[2020-22] New/Baby IIMs Results

Discussion thread for queries concerning all New/Baby IIMs

Dear Aspirants,

CAT 2017 results are due in some days. The Media and Industry Interaction Cell of IIM Udaipur is here to provide guidance and resolve your queries regarding admissions and procedures.

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Dear All,

With CAT'17 results just around the corner, IIM Kashipur wishes you all, Best of Luck!

Team Insite is here for any of your queries and issues regarding the admission procedure.

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Hello Puys and Pirls,

CAT 2017 results are finally here. Congratulations to all of you!  

However the next step of the process is about to begin : The WAT and PI.

The External Relations Team, at IIM Trichy, are here to provide assistance and guidance regarding the various Admission related queries and help you with the WAT/PI preparation.

We shall also be providing mentorship, WAT-PI materials for the shortlisted candidates in due time. 

Join the group/thread below and all the best to the aspirants. Looking forward to the interactions.

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Pagalguy Thread: https://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/official-iim-trichy-aspirants-2018-20-6022536163753984

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Are any of IIMs going to increase their intake?

VA : 84.26, DI : 58.78, QA : 83.27, Overall : 81.46, SC, Male, B.Tech 66.10% ,M.Tech74.50 %, 10th : 72.75%, 10+2 : 53.50%, 21 months exp. What are the chances of getting a conversion in any IIM ?  

CAT score - 97.43 %ile. B.Tech -7.9%ile. XII - 79.80%. X- 92.4%. 31+ months work-ex. General female. Chances of getting calls from new IIMs?

Cat 95.94 .. All sectionals above 91 ... 10th/12th/grad - 82/81/75 GEM...3.5 YRS WORK EXP which iim calls can i expect?

OA: 96.88 VA: 99.10 QA: 93.14 DILR: 85.85 10th:85.80 12th: 80.46 Grad: 79.80 Workex: 7 months GEM Which new iim calls can I expect?

OA 98.22. VARC 100. QA 90.4 DILR 83.3. 10th 94.4. 12th 79.6 Grad : 69.8. 31 moths work ex in IT. Female engineer.  Which IIms do I have a good chance at ?

GEM, Overall: 92.59, VA/DI/QA: 85.9/96.3/87.6 X/XII/BE: 85.5/87.6/77.2 17 months of work-ex till January '18 Any chances of call from newer/newest IIMs?

 GEM, Overall: 97.11, VA/DI/QA: 94.17 - 74.75  - 98.76 

 X/XII/BE: 86.40/72.33/67.60 

29 months of work-ex till January '18

Any chances of call from IIM Ranchi HRM program as they haven't mentioned any sectional cutoffs. 

Is the shortlist out yet ???

General Non Engineer Male

VARC-89.45 DILR- 94 QA-83.29 OA- 91.08

Any chances of calls from new IIMs.

at Overall -89.79

Verbal – 64.79

DI n LR – 94.41

Quant -93.14

Category – OBC

X -91.5

XII- 95.1

B.Tech (ECE) – 84.55

Work Exp – 15 months (DEC 2017)

Any chances of calls from new / Bany IIMs?

What's the ranking amongst new IIMS ?

10/12/b.Tech :-  84/64/56, Category SC, CAT 88.67(69,95,88). Do i have any chances? 

 Male/NC-OBC CAT'17- 90.18 X/XII/BE (Jadavpur University)- 91.2/82.67/72.81 Work experience -7 months.What are my chances of getting converted or shortlisted for baby IIMs? 


CAP shortlist is out, you can check your result here " https://cap2018.iimrohtak.ac.in/index.php ", 

Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates for crossing the first hurdle. Next in line is WAT-PI. You need not worry as we are here to help you. We will be sharing the WAT-PI kit shortly.

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No calls at 94.8 General 😞