[2021] IMS SimCAT 13 (October 2021)

Forum to post scores and for discussion related to 2021 IMS SimCAT 13.

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Varc - 23 (79) Dilr - 34 (98.93) QA - 60 (99.95)
OA - 117 (99.93) AIR 10

Entire set wrong in Dilr
Cakewalk QA
Didn’t clear cutoff for Varc


VARC - 38 ; Again left 1 set flat. 4 passages are gonna haunt me till D-Day.
DILR - 28 ; Wrong set selection again
QA - 38

OA - 104 (These scores are a huge pain, 20 more marks would have been a good place but probably next time)


hey man I know this sounds little dumb but how do you approach QA questions. Do you skim them first and attempt only the easy ones first and or just visit them and start solving them.
I tried skimming questions but a lot of time the questions that I thought were easy turned out to be tricky ones and the ones which I thought were diff were freebies.
Also how much time should be spend on skimming.
Thanks in advance

Edit : I just came across your SimCAT12 lrdi live video it really seems super helpful, do you have any such recorded session for QA of any simcat/aimcat.

@doomsday1 After the questions were reduced, I do it in 2 rounds. 1st Round everything I’m 100% sure I can solve (doesn’t matter if the calculation is time consuming), usually about 15-20 Qs in ~30mins. Next round I try to attempt as many of the leftover Qs (Manage 3-4) in the remaining 10mins.
Lots of people do it in 3 rounds by leaving the time-consuming questions for later. You have to give mocks/sectional tests and figure out what works best for you.


Varc - (20A/10C) - 25
Dilr - (16A/12C) - 25
QA - (22A/20C) - 40


VARC - 36 (12C/13A) : Got lucky this time?
DILR - 21 (7C/11A) : Entire set wrong?!
QA - 33 (11C/13A) : Should’ve attempted more
OA - 90 (30C/37A) : Zero negatives :eyes:


Sir…QA record kiya ho iss baar toh pls upload kar do for us gareeb folks :sweat_smile::pray:t4:


Didn’t record this time. I’ll try to do it in next week’s mock if it goes well.
Can anyone share a similar one for Varc? 🥲 Struggling in Varc section of the past 2-3 week’s mocks

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(45/16/36) OA-97
I guess I’ll take the VARC and QA but what shambles DILR.
Chose the stupid bar graph set ,spent 15 mins then panicked and prolly got all wrong. Cant afford to do this. I always pick the wrong sets. Seems like the arrangement sets and the DI sets are all I can do as these are the only ones you really dont have to be so calm to attempt. Really makes me worried that I cant keep composure.

If someone is scoring well in DILR and can give me some insights I’ll be really glad. I can prolly help you with VARC.


could you tell where can i see that video