[2016-18] IIM Bangalore WAT/PI Shortlists

Guys, while providing references, do we need to give referees' personal email id- or there company's email id ?

Did anyone get any response from IIM B admin desk regarding rescheduling and change of venue ?

Can anybody tell me what is being asked to the referees? Also, do the referees need to submit their response immediately after I add their name, or can they email their replies later on?

Please post if someone gets to know the exact questions and instructions sent to referees. Would be a great help. Thank you :)

Cat score -76.82 category st received call for wat/pi. work ex 65 months what are my chances of conversion and if there will be any problem having work ex more than 5 years

Hi, Have any of you received your physical offer letter yet? My Ahmedabad letter came right the day after the shortlist was announced, but B and C seem to be taking a lot longer.

Hi guys! I was just wondering whether IIM B would release another shortlist of selected candidates later on? Had this doubt because this was said to be their first shortlist. TiA.

Can anyone help me with cgpa conversion of WBUT marks? I am still in my 3rd year and yet to finish my last year so I cannot calculate DGPA. So how will I calculate my percentage till now?

(Avg of 3 years) X 10   OR   [(Avg of 3 years)-0.75] X 10

Approximately how many are interviewed for 400 seats?

I have done BA and MA in Economics + CA. So in degree name column, what should I mention?

do the referees get two mails i.e, pass code and link separately or one mail accommodating both. please reply.

HI i cannot open the required form link, please help?

Anybody finished writing there sop?  Need sample sop... Reply 

I filled up all 3 references and sent them emails also, I got two references already , but now for third I want to change that reference, how can I do it? ..... Pls help... TIA

Hi, I have filled all the details in the "Biographic details" of the about me section, still i dont see a tick next to it. Anyone facing a similar issue ? 

Hi, Does anyone know if IIM B provides official mentors like IIM C?


I lost my CAT-2015 admit card and cannot recover it from anywhere.Can someone please suggest me what can I do in this situation? Can I be stopped from appearing in PI because of this ?

What to write in work experience in the online form if work ex is 0?

If I try to save the form without writing anything,it`s showing "IT Experiance? required"

What does that even mean?

My referee got only one mail. Link mail not received. Deleted and added referee again. But problem still present. Any one facing same problem?

I haven't got any mail from IIM B after getting shortlisted. Though I can see my wat/pi schedule on their website. Can anyone provide me link to fill up the form.