[2014-2016] IIM Bangalore WAT/PI Experiences

This thread is meant to capture candidate WAT/PI experiences for admission to the PGP 2014-16 batch.All the best to everyone for their IIM Bangalore interviews and please do post in your experiences in the given format. PROFILE:AcadsX ...

This thread is meant to capture candidate WAT/PI experiences for admission to the PGP 2014-16 batch.

All the best to everyone for their IIM Bangalore interviews and please do post in your experiences in the given format.



X %,Board, year

XII%, Board, year

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.


Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT 2013:




(category if applicable)

Extra curriculars :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay


Date :

Essay :


Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Time given :

Rate your preparation(0-5):

Rate your performance(0-5):


Panel Members Intro:


Rate your preparation(0-5):

Rate your performance(0-5):


Any other relevant detail.


To start with, please go through the WAT/PI experiences from the last two years' threads.





Also Link to IIMA experience :


Also Link to IIMC experience : ( Posted on 12th March )





X - 86.80 %

XII - 87.00 %



OA : ( 94.03 ) QA/DI : ( 87.94 ) VA/LR : ( 94.65 )


STEP 1 : INDUCTION. Few people would take you through how the process for the day will be. Your Interview panels will also be present there.


You get a page to write your essays. You will have 12-15 lines for rough work. 25 lines to write 250 words essay.

TOPIC : The Mars Orbiter Mission : Mangalyaan costed 450crores. Is it good/bad when we have 400million people below poverty line in India ?


My interview panel had 3 members.

1st a Lady(OL) : 55 +

2nd a guy(OG) : 55+

3rd a guy(YG) : 30-35 ( He/She will be a IIMB almunus )

Interview was in a hotel room...Yes a bedroom rearranged to make it look like some cheap office !!!😲😲

DO NOT loose your smile.😁😁mg Found it hard this time ! IIMA was so much better with management and arrangements.

Me :: Wished everyone seperately. ( Got back a very mild response😲😲😲 )

OG :: Let me start with the bad news. ( Said nothing after that )

Me :: Ok Sir. ( Just to kill limbo )

OG :: Your results of first 2 years of Engineering are not good as compared to your entire academics ?

Me :: Gave the extemporaneous reasons.

( Absolute dead silence )

OG :: No but why less marks in first 2 years ?

Me :: (Repeated same answer.)

OL :: Ok.

OG :: So you wrote you like to learn new things & like to meet new people. Tell me an experience justifying this that happened in past week ?

( Saying something very big would make anybody wonder "what a coincidence!!" so i stuck to lesser important things. )

Me :: Had no idea how Mumbai Locals operate. Met and interacted with whosoever I could get hold of and learnt it.

YG :: This is not some great knowledge. Anybody who does not have money to travel by auto/taxi will learn this in a day !!

Me :: Does not matter. I did not know of it so I had to learn about it. It also gave me an opportunity to interact with Mumbai local users.

OG/OL :: This is not an experience !!

Me :: Sir this was the most important thing I learnt in past week.

OG :: How did you go for Infosys Mysore ?

Me :: ( Knew what he is looking for by now ) Alone by Train. Booked a ticket month before. Dad drove me to the station.

OG :: But you are afraid to travel in locals without help and went to Mysore alone !! How is that possible ? ( All laugh )

Me :: ( Don't they know or are just pulling my leg ) Sir I experienced a huge difference. You will always hear stories of everybody's first Mumbai local travel but maybe not the same about Mysore. It was lot easier than Mumbai local.

( Nobody was convinced ! I am guessing they were not from Mumbai. )

OG :: ( All three reading out my SOP aloud trying to find something & came up with this - ) Tell me about your biggest inspiration in life ?

Me :: My mother & an Author. ( Author I had written an essay & 5min interview for IIMA just 3 days ago )

OL :: Why ?

Me :: Told they have eagerness to learn from anyone be it a literate or not.

OL :: Ok.

YG :: ( Reading lazily to the level on insulting sentiments attached with my Infy experience in SOP ) Tell me about your work at Infosys ?

