of life (& economy as well) keeps moving. He arrives at around 12:00 pm and apologizes for late coming. We are like Oh, of course not at all! You are earlier today, we werent expecting you to come this earlier.rofl (a little bit exaggeration here )

We start discussing about the project. And then starts clientathon We walk through every single page and my god! I am jotting down all these changes in my notepad. For some issues we propose him something and he also suggests something. He still is not happy with the Add to cart button. Can you believe that the graphics team has spent hours on this, & still he doesnt like it? Right, so theyll spend hours again. The client is paying anyway 😉 We told him that some things are missing which he said will be provided. He also points out things which havent been done yet (Clients never forget to do that, yeah my mistake, my lord). There are design changes as well! Oh, not again, I thought I noticed few people, in the office who, went for lunch and even came back! Well, it was my lunch time too 😲 We (I and my PHP group) take lunch around 12:30 pm every day. So I realized it must be past 1 pm now. I saw my group coming back after having the break after lunch break. Meanwhile I was also thinking about my vehicle not to be towed away Finally at 1:30 pm it all ends. Thank God! Finally I can feed my hungry stomach
After lunch I returned to my PC and talked with my colleagues about the client. Just imagine, he has products for various categories and he has created website for each category! I mean this is really ridiculous. Just because your dad has a lot of money in his bank account, you dont wake up each and every morning and say Hey, I have one more category, so lets make a website! Just shower that money on people (like us and see how many blessings and wishes you get in return Okay, back to earth! I laid my eyes on the pages on which I noted down all the changes. Phew! It already gives my eyes a lot of strain just by reading them. And I am like, oh come on dude, this project has taken months and it still is not live yet! When the heck I am gonna see that moment? Anyways, I gotta start somewhere. So I start with easy things. And oh yes, there are design changes too, Ami told me to submit a ticket to the graphics team and add her as CC. I did accordingly and started working on easy things Just after a few minutes Hemant bhai from design team sent me a ping in outlook messenger for the design changes. Alrighty! So I got meet Hemant bhai, on third floor. I explain him the changes hes gotta work on and some things are solved right on, like margin & padding somewhere and rest he will work on especially the Add to cart button.

I started working on few easy things. I changed the order of products in 1 or 2 categories, as per clients suggestion; of course I had no intention doing that. Some changes on contact page, same details as his other website (one of those plenty, he has stock of them ). Meanwhile, Ami says she has created landing page for the site so I inform Hemant bhai not to work on it and focus on other things. She asks me what to do for changing favicon after copying it where it is required. I told her to clear cache and restart browser. Voila! New favicon is there. Nice :)

It is already about 4:30 pm and Jigar(my colleague) says lets go for snacks. This is the time when we guyz take a break for snacks. I suggest lets have our tea (coffee for me) and then well go. Here comes the coffee, I finish it and then we depart for dalvada. By we, I mean Jigar, Brijesh, Ami, Jainesh & of course me! I am in no mood to eat dalvada coz last time when I ate them; I had really bad feeling in my throat :splat: I even caught up cough. So I decided not eat them. It looked good, though I got really tempted to eat; coz I was getting hungry too, but firmly I didnt take a piece. While returning to office, I got myself a packet of biscuits. While eating these biscuits I thought about the concept of the biscuit. All biscuit makers put chocolate cream between the layers, while this one has chocolate layer outside and vanilla cream inside. Wow! Really awesome, and soon after launching them and having sweet taste of success, he upped the price by 2 Rs. Think how much revenue 2 Rs can add, per packet

I take a sneak peek at calendar and count days reaming to have salary in hand! Oh that gives me so much pleasure. Just imagine what would happen if earth would rotate 30 times faster? Well get salary every day

Time keeps moving, as it always does. After 7:30 pm people keep leaving according to work load. Recently company changed policy for office timings. Everyone has to deliver 9 working hours, excluding lunch & refreshment time. So it means employees have to complete 10 hours after you are in and before you are out. I am sitting because I came late (remember?), so I think to complete at least 9 hours (in-out) I catch something to read on the internet. I re-checked stock priced and have a look at how was market today. And my stock is down too 😐 God knows when I make some money out of it. I havent invested a lot, though (it is a significant advantage when you dont have a lot of money to invest :biggrin:). Well, it is time to leave. I punched my id card and greeted Good night to security kaka. Adios!

I have to walk till the cross roads (remember what happened in the morning?). It gives me utter relief to see my vehicle safe where I had it left. Sweet Lord! I drag it and cross the road. Luckily there is a petrol pump nearby 😃
Well, I think it was neither a good day nor a bad one! It was just a mediocre one. Sometimes I get a busy day with loads of work to do and sometimes I get plenty of time to get bored of Google & Wikipedia

Okay, I havent been too much techie in this one (coz I didnt want to be! You can PM me for that :)) but I gotta tell you something, though.

