[2020] AIMCAT 2110 (12th Sep - 16th Sep)

 This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2110 [2020]. 

Terrible performance.... Started badly, had a headache....

40 + 30 + 64 = 134.

Couldn't concentrate in VARC. Wasted a lot of time in a set in DILR. Quant was easy maybe, thus could score 64. Not satisfied at all.

I know this ain't the place for scores like this but posting anyways VARC:35 DILR:24 QA:35 Over the period of mocks, my SIMCAT scores have improved from 90s to 120s But not much improvenent in AIMCATs(90-105range ) Would love to have some advice from you guys for taking my QA to 50s as a first step!

VARC: 60

LRDI: 37

QA : 71

OA : 168

Finally gave a mock after 3 weeks

OA : 255

VARC : 69

DILR : 84

QA : 102

54 46 102 202

41/35/63 OA-139 My first Aimcat. VARC in this Aimcat is at par the level of CAT2019?





OA 164 Varc: 40(16c/13w) Dilr: 54(18c) Qa: 70(24c/6w) messed up Qa. Have a habit here. Silly mistakes cost me always. Any advice is welcome

VARC- 37 LRDI-. 25 QA -. 34 OA -. 96 Thought of not posting it here, But Got to keep reminding myself.

OA 191

VARC 63 (23C/11W) Finally this is improving.. hope it goes on

DILR 47 (16C/6W)  2 TITA were guesses.. still really poor accuracy

QA 81 (27C/5W) Another mock with terrible accuracy in quant

Another chance at 200 missed.. quant accuracy is causing slight bother now!

Hello guys. New to this forum. 

Few quick clarifications. 

1. CL or IMS or TIME - which mock is better? 

2. I have lost my job in this season. Money shortage. So kindly let me know if there is anyone who is selling or reselling CL/IMS mock. 

Thanks in advance. 

Terrible performance yet again VARC - 34 (14C/28A) Tried different strategy but failed miserably. Need to rethink DILR - 21 (8C/16A) Again Fucked-up QA - 61 (21C/23A) OA - 116 (43C/67A) No words to explain this pathetic performance. Need to pull back myself- rethink, re-strategize and go for the kill. Next 75 days would be crucial. VARC please help me😭

Verbal - 74(izzad bachatha hai mera)

LRDI - 22(izzad lut gaya)

Qua - 28(shit)

Total -  124

 OA 169

VARC 62 (23C/7W)  meh.

DILR 46 (16C/4W)  bleh.

QA 61 (21C/7W) Missed opportunity. 16 questions in the first 20 minutes. Downhill from there.

An average performance, I avoided posting this score after seeing god level scores of @daemon7 @Curi0sity 🙈 . But then remembered, "We are second, we try harder."

VARC - 53 (20C/31A)  

DILR - 51 (17C/2W)

QA - 71 (24C/5W)

OA - 175

OA : 188

VARC - 52 

DILR - 60 (21C/6W) 

QA - 76 (27C/7W) 

Accuracy close to 80s in DILR and QA, must reach 90s.






Took a mock nearly after a month.Was definitely a 160+ paper given easy QA but alas. Time to increase the frequency of mocks and analyse them side by side. Plus Ultra!!!

VARC 44 (27A/17C) DILR 50 (19A/17C) QA 59 (27A/21C) OA 153

VARC - 40 (I AM LOSING HOPE , Gradually !!!, But I will fight )

DILR - 53 (1 more set was doable )

QA - 68 (an easy 80+ , I f....ed up ...)

OA - 161(Should be an 175 + )

BUCKLE UP KIDDO !!! Time to go stronger !!!