Me :: ( Happy ) Told in approx 2-3mins.

( I did not feel like he was following me but anyways continued hoping he will stop and clarify whenever he feels the need to )

YG :: Tell me about your client ?

Me :: ( Happy again ) Told.

YG :: Explain more of Data Center Management ?

Me :: Explained.

YG :: Are you aware of load shedding ?

Me :: Yes. Told.

YG :: Tell me how will you manage it ?

Me :: ( Hoping he knows that I am a Computer Grad ) Spoke on Peak hour identification/ Office work should not be hindered

YG :: ( Cutting me ) What about Home activities ?

Me :: Can be scheduled. Once we have a circular to intimate everyone of load shedding timings their attitude towards it changes. They plan ahead & they get a feeling that govt cares about how they plan their days.

YG :: ( Not at all convinced ) Tell me more.

Me :: We should collect data from sub-stations. ( Told about types of sub-stations which I knew thankfully 132/220/400 & maybe 760. Industrial/Residential sectors. ) Then get census data from Municipal coroporation. Classify

areas & their per capita per person usages. Remove imbalances if any so that all areas get equal electricity as per census factors.

YG :: Ok. Any discriminations ?

Me :: Maybe some policies exist that prevent an area from getting more electricity & maybe some political conflicts can cause discriminations.

YG :: Ok.

( From the Infosys part other two OG & OL were just sitting there looking into something on the desk. Before that the YG was busy in his laptop, maybe searching about load shedding πŸ˜› )

No toffees offered. Whatever I did to you God !! Did not get any in IIMA too 😞

Is @garricksaw the only responsible Puy who has attended the IIM B Interview? lookround

In the SOP I have mentioned the quote in the beginning of Eleanor Roosevelt.

But I just saw tat instead of Eleanor I have written Eleanov.
I am damn terrified now.
Its the first statement of my SOP.
What can be done now???

IIM B Interview Experience



X - 87.4%, CBSE, 2005

XII - 86.2%, CBSE, 2007

Undergrad - B.Tech (ECE), 7.96 CGPA, NIT Warangal

Work-Ex: Power Sector, 32 months

CAT 2013:

Quant- 96.4

Verbal- 92.5

Aggregate- 96.8

(category if applicable)- NC-OBC

Extra curriculars : pretty much average

Interview & Essay

Venue: The Mirador, Mumbai

Date :20/02/14

Essay : 10 minutes to organize your thought and 20 minutes to jot it down on a single side page.

Topic: Indian rupee value has gone beyond 60 to the dollar. Write your opinion on how strong or weak rupee will affect the Indian economy. Give reasons.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 1

Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5


Panel Members Intro:



Old guy (way senior than two ladies who were relatively young)


Lady1: (She was reading my SOP) From what I have read in your SOP, you have a very good job with so much responsibilities, why are you thinking of leaving it?

Lady2: How do you handle people working under you?

Old guy: (After listening to my answer) we need people who are good at implementation, decision makers have a very easy job. Look at all the policies we have in our country. The problem lies in implementing it, not in making them. What do you think?

Old guy: What is the scenario of power sector in India?

Old guy: What is nuclear energy contribution to generation?

Lady1: Your view on what options are there for future and which source of generation is apt?

Old guy: How would you handle nuclear energy waste material? What are the present measures?

Old guy: So, you want to take all the benefits of resources now and leave harmful wastes for generations down the line.

Lady1: Give me your view on the gas prices rise by Reliance.

Lady1: Why are gas prices rising? How do we fix a particular price for gas?

Lady1: So, then, it is justifiable that reliance is asking for a price rise of gas?

Okay that's good... you can leave now.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3

MISC.: It was really a very chilled interview. Questions were put down very decently. Not much argument on my opinion. If you have a work experience, prepare everything you could relating to your work sector.

VERDICT- can't say anything for sure. I answered to every question. For most of the duration, it was just a casual discussion.

