[2021] AIMCAT 2202 (November)

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OA 104. Hall of shame performance in lrdi lmao. Hoping that all the stinkers are taken care of before D-day. Onto next

P.S- Definitely gonna see 50+ scores in LRDI since atleast 2 sets were repeated lol


43/35/33 - 111
Disheartening to see such scores in Lrdi and Qa with only few days left




QA score hurts so close to the exam . Need to work harder


OA- 107
Man I really messed up DILR this time and @kz_1wnl we again get similar marks​:joy::joy:


Are they repeated from past AIMCATs or previous year CAT papers??

Hello guys, I need some help regarding QA, I felt the paper was relatively easy this time but whenever I see a question I think of 5-6paths to solve the question and end up not being able to follow even 1 of them ,I am able to solve the questions during the analysis. I have been consistently scoring 15-20 marks in QA…And it is getting tiring, I need advice…Please…im lost

Go with the basics man. Easily you can score 30 marks or so, if you have 5-6 ways. Be calm during the exam

Thankyou…Ill be giving more sectionals now…maybe that will help with proper solving and selection…the frustrating thing is that initially I scored 30-35 a few times…and then it all started to come down and then stagnant on the 15-20 marks… I get 90+%ile OA consistently but am not able to clear the cut off of QA. :frowning:

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46/6/45 - 97
Really Fucked up dilr. Easier Sets but wasted time in 6 variable set and could not go anywhere. 3 sets were repeated. Need suggestions on how to increase score in dilr, maximum is still 35 in dilr.

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previous aimcats/simcats

What can be the reason for such low scores like 83 giving close to 95 percentile? Have the toppers stopped giving AIMCATs or was this one really tough?

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Hey if you don’t mind can you please elaborate how you manage to score such good in varc

Just read read read as many articles/editorials as u can and take sectionals

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