If you are working in open source technologies, your work load depends on which company you are working and what kind of projects are going on there. Some companies have really good projects from which you get to learn a lot and there are some which are just time pass. There are some companies which can make you feel that for IT engineers two hands and one brain aint enough and I am not kidding. I just have a little idea about how or what kind of day my friends have who are working in .net, Iphone, Android, Sharepoint & other technologies. Also, mine is not a MNC, so the situation here is totally different (by all means) than what you get at MNC.
I hope youve enjoyed these posts and have found it useful up to some extent. I am very grateful to you for going through these posts :)

awesome bade bhaiyya.. i'm a fresher.. haven't worked till nw.. so, it was nice to get a sneak peek into ur work life & how it feels to be a s/w engineer.. god bless u for ur future & may u succeed unlike nything in ur worklife too..

suniakashjyoti Says
awesome bade bhaiyya.. i'm a fresher.. haven't worked till nw.. so, it was nice to get a sneak peek into ur work life & how it feels to be a s/w engineer.. god bless u for ur future & may u succeed unlike nything in ur worklife too..

Hey suniakashjyoti,

Thanks for being the first one to post and for your kind appreciation 😃

BTW, we're almost same age 😉

You might want to post a day in your life @ IIM. It will be my pleasure to read your post 😃

Hi everyone,

Here I am posting "A day in the life of an Investment Banker". This one was posted by Jamiroquai on his thread on Investment Banking. He is doing a very great job on that thread. You might want to take a look at that thread to know more about IB. Currently he is pursuing MBA in USA. He posted this while he interned at one of the top three Bulge Bracket Investment Bank in New York city.

I had his kind permission to post it over here. Thanks, Jamiroquai 😃 These are totally his words in my voice 😉 I haven't altered them a bit. So here it goes.

Here are few details.

Industry : Investment Banking

Designation : Summer Associate
(pardon me if I am wrong)

Place : New York, New York

"This is what a day in the life of a banker looks like on a regular day. NOT a bad day.

7:00AM: Alarm buzzes, I wake, look at the snooze button wistfully, roll off the bed onto the floor and stumble into the bathroom. I wear a watch into the shower so that I can get that extra minute of shower nap without being late.

8:AM: I'm out on the street. Manhattan is bustling with life, the streets are filling up with traffic. I used to walk thru China town and see all the shops stocking their seafood trays with live crab and fresh fish. Everyone who has a job is making their way to work. If it's too hot, a cab ride over 2 miles (~3.6km will cost you about $15)
Most people catch the subway to work. In fact, the subway train is air conditioned and very comfortable. The problem is that the subway platform is not. It's super hot and underground, so you sweat sweat sweat

8:30AM: I'm at work. Open up the news to see what's going on. Look around at my bosses to see if they're calm or if they're going crazy on the phone. I take a quick look at my outlook calendar to see if there are any meetings scheduled and when. If there's something coming up real soon, I stay put. Read up on the meeting I'm supposed to have. Else, if all's well, I head to the cafeteria for some breakfast.

8:40AM: I'm back at my desk with breakfast and begin to eat. I will do lunch and dinner at the very same desk too.

8:50AM: I walk over to one of the associates / VPs of one of my current projects and begin talking to them about the assignments we're working on.

Then onwards:
I hop onto multiple conference calls during the day, sit in on multiple meetings with senior people across the bank and have multiple internal meetings to discuss the status of my assignments and the way forward on most things.

3:30 PM: If I have 5 minutes free, I get coffee. How far I can go for coffee depends on how much free time I have. Usually this is an option I didn't get an opportunity to exercise

7:00 PM: Dinner time. The only reason I realize that it's dinner time is because of the growling I hear from my belly. In NY, everyone gets thru' dinner by 8PM latest. This is the most exciting part of the evening. We use a service called SeamlessWeb to order food from any restaurant from Manhattan. Then there's a nominal work done for the next 30 minutes until food arrives. I wolf down the food and get back to work.

9:00 PM: By now I know how long this night is going to be. In a slow market like this, I'd head home in the next hour after walking around to the people I work with and checking if they need my assistance on anything. This is not the case for the coverage bankers who're slaving away till 1AM on a daily basis, building pitches. However, if there is some associate who's slogging away on an RFP or internal memo of sorts, my night is nowhere close to being done.

12:00 AM: I'm at my desk, working out some minutae on a memo. There is no end in sight to when I'm going to leave. And by no end in sight - the end comes at about 3.30 AM. By then, you know you want to go home and get some sleep. You already know you're going to get less than 3 hours of sleep... but it's just for these few days until the project is done, and another project comes by (the gap is usually, at max, an hour)"

Hello All,

If someone working @ PG HQ is reading these posts, I'd like to request you to post a day in your life. It will be awesome to have your post here :)

Thanks, in advance 😃

Hey Puyz,

Wishing you a rocking & awesome 2012 :)

May this new year gift you acceptance letter to your choice of B School

Well, within short span of time, I'll be joining a well known Brokerage House Can't wait to write my post on "A day in the life working @ a Brokerage House"

Hope you guyz can also share a day in your life. I will be glad & very grateful to hear it from you.