19th Feb : Mirador Hotel, Mumbai
Panel 1: Koi h is group me?

IIM B Interview Experience



X - 91%, 2004

XII - 90%, 2006

Undergrad - B.E. Mech, 8.5 CGPA,

Work-Ex: Oil&Gas;, 43 months

CAT 2013:

Quant- 70.7

Verbal- 91.5


(category if applicable)- NC-OBC

Extra curriculars : NSS

Interview & Essay

Venue: Mumbai

Date :18/02/14

Essay : 10 minutes to organize your thought and 20 minutes to jot it down on a single side page.

Topic: Delivering Cost-Effective healthcare solutions to India? What are the challenges how should it be addressed?


Panel Members Intro:

L1-Lady in her mid thirties

M1-Guy in his early thirties

OG-Old Male


L11: (I had written about Leadership in my SOP) Why does everybody wants to lead? Why nobody wants to follow? Who will execute if everybody wants to lead?

--I was a blank on what to say and when I said something, there were questions on what I said asking me to give an example and so on

M1- What is share holder value? (I told something related while answering previous question)

M1 - Should a business serve the society?(I told something related while answering previous question)

OG - Tell me about TATA Nano Project

M1 - Why was it a failure?

M1- Tell me the difference between your home town and the place you live presently

M1- What is your fav subject in Engineering?

M1- Explain about that

VERDICT- Very difficult to say as the panelists didn't give away their feelings except the lady whom seem to be displeased with some answers of mine. I thought I answered all questions when I left the room, but now when I think back I have not given any direct answer. I believe there is 50-50 chance

IIM B Interview Experience
19th Feb, Mirador Hotel
Afternoon slot. Panel 1 😠
WAT : Should we keep food and fuel subsidy or do away with it, since it is the main problem of Indian Govt fiscal problem.
I started with govt fiscal policy consists of planned expenditure and unplanned expenditure. Subsidies comes under planned expenditure. Then went on describing what this subsidies are. Took a stand that we have below poverty level ratio which needs this subsidy. Controlling scams will help us to reduce fiscal problems. Too eg of 55k crore finance generated from spectrum auction.
They provide limited space. So please be clear with your Ideas before writing. Utilize 10 mins. It will really help.

Interview :
P1 : Was taking stressed interview ( He took most of my interview)
P2 : Encouraging a lot on wrong answers ( Went out to take call twice. was not much involved)
P3 : looked satisfied with my answers.( But did not ask much questions)

