[2019] TIME AIMCAT 2021 (7th June to 10th June)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 2021 [2019].

VA-44  DI-35  QA-50



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First Aimcat of the season AIMCAT 2021 VARC 31 (a good reality check ) LRDI 39(decent I would say time consuming sets selection of sets was important) QA 36 (paper looked easy too many attempts too many wrongs ,again a good reality check used to score 70+ last year need to bounce back harder) OA 106 (will bounce back harder)

OA 72




OA - 121

VA - 49

DILR - 26

QA - 46

OA - 117

VA - 51 (improved or just a fluke mayb)

 DILR - 34 (14 A 12 C)

QA - 32 (cant believe this is my strongest  area)


OA - 114

VA - 51 (Easy and doable/ best verbal score till now)

 DILR - 44 (Easy but time consuming or rather i have speed issues)

QA - 19 (Literally got ......ed up. 22 attempts but committed a lot of mistakes. Need to buckle up for QA)

First Mock of Season. Hoping to move towards 150+ score

VA - 36

DILR - 63

QA - 70

Total - 169

Aimcat 2021

VA:        64  [ 22 C & 5 W]  Need to keep this up 

DILR:     33  [11C ]   How do i attempt more, suck at speed

Quant:  56   [19 C 3W] Need to brush Up

Overall: 153 [Decent Start Maybe!]

@Shankarji when are you bringing your AIMCAT/SIMCAT scores and analysis videos? after few days?

OA: 117 VARC : 58 DILR : 26 ( Couldn’t crack an easy set, FML!) QA: 33

Anyone can provide aimcat2021 link

Frist mock of season

OA - 161

VARC  -  56

DILR  -   54

QA     -  51

Lowest in my strongest section. While attempting felt completely out of touch in all the three sections.

VA 36(15/25) Need some serious improvement in accuracy:(

DILR 45(15/16) Should have attempted 1 more set(Quite easy..)

QA 40(14/20) (Not able to undertsand what went wrong, Need to have a look after result come)

OA 121(44/61) Okay start for this season

A mock after a disaster in CAT 18.

OA 127 (97.47)

VA 50 (19C/10W) :(

LRDI 45 (15C)

QA  32(11C/3W)  (Coudnt recall anything. Time to start practicing )

Could have been exponentially better. 

AIMCAT 2021 OA- 134 VA- 66(23C 6W) DI- 31(11C 2W) QA- 37(14C 7W) Can improve a lot on quant and LRDI. Let's see next Aimcat

VA - 51

DILR - 46

QA - 57

OA - 154

Anyone knows when the solutions will be out?

A lot people are getting extremely worried and panicky over their performance in the latest mock tests. While that is understandable, it is definitely not the right way to go about it. Most likely you have just attended classes so far and these tests are your first brush with focussed test attempting. The scores that you get are only important so far as it tells you what you need to do next and not a reflection of your worth as a candidate. Whether you score big or small, in either case, do not let it adversely impact you because the journey is far longer than you are currently estimating it to be. If you have done well, analyse and if you haven't, still analyse. Do not fret over why your score is poor and look for a panacea because all that will do is set you up for another cycle of disappointment. Instead, accept that this is slow process of development and the only way forward is calculated graft. Usually, everyone starts off very motivated but their passion wavers as time passes. By simply not letting the emotions of not scoring well or scoring well get you all riled up, you can start to win a little everyday. Don't look at other people's scores. Just focus on whether you put in all the efforts you could and you will see gains. I reiterate, make sure you analyse your tests well to derive maximum benefit out of the mock test attempting process.

First Aimcat of the Season:

VARC: 46 (31A/18C)........ 

DILR:   56 (20A/19C)

QA:     68(29A/24C)

OA: 170