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This thread is meant to capture candidate WAT/PI experiences for admission to the PGP 2013-15 batch. All the best to everyone for their IIM Bangalore interviews and please do post in your experiences in the given format. PROFILE: A...
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can i get course curriculum and books followed for various courses at IIMs?

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Congrats to all Who made it through.........Please update the tracker as there are thousands of student who are eagerly waiting for K,I and new IIMS result.................Please update so that they can Do their PnC for final conversion...............

Welcome to Google Docs

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Do we get an official email or postal acknowledgement from IIMB after they receive the DD and acceptance letter??

Thanks in advance!
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got the hard copy letter ! it says the next list will be out on 12th of may 2013.. :))

believe. begin. become.
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First of all appologies for the late reporting of my PI experience -


X - 92.2%,CBSE, 2004

XII - 96.6%, AP State Board, 2006

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc) - B.Tech IT, 91.7% [9.17 cgpa] , 2010, Vellore Institute Of Technology University,Vellore.


33 Months till May 2013, IT Sector,

Samsung Research India,Bangalore - 28 Months

TCS,Chennai -5 Months[Previous]

CAT 2012:

Quant 87.5

Verbal 96.47

Aggregate94.86 (GENERAL MALE)

Extra curriculars :Paricipated in Kendriya Vidyalaya Natioanl Level Science Exhibition 2003 after clearing three preliminary levels,went onsite on project to Samsung HQ at South Korea 3 times for almost 6 months

Interview & Essay

Venue : IIMB

Date : March 02,2013

Essay :


Is Crime Rate in Urban India is mainly due to economic disparities? Will you agree with this? Defend on the topic on either side you take.

Attempt : Written that crimes are complex and executed with a motive not solely based on economic reasons,given many examples...hate crimes,terrorism,land mafia,crime against women,juvenile crimes,lower conviction rates;etc

Time given :

10 mts to think 20 mts to write

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3 Rate your performance(0-5): 4

PI:Panel Members 3

P1- Senior most lady Professor with 40-45 years age [Always looking into my profile in laptop]

P2- Medium aged Male Professor with 45-50 years age

P3- Young Lady Prof with 25-30 years age


P3 -I mentioned that I have participated in many CCA competitions at School like Sanskrit Recitation and essay writing. So first question shot at me was "what is Sanskrit recitation all about”?

P1-Is it a competition or just a group activity? I told it's a competition and we need to recite bhakti slokas and mantras.

P1-Next Question asked to me was that to recite a sloka which they would have never heard before in their life time? [So I did recite a sloka which I know]

P2-Next question was to tell the meaning of that sloka [So did I explain the meaning of the sloka that I recited]

P2-Next Question was about from which scripture that sloka was taken[After a bit of thinking I told that I didn't know about the scriptures but learnt this from my father who is a sincere devotee and organizes prayers and bhajans @ our house frequently]...I felt they were pretty much convinced

Question Domain changed 😃

P2 - Tell us about your work experience [From the Man]...Told that I handle from development phase to maintenance phase for a mobile model

P2-Then he asked what you exactly do out of these phases...I told we actually work simultaneously work on many models.....hence as there are only 2-3 persons in a module one has to handle all the phases for a particular model........

P2-He again asked "Do you have any idea about quality assurance process ?" ...I told I do have an idea regarding that where one will make sure that code is more efficient without junk code[extra lines of undesirable code] for efficient memory utilization and better performance.

P2 -Then he asked when the quality assurance phase would actually come into picture in the whole process? I told it comes into picture after development phase...he got perplexed and asked in a contradictory tone...is it after development phase? then the senior most lady supported me saying that he was telling about the Samsung....Then I defended with her help re-iterating that Its in Samsung comes after development phase since we have stringent timelines with very less time given for product development phase ....I also told that actually it should be part of each and every phase for smoother process.

P2-Then he asked whether developers contribute to quality assurance process ?...I told that developers also have a significant role to play in quality assurance process since they know the whole code flow of their modules ...hence if apt time is given they can also play a productive role in this process...

P2-He again shot one more question ...If developers contribute to the quality assurance process then what is the purpose of quality assurance team ?

I told confidently that Quality assurance team have to work on a long chain of models concurrently and they would be giver very less time to do the whole process for each model....hence they can concentrate on major test cases and there is a high possibility that they would miss out the obvious ones as it is the case with the Samsung Quality Assurance Team ...hence if developers also would able to contribute to the overall process...it would be of great help to them.....