P2: Introduce yourself.
Me: Introduced. (Was nervous, fumbled a bit)
P1 and P2: Explain competencies you used while introducing.
Me: Explained.
P2: How can I believe you are sincere, kalmadi also says same.
Me: Smiled. Explained further.
P1 went out to take call.
P1: Tell me about the work you do.
Me: Started with my project.
P1:(Interrupted: did you get my question)
Me: Yes sir. started with my job responsibilities.
P1: I don't believe what you are saying.
Me : Explained further.
P1: What tools you use.
Me : Explained.
(It went for few more mins, P1 was interrupting what ever I say)
P3: Asked about star award I got in my company.
Me: Explained.
P3: One more award from my SOP.
Me: Explained and supported one of my previous points with this awards. (P3 looked convinced)
P1: What are your fav. sub.
Me: C and software engg.
P2 came back.
P1: C πŸ˜‰
P2: Tell me difference between C and Cpp.
Me. Explained.
P2: What is object oriented.
Me: Explained.
p1: What is diiff bet Cpp and java.
Me: Explained java don't follow multiple inheritance.
P1: What is tom cat.
Me: Explained. ( P1 Not satisfied)
P1: Define Software Engg.
Me: Sir, software engg provides
P1: Interrupted, tell me diff between Spiral and waterfall model.
Me: Explained.
(P1 Continuously picking anything what I say and was asking further. It went for some time with different methodologies. Agile was most discussed. P3 looked quite convinced with my answers)
P2 came back and my bad phase starts.
P2: I wanted to ask you something (Smiling)
Me: Yes Sir, please
P2: What is this you wrote about Hindi lang. you follow. ( I edited Annual College Magzine for Hindi Section)
Me: Started explaining
P2: (Interrupted) No, this is not what I am asking. Who speaks hindi today in India.
Me: 80% of Indian people can speak hindi dr xyz says.
P2: What if I say only 20% can speak.
Me: No sir. I am
P2: (interrupted) Which lang is used in south.
Me : I know Tamil and Telgu only ( Ab to lag gai bhai)
P2: which lang. they speak tiruvantapuram.
Me: Tamil ( Kyu bola bhai mne)
P2: Very good
Me: I think telgu ( Bewkuf hu me)
P2: Correct. Very good.
Me: Sir, I am really not sure about it.
P2: lang. in banglore.
Me: Don't know sir. ( Ab to me reject ho hi gya)
P1: lang in north east.
Me: they speak Hindi in North.
P2: He is asking North east.
Me: No Idea.
P2: Lang. in west bengal.
Me: Bengali.
P2: Do they speak Hindi.
Me: Yes sir, I have one bengali girl in my team and she can very well speak and understand Hindi.
P2: Ohhkkkk. He has one team mate and she is a girl and she can speak hindi so all bengali can speak Hindi.
Me: Her family , her friends can speak. i asked her she said nearly every one speak.
P1: where did you travel in India.
Me: Indore, jabalpur. so Maharashtra and MP I traveeled.
P1: how many districts in maharshatra.
Me: Don't know. ( Ab to puri hi lag gai bhai)
P1: Dr. baba saheb ambedkar's wife name.
Me: (Ye kha se aya ab. Bhai mne tra kya bigada h) Don't know Sir. but I know she died early and dr b.r. ambedkar maried again to one nurse.
P2: Ohh she died early. (Smiling)
(Aisa lga jaise meri maja le rha ho)
P2: Birth place of dr. ambedkar.
Me : (Bhai I am rejected now) Don't know
P2: Whih party dr. b.r.a founded?
Me: (Le lo bacche ki jaan) Sir in 1932 he met with simmon commision
P2 (Interrupted) Which party he formed. Do you know?
Me: No sir
P2: I am done. You can leave.
Me: (Rato ki nind kharab kar hi di akhir meri). Thank you sir. (P2 abi b call par hi tha) 😠 ( P3 kyu baitha ktha kya pta) IIM B dream tut tut k chur ho gya.

Verdict : " Only hope I am having is my good SOP". WAT carries 15% and nterview 20%. But they decide everything in interview and manipulate score's to select and reject candidates I have heard.
To koi chances hi nhi lag rhe h ab. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

@bAAdu @chandresh007 @garricksaw .. guys.. apart from the originals of the documents that have been uploaded, do we need to carry any other documents?? and do we need to submit copies of any documents, SOPs, or the like ??



X %,Board, year - 89.33, SSC (Mah), 2005

XII%, Board, year - 90.50, HSC (Mah), 2007

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. - B.Tech, Computers, 7.4/10, 2011, VJTI

Work-Ex: Currently working

Sectors, Company - Number of months : Healthcare IT, since June 2011

Extra curriculars : Captain of CSR Club in the company

Interview & Essay

Venue: Hotel Mirador, Mumbai

Date : 21/2/2014

Essay :

Topic: Pros and cons of the rise of Social Media as means of communication

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: I had 3-4 points for each & could write them on 1 side of sheet they provided

Time given : 10 mins to think, 20 mins to write


Panel Members Intro: Was in Panel 3, during my interview there were only 2 middle aged professors I think. 3rd person was missing! One was continuously smiling & other didn't smile but none of them looked scary or took a stress interview. It was more of a conversation with some sarcasm in between!


P1: So what are you doing these days?

Me: Told I am currently working as a S/w engineer at XXX

P1: Ok. So what does XXX do?

Me: I talked about what it does, its products and the market it caters to

P1: So are you happy working there?

