[2019] TIME AIMCAT 2019 (28nd June to 1st July)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 2019 [2019].


VARC 18 (9/18) asusual, this time also low marks

DILR 30 (10/14) felt only 3sets doable 

QA 32 (11/14) felt hard to find doable questions

OA 80 Not at all happy with my performance in mocks


VARC:    58

LRDI:     38

QA:        26

OA:        122

I found LRDI to be tough this time. Also, I am clueless as to what happened in quant.

VARC: 69

DILR: 51

QA: 57

OA: 177

VARC : 64 DILR : 26 (Any tips for this, please.) QA : 39 OA : 129

VARC : 87

DILR : 44 (Lucky to choose the right 4 sets)

QA: 39 (worst section. got 8 wrong in 23 attempts)

OA: 170


VARC 36(let's be friends again;/)


QA 41(I don't know what to do with this consistent low scores here)

Overall 117;/(pathetic)


DILR 37 (5 sets were doable if chosen correctly)

QA 45 (Got all TITA wrong)

OA 120 

Varc-26(A-19, C-11) Lrdi-14(A-6,C-5) Qa-12(A-8,C-5) OA-52



QA-20 ( found it easy bt I guess I made a lot of silly mistakes)


VARC- 13 (Disappointed yet again)

DILR- 29 (Little bit of improvement)

QA- 13 (Low score)

0A- 55

What can i do for VARC section? Focussed only on VARC in past one week still found no improvement. Please suggest me ways to score better at VARC.

VARC - 51 ( Improvement needed ) DILR - 18 ( Destroyed this section ) QA - 23 ( Out of concepts ) OA - 92 Long way to go.......

VARC - 44(29A/17C) Have to work on accuracy.

DILR - 57(25A/20C) Could have scored a lot more. 

QA - 57(30A/21C)....... Woooo..... too many silly mistakes!

OA - 158.....

which aimcat is difficult?

  • AIMCAT 2019
  • AIMCAT 2020

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AIMCAT 2019 (FML moment)

VARC - 38

DILR - 32

QA - 37

OA - 107 (Complacency kills!)


Hi am new to pagalguy,Please suggest me the test-series and online coaching I must join for CAT2019.I know its pretty late but I want to give my best for this attempt.I have not taken any course and test series but am sure I can cope up even if I will join now ,atleast I want to try honestly for this attempt .Please suggest.

Few told me to join iquanta,or Hunda ka Funda,and othersPlease help me .

Also for Test Series earlier I wanted to join Time Aimcat but already 5-6 papers are done,so am confused for the Test Series as well.

Thanks in Advance.

When the video solution be uploaded?

Anyone who wants to join Aimcat watsapp Discussion group click the ping the below number.

watsapp me at 7401111789 

AIMCAT whats app grp for LRDI and quant mock questions. Copy the first comment and remove ‘*’ from URL.

Is anyone else seeing huge TIME watermarks behind the questions? Making it difficult to read the text.