[2014-2016] MDI Gurgaon WAT GD/PI Experiences

All the best for the WAT GD/PI . Please share your experiences in this thread. Please follow the format provided below to post your experiences. *This thead is dedicated to sharing your GD/PI experiences. Kindly refrain from having any other…

All the best for the WAT GD/PI . Please share your experiences in this thread. Please follow the format provided below to post your experiences.

This thead is dedicated to sharing your GD/PI experiences. Kindly refrain from having any other discussion in this thread.

Experience Format

CAT OA Score:

Section 1:

Section 2:




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:

Work-Ex (number of months):

Sector :

Any other special thing about you:



Panel No:

WAT Details:

Topic and other relevant details:

GD Details:


Number of People present:


Other Salient Details:

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro:


Your Expectations :

All the best πŸ˜ƒ

hii...whts time limit fir wat in mdi? n also r we allowed to make rough notes? TIA @sam05

Hi. I have my mdi interview tomorrow is there anything in specific I should focus on for mdi?

are the interviews starting from today?

CAT OA Score:98.8

Section 1: 96.62

Section 2:98.23


X: 87.67


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: B.Tech 74.78

Work-Ex (number of months):40

Sector :IT

Any other special thing about you:LOL πŸ˜›


Slot:9 AM 3rd March

Panel No:5

WAT & GD Details: Policy Paralysis in India- because of Weak government or Disruptive Opposition

Topic and other relevant details: Was given 3 minutes to think.. 15 minutes to discuss and 5 minutes to write about Group discussion.. WAT word limit is 100 words.. First GD and then WAT πŸ˜ƒ You can do the rough work on the back of the paper provided for WAT πŸ˜ƒ

Number of People present: 9

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: Panel of 2.. Panel was pretty cool.. Not at all serious.. Corrected if i got wrong somewhere..


Are you from Bangalore? No..

When you reached Bangalore?

When are you leaving?

Why are you leaving early?

They asked me where am i from and as i was from Andhra Asked about Hyderabad and Telangana.

Had a discussion of about 6-7 minutes on Telangana and AP...

My extra curriculars were about Quizzing and Table Tennis. So from then on it was totally related to extra curicculars

You know Giri Balasubramaniam?

Name the politician who is a quiz master?

From which party?

Loksabha or Rajyasabha?

What is the name of the company of his?

How many countries are there in the world?

How many countries are in UN?

How many members are in the Security Council of UN?

Name those countries..

Are you comfortable with trivia or connection type questions? Why?

Asked a question where the answer was trivia 😁 I couldn't answer

Asked about a competition where i kept the level as national.. Asked me to talk about it..

What are the various clubs in your college?

How many clubs are present in MDI?

What are the clubs that interested you?

Why do you want to do MBA?

What other calls you have?

What will you choose if you convert all?

Your Expectations : I think i have performed well :P.. The panel was very cool πŸ˜ƒ . Interview was about 15 to 20 minutes.. The interviews of first two persons were long.. After that interviews were short.. I think that was due to the process starting late today.. πŸ˜ƒ

I interacted with other guys in my panel and others.. The interviews are not following any particular pattern.. They can ask anything. So keep most bases covered in your preparation... Be prepared to get grilled on your extra curricular / Hobbies.. Have a look at MDI website and remember the names of clubs which you might be interested... πŸ˜ƒ ATB...

Before I start, two important notes:

For everyone who has to wake up early and travel really far far away for the interview, at least at Gurgaon, reporting time is 9 AM. There is no need to reach before that.

Although it is not mentioned in the email or the call letter on the website, you have to carry self attested photocopies of graduation marksheets also. Please do arrange for those.

CAT OA: 98.37

Section 1: 90.36
Section 2: 99.36

X: 92.14
XII: 91.5
B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics: 56.64
Work-ex: 0
Have been working as a freelance SEO specialist for 2 years.

Venue: Gurgaon
Slot: 9 AM
Panel No: 1

GD Topic: Policy paralysis in India: Weak government or Disruptive opposition
Number of people present: 12
Time: 3 minutes to read, 15 minutes to discuss
Absolute chaos, total fish market. At one point, one of the panelists intervened and said that he could not understand anything. Was civilized for a minute, and then chaotic again. I could only give one point. Really bad experience for me.