Me: Yes I am happy working here.

P1: So what have you learnt at XXX?

Me: Talked about different roles I have played, the knowledge and skills that learnt, the processes and domain that I came across and learnt

P1: So how is XXX performing?

Me: Told about its growth, increase in employees and various markets and advancements

P2: So why didn't you become a doctor since your Dad is a doctor too?

Me: Told how I was never inclined to subjects like Biology. And how being in Healthcare IT too I get to cater & help improve the lives of people indirectly

P1: So in your SOP, you have mentioned you belong strong traditional South Indian family. So what exactly do you mean by "strong traditional South Indian family"?

Me: Talked a little about values that my family believes in & that I have learnt, the culture & traditions that we follow etc.

P1: So modern families don't have values you mean?

Me: Smiled and said no & was trying to explain my point.

P2: So where in South India do you come from?

Me: Told my hometown

P2: So what cultures and traditions do you follow from this place in your family?

Me: Was trying to talk about them but I was stopped

P2: So when people in your hometown fast, you all fast too is it?

Me: Told about the festivals and culture that we believe in, then for those my mother does

P1: So your mother fasts but you don't. (Laughs)

Me: I was smiling too. I went a little blank and didn't have a clue on how to explain. Was going to try but was stopped

P1: So never mind. Will bother about your traditions later. So tell me why do you want to do mba?

Me: Talked about my stints as team lead & explained my reasons why I feel its right to get a formal education

P1: But at the end every one comes for big bucks and a fast track way to reach there

Me: Explained how money is important but at the same time what benefit it has to being in the same role for 10 years and then grow

P2: We are done. Any questions?

Me: No

P1: Thank you

Me: Thank you so much!


Any other relevant detail - All others before were getting grilled for 30+ mins. Mine was just around 20 mins!

VERDICT - I seriously don't know! :-/

Guys, Will thr be any questions on maths ??

we have 15 % weightage for wat, 20 % for pi, 20 % for cat. What abt the rest?

I am fresher. What are the things i need to focus much for PI?

WAT/PI has started in IIMB campus. Best of luck to all the candidates πŸ˜ƒ




X %, 96.4 (Tamilnadu State board 2006)

XII%, 92.75(Tamilnadu State board 2008)

Undergrad Stream(BE), Specialization(IT), Percentage 83.6, Year 2012,

Institute Velammal engineering college (Anna university).

Work-Ex: 18 months

Sectors- SAP consultant, Company β‚¬β€œ Wipro Technologies

CAT 2013: 84.28

Quant: 74.45

Verbal: 87.78

Aggregate: 84.28

(category if applicable) NC-OBC

Extra curriculars : SPORTS/NSS/Young scientist award

Interview & Essay


Date : 25/2/2014

Essay Topic: : Terrorism is killing the lives of people all over the world what a society can do to control it ?

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: When Minorities are neglected; their emotions are handled by anti-social elements with political motives to raise terrorism. (Al Qaeda and LTTE are examples). People must be educated to remove their ignorance. Society must be strengthened to suppress the vulnerabilities to security threats . Talked about the usage of ADHAR and

E- governance to overcome terrorism .

Time given : 30 minutes

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 3

PI: Starting time : Time morning 9:45 am end time 10.05 am

Panel Members Intro: 3 professors (Two male professors (50 +) and a female professor (35 +))


PROF1 (Stress prof )Good morning. Take your seat J . Don't you like this chair 😁😁 ?

ME: Thank you sir! It's a nice chair πŸ‘πŸ‘

PROF1: hey then don't take this chair with you !

ME: ha ha sure sir 😁😁

Prof1: Tell me what do you want us to ask ? how do you want your interview to be ?

ME: J sir, I am ok with anything! do you want to know about me rolleyesrolleyes ???

Prof1: Hey! Then you have prepared for it. I will not ask any question which you have prepared for

ME : ha ha ok sir. .

PROF1: Fine..How do u see you after 10 years ?

