Aimcat 2201

Please post your AIMCAT 2201 scores and other tips for improvement.

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Fucked up totally
80 OA
38- Varc low attempts but nice accuarcy 14A/13C
10-Lrdi nothing to say…
30- Quants very few attempts 11A/10C

Should’ve scored around 120… disappointing


50/37/46 - 133


OA 87
46 VARC (19A/16C)
15 DILR (5A/5C) Lost track of time :roll_eyes:
26 QA (11A/9C) Very poor time management



Ending the AIMCAT journey with this one

All the best for CAT puys and pirls !


27/25/34…should’ve scored 100+ on this one


which sets you solved in lrdi

which set did you solved in lrdi

The DI and I think the chocolates distribution one , Also 1-2 questions in the venn diagram

Varc- 20 (14A,8C)
Dilr -25(11A,9C)
Qa-45(18A,15C) quant was really easy.


Varc is just giving me pain, any suggestions that I can do to improve my VARC by atleast 10 marks,TIA.


Totally screwed up LRDI this time…extremely disappointed


All except the cities wala and partially bus wala towards the end, got the movies wala partially wrong.

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lrdi and qa pulling back scores, unlucky really

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how to solve this question please expain,I am getting these types of questions wrong everytime

In how many ways can six balls of different colours be put into three identical baskets?

Asking modern maths to me, I’ve the worst accuracy in that in QA lol.
Come on telegram, I’ll provide a video that might help.

Hey brother can u help me a bit…i m really stuck into lrdi… I’ve tried really hard practiced different sets still my scores are very bad in this section which pulls down my overall score…and the most frustrating thing is that i m able to solve 1-2 sets in my analysis which i was unable to solve during the test… I don’t know what is the problem…if you or anyone who has faced the same situation can help me it will be very great and kind of you

VA-40 (14/17) Not content with such low attempts, but hoping for this kinda accuracy on D-day
DILR-31 (11/13) Messed up 2 Qs due to silly misinterpretation, else this was okayish ig
QA-42 (14/15) Wasted initial 10-11 mins on 2 Qs, eventually leaving 1 of them…seriously need to improve on this

OA:113 (Far better than the nervous 90s of past AIMCATs…but still a way to go on the CAT day)

Atb for the 28th, puys and pirls!!

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I will directly quote tony Xavier here, if you are bad at set selection, give more time to it, even upto 10 mins is ok.

“Target to clear cutoff then first, make the 2 easiest sets in exam”

That will give you 15 mins each for them, and that should be more than enough, don’t rush basically.

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I believe the DI and the chocolate distribution five nights at freddy’s one, as well as 1-2 questions in the venn diagram

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