WAT Topic: Summary of the proceedings of the GD
Time: 5 minutes

PI panelists: Same as GD panelists, one old male(M) and one middle aged female(F).
F: What is the meaning of your name?
F: One thing I noticed, you hardly spoke in the GD (Said did not get a chance to enter).
M: I am giving you thirty seconds right now, add whatever you want to.
M: Why was the topic policy paralysis and not politics paralysis.
M: I also noticed that you were sitting all alone outside, away from the group. Why?
M: So you are from Hansraj. I am also from Hansraj. Tell me something about Hansraj (the founder).
M: Why have your grades in graduation slipped so drastically. (Talked about Maths being a not well thought of choice).
M: Then how are you sure that you need an MBA?
M: So you are a fresher, not working. (Talked about freelancing).
M: So you already have 4 people working for you and are earning well. Why do you need an MBA?
F: Two skills you learned during the course of your graduation.
F: Two topics you would be absolutely comfortable discussing with us.
F: Two more topics, other than the above two. (Mentioned poetry).
F: Do you write poetry?
M: Tell me about the last poem you wrote.
M: What was its name?
F: Name three poets.
F: Name a poem composed by each of these.
M: Do you know any Hindi poets?
M: What other calls do you have?
M: What was the CD topic at IMT?
M: How was your interview for the new IIMs?

That is about it. PI was a nice experience. Fingers crossed now. πŸ˜ƒ

what to mention in the turnover of the organisation, if one has left the company? latest or the period one was there?

relieved ,, good thing is WAT is just summary of GD πŸ˜ƒ nahi to GD,WAT,PI .. probability jeada hai ki kahin na kahin ganda topic miljae where we dont have any clue πŸ˜ƒ

anybody tomorrow, Pai Viceroy Hotel, Bangalore, 9.00 AM?

could anybody tell me what is the 10th board certificate we have to bring for DOB proof ?

@sam05 Awards/Certificates won in the organization would be clubbed under state/National level? And what abt the awards won in school....state or national?

My GD turned into a fish market ... people were not letting others speak ... I was able to put my point only once (a good point) and tried thrice or 4 times to pitch in but to avoid being a part of fish market i stopped my self and focused on listening. In my PI they even asked why did not you speak much? i told them the reason and then they asked me whom do you think was good in GD. Told that too...

please rate my performance in GD. I didnt want to be a part of fish market but spoke once and tried 4 times.

all those who gave GDPI in Pai Viceroy hotel bangalore 9am slot (Panel 4) ... guyz if you are on pagal guy comment below.
To be in contact πŸ˜ƒ

Guys a humble request to keep this thread clean and only have GD PI experiences as stated in the above format to make it easy for everyone to just glance through the experiences.
There is a separate thread for GD PI queries and discussions:

Thank you for your cooperation!

GD: Should Rajiv Gandhi's Killers be set free or not? (15min)- All were united πŸ˜ƒ

WAT: Summary of GD (3min)

Q. What have the previous candidates told about the interview?
Q.Which topics you like to debate on?
A. Answered
Q. What news u follow?
A. Answered
Q. Questions on Oil and gas sector?
A. Answered most of them (except LPG cylinder rate :/)
Q. one reason to take you?
A. Answered
Q. One reason to reject you?
A. Answered
Q. Your weakness?

Great discussion. I think i elaborated too much while giving some answers while i was street smart (as told by them) in some.

AT 95.85 OA..
XII- 88.2
Grad - 72.5 MEch Engineer
Experience-3.5 years (Oil &GAs; sector PSU)


CAT OA: 95.98


X: 90.4

XII: 81.6

B.E. (CGPA: 9.03)

Work-ex: 30 months

Working at McAfee.

Venue: Bangalore

Slot: 1 PM

Panel No: 1 - Candidate No: 1

So, I was the first one to start the proceedings.

GD Topic: Are smaller states required for better administration and development?

Total Candidates: 10

Timings: 3 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss & 5 minutes to summarize(WAT).

It was more a fish market, but somehow I was able to put some points. Overall Decent GD(3/5)

Personal Interview:

Panel: 1 Old and Nice guy (P1), 1 Medium aged angry young man (P2). I will be using P1 & P2 to address interviewers in the subsequent thread.

Starts with Good Morning. I said "Good Afternoon". Interviewer smiled and said, It was a good catch. (Hope this can fetch me some extra points)mg

P2: You look somewhat sick?

Me: No, I am fine

P1: Where are you from?

Me: I was born in Rajasthan and brought up in.. (Asked me to stop)

P1: Rajasthan means are you a marwari?

Me: Yes

P1: Why you want to spend your time and money for an MBA? Go for a business.

Me: (Smiled and said) I want to do an MBA.

(Asked for water and they allowed me for that.. Hope I won't lose points here)

P2: Tell me about your interests?

Me: Problem Solving and discussing general affairs.

P2: Should I give you a puzzle?

Me: Yes. ( Not able to solve) 😠

P1: Tell us about your childhood?