ME: Sir, I will be a professor after 10 years. I will be learning the things in real life business team for 10 years and then I will teach it !

PROF1: What do you really like about teaching?

ME: Sir , when I teach people after understanding they are very happy and I am more happy than they are J J I love to share my knowledge with others My friends and co-workers have told me that I am very good in explaining things , they see me as a good teacher

PROF1: Oh! Tell me one character in teachers which inspire you!

ME: sir, a good teacher will be very happy to see his students achieving things! He will be more than happy than any other person to see his student successful! He never considers money as more important than mentoring

PROF1: Oh let him ask you questions! (PROF2)

PROF2: Gokul are you an SAP consultant? .

ME: Sir I am an S-A-P consultant J

PROF2: Is it an Acronym?

ME: yes sir it is. I Explained it.

PROF2: (What is SAP? what its competitors are? what is an ERP? how does it help an organization? Explain it in one sentence. Various modules in SAP?.)

ME: I explained these well.

PROF2: what module you worked in?

ME: I am a technical guy ABAP, but I interact with Material management and Sales and distribution. He asked about different types of materials. And some very advanced functional terms πŸ˜› but I told him sir I am a technical guy ! I know the overview of Business process not the detail things πŸ˜›

PROF1: Tell me 3 bullet points that you learnt from your work place.

ME: 1. Team work, 2. Individual responsibility, 3. Technology J I even learnt SAP in Wipro sir!

PROF1: Hey now our PM is in front of you give him 2 bullet point suggestions on controlling terrorism in India.

ME: 1. Take care of the minorities' emotions, interests and by providing them good education removes their ignorance! So that anti social elements will not use them for political motives!

2. In a country like USA where population is very less they, have created a very transparent system by UID. But in India where population is huge we must strictly implement AADHAR as a national security measure and use it in E-governance. This will remove the vulnerabilities of our country!

PROF3: Gokul can you name one person who is well known for his teaching after doing MBA? J

ME : Mam .. I have gone through many IIM profs profiles, they have done MBA but to be honest I am not able to recollect their names J

PROF3: Not even one? J ? fine tell few ppl in industry who have done their MBA . Is your CEO MBA ?!

ME: T.K Kurien is not MBA. He is a charted accountant! Shika Sharma, Chanda Kochar J

PROF3: Oh how many people are there in teaching and in Industry?

ME: When compared to people in Industry people who took teaching as a profession are very few Mam!

PROF1: How many seats are there in IIMs ? totally ?

ME: sir ! nearly 3500 but I am not sure about the numbers !

PROF1: Ok nearly ? is it 5000 ? 0r 2000 J ?

ME: sir ! close to 3500 L

PROF1: name all the IIMs J

ME : named J

PROF1: hey which IIM was the first one ?

ME : Sir IIM Ahmedabad and Calcutta both are (1961)

PROF1: hey ! tell me onerolleyesrolleyes

ME: Sir IIM A ( I lost here its Calcutta)😟😟

PROF1: laughs ok..IIM A ? was it the first one to give the degree?

ME: yes sir

PROF1: tell me wat is CBT ? it always comes in news ! tell what it is !

ME : (after thinking for a minute ) sir I don't know ! 😁😁

PROF1: do you want to ask us any question ??

ME: Sir Why is that many IIM pass outs are not found in Public sector companies ?

PROF1: We do have few people in PS companies and they are doing a great job there!

ME : That's great ! Thank you sir !

PROF1: you can go ! you will have an important interview outside ha ha J (I was the first person in my panel, I don't know whether he meant I will be interviewed by other candidates J ) have a good day !

ME: interview over πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3 pp

Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5 ?

VERDICT: I am neutral about my performance. Few answers were very good ! but few were very bad lol 😁😁

Seniors please predict the chance πŸ‘πŸ‘

Hi Puys, Quick questions to folks who have attended the interview:
1) Is the WAT a 250 word limit, or is it just a space limit of 1.5 to 2 sides.
2) How good is the paper, I have a liking towards the Uniball pens and am trying to understanding if this will blot on the paper or if the paper is of good quality.



