[2019] TIME AIMCAT 2019 (28nd June to 1st July)

when video solutions of AIMCAT 2019  will be uploaded?


VARC: 59  (22C / 10W)

DILR: 51    (17C / 2W)

QA: 63     (21C/ 5 W)

OA: 173

It's a little late to post my scores, but compared to last year very few people are actively posting socres. Don't know what happened.

Gave my first AIMCAT (AIMCAT 2019)

VARC: 42 (17C/17W) horrible accuracy :'(

DILR: 35 (12C/4W)

QA: 39 (14C/6W)

OA: 116

Late post. Still a long way to go


[AIMCAT 2019] 

VARC - 43 (90.7)

DILR - 17 (63.15) { poor selection }

QA -  37 (94.95) { Droped from 99 to 94: will never happen again }

OA - 97 (91.99)

AIR 1012

Instead of making individual groups for each aimcat, lets join a common group for all Aimcat discussions. This will make it easier for others to find aimcat related posts, all in one place. Its been quite confusing finding individual aimcat groups! 

This one is for all Aimcats for the CAT 19 season!

I would suggest all test takers to join the common group and post scores and questions there from now on!



pm me for mock test series.

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Which Mock Series do you have access to?

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  • If other, please specify
  • CL
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  • TIME

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AIMCAT 2016 showing not eligible to me. Is there anyone else with this problem?


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Hi guys. Is there any wh*tsapp group for CAT aspirants who are writing AIMCATs for general discussion or material sharing? Please let me know. Thanks! :)

Aimcat 2019 test series anyone have ????

anyone up for sharing time mock with cl in return just need to see the mocks question wont use the mocks 

Late to the party VARC: 63 DILR: 40 QA :36 Overall :139

anyone want to share or sell wordpandit course???

Took it yesterday - 

VARC 66 (28A/23C) - Lately, I haven't been able to attempt all 32-34 questions which I was doing earlier. I am getting very unsure about my RC answers and ending up spending a lot of time on them. Something I need to work on. A strict 35-15-10 division of time.

DILR 33 (12A/11C) - One of those days where for some reason I persist with a set even though I am getting nowhere. Spent almost 30 minutes not answering any questions and paid the price for it.

QA - 29 (21A/11C) - Ugh! The questions seemed easy while I was attempting them, but a combination of lack of focus on specific things in the question, lack of focus while solving them has resulted in this.

OA - 128 - Shook me up, to say the least. Need to get my act in order. It may just be an off day, but what if 24th also turns out to be an off day. Cannot afford that.

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