P1-Next the Senior Most lady asked....You have mentioned that you had quite a long foreign experience...

I told Yes I stayed for 6 Months and went three times there...Then she re-iterated that its quite long...

P1- she asked me about Korean cuisine ?

I told actually they eat everything raw without adding much of spices and are very health conscious people....I also told that they eat lot of meat covering many species of domestic animals and sea food.....

P1- She asked me to explain more about their dishes...then I told they eat salads which mostly contain leaves etc. from sea herbs...she asked me the name of sea herb ....I told I didn't the name of one.....I also mentioned about the Korean traditional dish Khimchi made of sea herbs and other plants....I also mentioned that I'm a vegetarian and was always in panic while eating food outside since I don't know whether there is any non-vegetarian mixed in the food I take....

P1-She smiled and asserted 'Panic'....and said I would have lost weight there....I confessed saying that I lost 6 kgs of my weight in my last trip...

P1-She sympathized saying that Poor boy he lost 6 kgs.....Then she asked about the staple food of Koreans.....

I told they eat rice but not to the major extent like us but eat lot of meats.....

P1-She asked about how they eat the food?

I told they eat the food with chopsticks and told her that they were such experts that were very convenient at eating rice using them....

P1- she asked what we Indians would learn from Koreans apart from business?

I told that they are very humble, honest and hardworking people...they always recognize our hard work and give the incentives accordingly.....I have also given an example of my Korean Project Lead who once offered to open taxi door for me and one of other friends when we travelled with them for a treat on a model release and also shared some candid moments with us........

P1- she asked what they would learn from us when they come to India? she asserted few things in a negative way might be to test my thought process about ourselves....

I told that we actually respect our culture and customs a lot and we still follow them after 60 odd years of independence...that's what actually drags people towards us...I also told proudly that we are the first race in this world to start the civilization and mentioned about Indus Valley Civilization....

P1- she skeptically asked that whether they really bother about the civilization ?

I told that they do bother about the civilization and I also told that whether It could be any celebrity he would have definitely come to India at least once in his life time to experience our culture...that's where our charm really lies and also told that due to high influence of the US culture on South Koreans their culture is waning away and it is completely dominated now by US culture but you won't find pure Korean culture now...but we are not like them....

P1- She agreed to the Point.....She asked me about the team building activities that I mentioned I have organized in my SOP...

I told our team was big and contains about 40 members.....I told its very pathetic that people in our team even doesn't know the names of other colleagues and they only bother to check their names at the time of issue and ping them in communicator for the issue...I told I have taken this initiative and talked with my manger about this and started organizing these activities within our team for which I received accolades from my manager...I also told that even now my manager asks me about what I have planned for the occasion when there is one....

P3- the other young lady who was silent till then asked a question....how many members would be there in a module ?

I answered 3-4 members

P3-she again asked me how many such modules are there ?

I answered 10 such modules are there

P1- the senior lady asked me what are these activities all about ?

I told these are birthday parties of the team members and the farewell parties.......

P1-She asked me whether Samsung kept any fund aside for these activities ?

I told its the fund collected among us.....

P1-She asked I went onsite many times....So Is it based on any performance or evaluation that I was selected for this travels?

I honestly agreed that in the starting there were only few members in my module and all of them were given equal opportunity to go Onsite to South Korea.....

Again yet once again Domain change....

P2-The Male Prof raised one more question again...he told that due to new technology coming into every now and then into market its really became challenging to make a mobile model persist for longer time in the market....he asked me about what should be done to make mobile phones persist for longer time in the markets and asked me to illustrate using examples ?

I told that they should have unique features which could differentiate that model from the others in the market .It could be a small feature but it should add a value addition to the model...I also given example of Samsung beam released last year which has projector technology in it and no other model in the market was having that technology....I also supported why that technology was a value addition by saying that nowadays mobiles can be used as personal computers for all purposes but only drawback was that they could not be used for giving presentations using projectors....this drawback was resolved by adding this technology...I also told that it would have demand for many years to come.....since no other mobile in the market has that technology....

I also mentioned that these requirements might come from carriers also..............

P3- Then the young lady asked "whether this is patented?"

I told must have been patented but not sure........

P2-Then the senior guy asked "how the carriers come to know about these requirements?”