Me: Gave gyaan on born, brought up, education, job, job role, strengths & weaknesses. I mentioned being an introvert as a weakness.

P1: Then how will you sustain in B school?

Me: Everyone has some weakness and we need time and effort to improve it. (Asked me to stop in between as said we know that.. Stick to the point)

P1: you mentioned being an introvert is a weakness, but I say it can be a strength. Assuming I am CEO of a company, I want introvert people? What I am looking for?

Me: Introvert people keep themselves busy thinking about themselves rather interacting with the people. They believe in self realization and ultimately can sometimes lead to innovation.

P1: One more positive point, please?

Me: They will not be interacting more with the people, thus keeping themselves restricted to work at the work place and hence can be more productive.

P2: Famous Question for you, Why MBA?

Me: Gave some gyaan. I said I need to look into the broader perspectives of the business. No exposure to client and customer. (Interrupted in between)

P2: But you are introvert, why will you like to interact?

Me: If one needs to excel, he needs to look further and try to overcome his/her weakness. Thus, MBA will help me.

P1: Okie, we will not get into your long term and short term goals. But we will like to know what industry you will like to work for?

Me: Business Consulting

P1: What is Business Consulting?

Me: Giving expert advice for industrial or corporate problems keeping in mind its long term and short term impact.

P1: How he can make things better? I am assuming the CEO of the business and I know my business better than others, why should I hire a business consultant?

Me: One can be good at knowing his/her business but need to look at the larger picture. A business consultant is one who knows the driving implications of the solutions of a problem. He is ready with market research. He can guide you with how the business will do overall in next 5-10 years.

P1: But what if things are fine and we don't want your advice?

Me: There is always a scope of improvement. (Interrupted in between and said we are fine with our business). I continued with a consultant can suggest you with expanding your business). Things can be implemented on an experimental business and results cannot be seen in short span of time. There is always a hope.

P1: What all other school calls you have?

Me: Told

P1: What is your CAT percentile?

Me: Told.

P1: Do you know where you went wrong?

Me: No, I was expecting better, but ended up with this. I told how I screwed up section1.embarrased

P2: But you said you are good in Quants.

Me: I said, I was but cannot comment on my low section 1 percentile.😠

P2: All the best. Hope you can make to the best B school. ( Don't know what he wants to say?)

Lasted for 20-25 minutes.

Overall: No further hopes from MDI. 😲

Ok.. so another GD/PI Experience.. πŸ˜ƒ

CAT: 98.80OA, X - 86.6, XII - 82.80, Grad - 74.57, GEM, Work Ex - 37 months(IT)

Venue: Bangalore, 9.00 AM, Pai Viceroy Hotel
Reached venue 15 minutes in advance.. 9.00 AM to 10.15 AM was document verification time, so there was really not much to do.. was staring at people's faces.. some were anxious, some were jovial, some were quite excited.. so 1 hr just went by somehow.. I was in Panel 2
GD started soon after that..

GD Topic: Should celebrities be held accountable for the the kinds of ads they do.. something like that.. don't remember the exact wording!
Discussion was healthy, a couple of instances when the group actually turned chaotic but came back on track, the entire group came to a consensus quite early.. but since we still had a lot of time to spare, everyone was beating around the bush until the panel told us to stop since we were low on energy by then.. :). Every member in the group contributed.

PI: I was the 8th in line. I chatted with other people from my panel till my turn came so didn't really feel the heat of anxiety. The panelists were the same people who moderated the GD.
Panelists: 2, One Salman Rushdie kinda-looking guy(let me call him SR😁), probably of the same age as well, and a young-to-middle aged lady(Mast Lady, so MLp), and of course, yours truly(YT).πŸ‘
By the time I went in, they were already 😴. In fact, for the guy who went before me, they didn't want to ask any question... they were that bored..p

YT Enters, wishes wishes everywhere..
SR: Tell me something about your family background.
YT: Told.
SR: Why MBA.
YT: Told.
SR: Some cross questions on why MBA part.
YT: Answered... Associated my work ex as well with why MBA
SR: Specialization
YT: Answered.
SR and ML: Some cross questions on that, followed by a few questions and counter-questions on Sub-prime mortgage crisis.
YT: Faltered on answering a few questions on Sub-prime crisis convincingly.. Had not read in depth about it so could not answer it properly, and whatever I told them, they took it as a fodder for subsequent questions.
SR: Tell me your favorite subject.
YT: Told him that machines was a fav during grad days but now I don't remember much of it..
SR: Tell me any subject of your choice.. starting from your kindergarten days till today, whatever you may have liked..
YT: Told him mathematics, also adding that though my Quant marks in CAT may show otherwise, I've been pretty good in mathematics throughout my life.(Don't know if mentioning the Quant and CAT score was correct or not). The panel was quite friendly and wanted to hear more to bhavnao me beh kar I also blurted out whatever came to my mind..😠 They didn't seem to mind though.