X %: 94.4%, 2005, CBSE

XII%, 90.8%,2007,CBSE

Undergrad Stream(BE), Specialization(EEE): BITS Pilani, 2011, 7.7/10

Work-Ex: 31 months: 18 in IT and 13 in Analytics in Banking and Retail domains

CAT 2013:

Quant: 98.6

Verbal: 99.68

Aggregate: 99.80

(category if applicable): N/A

Extra curriculars : Moderate

Interview & Essay


Date : 25/2/2014

Essay Topic: : Terrorism is killing the lives of people all over the world what a society can do to control it ?

Explored the socio-economic-political cause and effect relationship in terrorism. Tried to address the "people input" necessary for perpetration and spoke a little about societal initiatives which could be taken to address the pain points.

Suggestion: Use the 10 minutes for the rough work well. It helps.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5(Did not give any concrete examples, so not sure how the essay will be rated)

Interview: 2 Lady professors(L1,L2), 1 Alumnus(A)

L1: So Aman you work at XXX?

Me: Yes ma'am

L1: So you know what we are going to ask you?

Me: No ma'am, I don't know(smiling)

L1:(Smiles) OK. So is XXX going down and under?

Me: No ma'am. Over the last couple of years we have seen tremendous growth and the market is still very young. We have a large and loyal customer base. If these are not sufficient, we can take heart from the x million funding we have received from investors over the last year. (interrupted)

A: So Aman, I will share 2 business models with you. In one you have a small business, you generate profit and sustain it and in another you eat up private equity investment and burn money. Which one is better?

Me: The first one is definitely better sir, but I think there is a legit reason as to why the money is being burnt. Its a young market, lots of competition, price war scenarios etc. But with time fundamentals will change(interrupted)

A: What is the internet penetration in India?

Me: Sir it is around 13%.

A: And where is it concentrated around?

Me: Metro and tier 1 cities.

A: Then how can you say there is potential?

Me: Sir while the 13% number looks very small, in absolute terms that translates to about 15 cr internet users. This is the third largest internet population globally we are speaking about. Further, e commerce has penetrated a smaller set of those customers, so we have about 1 cr of registered users on our site(wanted to speak about income increase and movement of demographic dividend, but interrupted)

A: But 1 cr is very small. So again, I am doubtful about the potential.

Me: Sir, we should not just look at 1 cr a number in a silo, we should see how we have reached there. There has been a YoY growth of 200-300% customers and the ecommerce market is set to expand to 60 billion $ by 2023 according to industry reports. Given the trends, we can assume there is a huge fish to catch. (Missed the boat here, should have emphasized on the movement of income levels, tastes etc.)

L1: So Aman, you run?(Had mentioned about a half marathon and 2 100k walks). So what is the difference between walking and running?

Me: Spoke about the difference in energy usage, average walking vs running speeds and preparation required to do either. Tried to speak more on the 100K walk but was interrupted.

L2: So Aman you see Facebook acquired Whatsapp very recently. So now lets say facebook wants to enter the ecommerce market using whatsapp. What will be its revenue model?

Me:(Was taken aback a little. Honestly, I have been pretty skeptical about the acquisition in general so attaching another industry to supplant revenue was a new thought.) Ma'am I would like to take a minute to think.

Was given ample time to come back.

Me: Ma'am I think it is difficult to generate revenue from whatsapp as a standalone app. However, it can be closely integrated with a online retail application. What online retail lacks or falls behind right now is the cross user interaction. Having whatsapp will give you opportunities to interact realtime with friends/ colleagues on products. FB can market and sell those products and understand customer behaviour around this.

(In hindsigth, the idea was fine, however I should have focussed more on revenue sources. Could have mentioned about product vs service revenue, retail platform advertisements etc.. Tried to link it too much to traditional e commerce and it costed me a little here I feel)

A: So Aman, you worked in BASE24, how much do you remember?

Me: I remember a little bit sir.

