[2016-18] IIM Bangalore WAT/PI Shortlists

This is the group for IIM Bangalore Shorlists.

Guys anyone is done with the 600 words essay on SOP ? And how you guys are providing Reference?

Still the problem of "-6502~ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small". How we are suppose to fill details about me. 

Iim Bangalore asks for 3 referees. Do they personally call the 3 referees and ask about the candidate or just they need write up about candidates ?

How should freshers fill out the work experience detail (in the application) which has drop down lists without any 'None' option marked as compulsory fields?

I have work ex of 3.5 years. No job switch. Who are the 3 references ideally should be ? Option1: manager, collegue, junior Option2: 2 senior folks, 1 colleague Option3: 2 senior folks, 1 college time prof (but after these years they may not remember about me much) Option4: all managers. Also_ typically how many words should they write for reference ?

References as my friends(currently in IIMB) are telling is not that important. You can give 3 references from the same field, it doesn't matter. My friends gave all prof's name, and they are there. Anyway, point is references don't need to be from different fields. Also references need to write about your strength and weakness (there is no word limit, they can write a line or whole paragraph). Hope this helps.

References you take as a formality. But SOP is very very important.

So Basic Details problem is resolved. But still the problem of Work Exp exists, there is no option to choose No work exp.

Anyone whose system is not accepting the Passport Expiry Date? And is there an option for freshers who have no work experience?

For the referrals would it be more desirable to give the official company email address of the person? or will it be fine if we give their personal email ID (Gmail or Yahoo)? 

Giving a personal email address would be a lot easier for the referral and hence wanted to clear this

Mail from IIM-B office says

Please note the last date for receiving recommendations from Referees is 25th March 2016.

However guidelines of the application form states 

Your referees should have provided their online references before you submit your application which is 29th Jan 2016.

So which will be the correct date for the referrals to submit their views about us?

Anyone facing issues with the photograph? I got myself a 2 by 2 passport photo but of 300 * 300 pixels (iim b requires minimum 600 * 600).

Freshers need to upload a 'bonafide final year student certificate' along with their score card. But where is the format for the certificate given? I can't find it anywhere even though the instructions say that the format can be found attached with the application. Thanks.

I have reference from an employee who was two years senior to me and has left the company and joined another one . Is a reference letter from him acceptable ? 

Can someone please upload the format of the reference form being sent to the referees via mail? 


I need some clarification on the references to be provided.I have 3.5 years of work exp. with TCS. Is it mandatory that atleast one reference of the three need to be from my company(Lyk from my TL,Manager etc.) or is it okay if I get all 3 from my college?

I ask this because the people in my project don't take it well if they come to know I am planning to move out.This would have an adverse effect on my Appraisal and the ratings to follow in March/April.

I also think that these references are primarily asked to evaluate our work experience,so if I don't give any from my workplace,Will this leave a negative impression on me?

Please Help me. 

Guys!!! Is the reference mail issue sorted out?

Hi, is there a provision for mentioning more than one work experience, if I have switched companies?

Can I give references from my seniors working in my projects who are 2 years and 4 years more experienced than me?

Or it is mandatory to be obtained from TL and Manager?

I have 3.5 yrs of exp.....Pleasereply

The link sent to the referees is asking for a passcode. Any idea what this could be?