[2020] AIMCAT 2110 (12th Sep - 16th Sep)

anyone selling their Career Launcher test series? Looking for only mocks and sectionals

54/50/69 173 

A decent score after a looong time. DILR shouldve been better, wasted 15 mins on a set and couldnt get it. 

Qa should've been 75+ for sure

VARC: 62 DILR: 41 QA: 61 OA: 164

Can anybody please suggest some good strategies for improving Verbal?

VARC: 35

DI: 40

QA: 48

OA: 123 

VARC 76 ( 26C 8W)

DILR 17 (7C 6W)

QA 47 (17C 8W)

OA 140

160+ was possible 

I have been random with my DILR lately 

Are the DILR sets being odd in past couple mocks ?

I got 51 last AIMCAT 

and 17 this time 

How many of u feel varc easier in this mock?

Mock 7

VARC- 42 (28A/16C) unacceptable 

DILR- 13 (10A/5C) unacceptable 

QA- 23 (9A/8C) unacceptable 

OA- 78 (47A/29C) have to go 100+ in next mock 

VARC: 29 (Back to square one :) )

DILR: 43

QA: 72

OA: 144 

Varc- 44 Lrdi - 50 Qa- 49(one of the worst quant performance ever ..kinda easy quant in this aimcat but I somehow managed to screw this time) OA - 143



VARC- 29 (21A/12C) Inconsistent as always

DILR- 39 (18A/14C) slow improvement here


QA- 23 (15A/9C) completely Screwed up quant 

OA - 91(54A/35C)

TIME walo ko bolte hai iss test ka result hi mat nikalo ab. Kya hi faayda hai ab iss AIMCAT ka. Lol

Worth giving this mock anymore as pattern changed? Was going to give it on the last day. Don't think it is a worthwile exercise anymore.

12th Mock: 16/32/41 OA 89 Terrible accuracy in VARC!

I was about to give the mock today but after the pattern change does it really matter to give this mock or should i skip it

VARC: 53

DILR: 39

QA: 58

Overall: 150

Please suggest improvements in DILR.. Could have easily done atleast 1-2 sets more!

varc - 49

lrdi - 26 (felt tougher than usual)

quants - 46 ( Easy but I messed up)

OA - 121 ( last mock with this pattern maybe)


Scoring really poorly.. suggestions please? 

This is only my second AIMCAT this year and I am scoring on 50% accuracy for both AIMCATs. 

VA  20 (9 C/ 9 W)

And VA is my strength.

DILR 1 (1 C/ 5 W)

QA  17 (6 C/ 2 W) 

tot 38 

I have started off with TIME booklets for QA + Foundation based test for topics. 

I haven't started anything for DILR

I Only practice VA but Low level passages, easy peasy ones since I am on foundation based (i should quit the cocoon and attempt Advanced Level tests, I realise). 

Its so embarassing to even post such scores here, everybody scores high. I too want to score high.

I am a working professional, it is a fluctuating load though- uvl ;) 

VARC - 75 (26/31)

LRDI - 25 (9/13)

QA - 31 (12/19)

OA - 131

Need to drastically improve LRDI and QA Attempts.

O.A. - 48 (28A/19C)

VARC-34 (18A/13C)

LRDI-3 (1A/1C) 

QA-11 (9A/5C)


VA & RC - 57 (98.74) - VA needs major improvement.

DI & LR - 54(99.73) - Couldn't solve a single set in the last 20 minutes :/

Quant - 71(99.74) - Need to hit the 80s here. 

OA - 182 (99.91) - AIR 11 - Pretty happy ending the last 3 hour mock(hopefully) on a high.