ML comes into form here......

ML: To sir Maths me ache hain ye, graphical analysis de diya jaaye inko?? 😁
SR: Bilkul Bilkul madam, go ahead.
ML: Gave me a Hours vs Labour Productivity graph to interpret. Was already drawn on a note pad so I guess some people who went before me might also have been asked this question.
YT: Told her my observations. Was cross questioned on the same.
ML: Ok.. now apply the law of calculus to this function and then tell me your observations.
YT: Told what dy/dx stood for, then explained what the graph would have shown if it was a straight line and how since it is a concave graph, the rate of productivity is going down.
ML: Looked convinced.
SR: Have you had a chance to look at the MDI website!
YT: Yes
SR: What did you like about MDI?
YT: Told him about the huge number of clubs for almost every discipline... Told him that I don't remember the names but there are a number of clubs for Finance, Marketing, Operations etc.
ML: Corrected me on the clubs that I had mentioned, also added that they have an in-house magazine in publication, and some more info about that.
SR, ML looked at each other: Alright Sharat, we're done. Please send the next person in.
YT: Thanks and have a good day. Was about to leave when ML asked me again about my CAT percentile. Don't know what to make of it.. Anyway since the interview was over by then, I stopped bothering about it and came out happy.

Overall experience: Good. Panel was extremely chilled out.. They could have ripped each and every candidate out there into pieces but instead chose to smile and put the candidate at ease. They were smiling throughout and yours truly also wore a Colgate smile throughout the interview. Folks from MDI are well known for time pass interviews and this one was no different. Hope my CAT percentile, decent acads, and relatively cool GD/PI come together to fetch me a call.

Advice: Just be yourself. No stress created at all, at any point during the day. Very smooth show.

CAT OA: 96.03


X: 90.4

XII: 85.6

B.E. (CGPA: 7.1)

Work-ex: 23 months

Working at IBM India Pvt Ltd..

Venue: Bangalore

Slot: 9 AM

Panel No: 1 - Candidate No: 9

GD Topic: Is it reasonable to hold celebrities liable for endorsing false advertisements?

Total Candidates: 11

Timings: 3 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss & 5 minutes to summarize(WAT).

It was more a fish market. Every other person ended up being the gate-keeper. I was able to put just one or two points but did not indulge in any one on one. Overall Decent GD(3.5/5)

Personal Interview:

Panel: 1 medium aged (MA). There was one more member in the GD panel but was not there during my interview.

Honestly, mine was very chilled out and cool. Asked me mainly on my hobbies. I had mentioned being a freelance writer. So, it revolved around the same. What are you passionate about? What is the difference between a short story and poetry? Was Shakespeare a poet? Why so? What is a ballad? Why are there no more ballads?
Also, a question about what I thought about the GD and on a point I had made there.

All in all, it was more of a discussion than an interview. Keep your cool and mention things you know about.

All the best to all πŸ˜ƒ

CAT OA: 98.11, CBSE X: 94 (2005), XII: 91.4 (2007)

Bachelor in Hotel Management (CGPA: 9.21)

Work-ex: 22 months at Taj Hotels

Venue: Bangalore

Slot: 9 AM

Panel No: 4 - Candidate No: 5

GD Topic: Policy Parallelism: Weak government or disruptive oppositionn?

Total Candidates: 11

I think it went ok but since we were on a time limit everyone was rushing to give their opinion so couldnt get into detail. And it also ended abruptly cos when the time limit got over we were asked to stop. There was no concluding. Then we were asking to write a page on the GD proceedings and submit it (again we had to abruptly stop writing when the 3 mins was over).

Personal Interview:

The panel has 2 faculty - a man and a woman from MDI. It was quite chill, they asked me about work experience and why I wanted to do an MBA. The man spoke more and infact kept asking a LOT of questions one after the other. They seemed friendly but wanted to confuse me about what I said to check if I stick to my point. I tried to πŸ˜›

I mentioned an interest in marketing so they asked me about marketing and sales as well. About what company I might like to work for. I said Unilever and they asked me for their turnover n employee strength 😐 which i didnt know. So make sure you know all details about anything you mention.

Finally they told me that if I had to market the bisleri bottle (which was on the table) and increase sales in a particular hotel, how would I do it? And I was asked to tell them what part of my answer involved sales and what part involved marketing. Overall I think I did ok πŸ˜ƒ Waiting for the results. Hope this helps