A: So can you tell me what an on us transaction is?

Me: Explained with the help of an example. The answer was correct.

A: Do you know what rupay is?

Me: Roughly sir. It's an Indian solution on the similar lines of VISA and the transaction costs to the bank is lesser. But I am not aware of the specifics.

All: Thank you Aman, you may leave.

Rate your preparation: 3(0-5)

Rate your performance: 2.5(0-5)


Any improvement suggestions are most welcome. πŸ˜ƒ



X 93.8%,CBSE,2004

XII 91.4%, CBSE, 2006

Undergrad B.Tech, CSE, 81.2%, 2010


IT, 44 months

CAT 2013:





Extra curriculars : NGO, Toastmasters,

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Date : 26-Feb, Morning batch

Essay :

Topic: Television channels have increased but the number of useful programs on history, news etc are on the decline. Has the viewers taste changed. Is this the reason behind this decline?

Snapshot:Tried to disagree with the topic

Time given :10 for prep, 20 for writing

Rate your preparation(0-5):4

Rate your performance(0-5):3

(Note: You get just one sheet of paper, Front side has place for rough work. Rear side has about 25 lines which can accomodate 8-11 words per line depending upon your handwriting. Limit


Panel Members Intro: P1- Middle aged, professor. P2 - middle aged, Professor. P3-Slightly younger but possibly professor as well


P2:Started off directly Reg my role in the NGO.

Me: Explained.

P3: Countered asking if I have any certification or if I am qualified to teach. Tried to degrade this teaching aspect not wrt the intent but wrt credentials of people involved.

Me:tried to supplement with the entire process which helps uphold quality, (They didnt seem convinced). So I digressed to other roles played by me. (They Seemed to like this aspect better).

P1: Why MBA?

Me: Answered, but was interrupted midway by P1 and he completed my answer. Wanted to add a couple of points but didnt get the chance.

P2: Asked about Hadoop competency, (replied that we have just started working on it)

P1: Explored a metaphor in my SOP, and grilled me with it. Discredited my viewpoint.

Me: Tried to explain my outlook and what exactly I tried to convey

P2: Started asking about 10000 hours theory for achieving any competency

Me: Not aware sir πŸ˜ƒ

P3: Started asking about a cost savings mentioned in the SOP

Me: Explained in detail (seemed okay with it, asked additional questions. Answered them all)

P3: What do you think is the reason behind Indian economy's current situation? Forget all the numbers like CAD etc. What do you think is primary reason behind all this.

Me: Started with the Licence Raj

P3: Interrupted. Whats the use of competition in 60s and 70s. If we had airlines then, they would not have made money right

Me: Airlines may have been too advanced, but transportation for instance scooters. Exemplified with Bajaj's arrest and case filed against him.

P3: (Wasnt convinced) Asked me to move on to current scenario

Me: Mentioned that we are moving towards less of savings, which saved us from 2008 recession, and more of credit based spending.

P1 and P2: Interrupted saying that more money floating around is better for the economy right?

Me: (Tried supplementing a couple of more times with other points but was retorted with numbers from P2, and additional points from P1 and P3 against me). In the end I gave up and said I stand corrected πŸ˜ƒ

P2: Asked how many people worked under me, and if I have faced a difficult situation with any of them. If I was part of the problem or if I was part of the solution

Me: Explained an incident.

P2: That's good stuff

P3: Any other questions?

Me: Asked a couple of questions related to the electives and the course structuring.

P1,P2,P3: thank you, all the best.

Me: Pleasure meeting you sir, Thank you.

Rate your preparation(0-5):4.5

(Prepared a 16 page document with possible questions they can ask me. Apart frm the indian economy question was largely anticipating all the other questions)

Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

I tried keeping the smile on at all times, except for maybe a couple of seconds -thrice. Maintained eye contact with all 3 members.

I could not have prepared any further for the interview, and I believe I gave it my best shot πŸ˜ƒ

VERDICT: 50-50

Experts, gauge the performance please πŸ˜ƒ