I told carriers will not release mobiles as such into market.....they do lot of back ground work with market analysis...they work on which part of market to concentrate....what should be the price range....what features need to be there in the models...conduct lot of feedback surveys from the customers and actually go to them asking about what features they actually expect from the model ?...sometimes they also observe other mobiles in the market and if they feel any particular feature is more useful and lacking...they try to develop the proprietary of that feature and add to the list of features already present in mobile......sometimes even we developers ideate in our free time and come with new features which add value addition to our models...I have given example of smart volume control being added by us in Samsung mobiles by tuning Proximity Sensor Values....

P2- He immediately shooted yet another question -" what is the maximum range of decibels used for that?”

I told it is far less than 20000 HZ which is the maximum possible value of the Sound range can be heard by humans might be in the range of 12000-15000 HZ.....then he asked about the exact value...I told I don't know the exact value since requirements are not shared with us.....Then when he was still continuing questioning on that the senior most lady interrupted him in middle by saying that it was fair enough and she said Thanks.......

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

Rate your performance(0-5): 4

It's mainly based on SOP [focus on each and every word written in SOP].

You can not bluff anything in your SOP...they would extract all the information from you in 15 minutes...So please write only those things which you can defend....

VERDICT - Converted 😃

Heard that great newz on April 10th 😃

All da best puys 😃

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Class X -- 94.5 % (Andhra Pradesh, 2004)

Class XII -- 96.9 % (Andhra Pradesh, 2006)

Undergrad Stream -- 8.55 CGPA (B.Tech, IIT Delhi, Electrical Engineering, 2011)


Schlumberger Asia Services Limited, Oil & Gas Consulting, 6 Months

Auronova Consulting Solutions Ltd, Risk Management Consulting, 13 Months

CAT 2012:

Total: 98.99 , Quant: 93.63, Verbal: 99.62 (General Merit)

Extra curriculars: Good extra currics !!!

Interview & Essay:

Venue: IIM Bangalore @ 26-Feb

Essay: The world is in a social, economic, political turmoil. Any suggestions to improve ?

Mentioned about various issues from Syria crisis, Greece, Mali-French Forces, China-N.Korea, India and 5 countries joint venture PSLV launch, how the future generations should help each other for a sustainable economy !!

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3/5

Rate your performance(0-5): 4/5


Panel Members 2 Middle Aged Profs and 1 Senior Prof ( All Male)

First to be interviewed in the panel

P1: Good Morning Vivek !
Me: A very good morning Sir.

P1: Feel Comfortable. We have gone through your application. Impressive. Can you take us through your professional career so far ?
Me: Thank you Sir. Straight after IIT, I joined Schlumberger in the anticipation of travelling to the weirdest of places. I enjoyed my short stint with the company working on oil rigs and dealing with the clients. But later on, due to medical reasons, I quit the job and joined Auronova in Abu Dhabi which is a risk management consulting firm for some of the largest Islamic Banks in the world. I might go back to the same firm after IIM Sir.

P1: Thats very good for us. It will increase your chances of selection. What will you do if you get a 80 lakh job - will you sit for placements or will you join your previous company ?

Me: Sir, Money is not a criteria for me. The work has to be. Yes, I will stick to my point if I promise my company of coming back.

P1: Why all of a sudden a shift from Oil & Gas to Risk Management ? Isnt it difficult shifting careers ?
Me: Definitely not sir. Schlumberger role is also a consulting one. Its just that the domain and the data base that we deal with varied. Dealing with clients, meetings everything is just one and the same. Had it not been for the medical thing, I would have continued in Schlumberger.

P2: So, what exactly did you do in Schlumberger?

Me: I was into the Wireline segment- the basic segment of the company. We used to send our tools beneath the earth's surface and gather the data using different techniques, present the data to the client, perform operations which had explosives and radio active materials.

P1: So, what is the work you currently do ?

Me: Sir, we provide Basel II - risk management solutions for the clients. I specifically deal with the Corporate banking segment to develop the Risk rating models for different portfolios so that banks can assess the default tendencies of the customers.

P1: What type of models and what do you in that ?
Me: Banks have various portfolios like Real Estate, individuals, contractors etc. A specialized lending model for each segment. First of all we request the client for existing practices while evaluating a deal. Then we propose various factors which are relevant in the market for the segment, build the model based on expert judgement and regression using various techniques. We then come up with a Rating grade for each customer similar to what we have for countries by Moody's and S&P.;

P1: What type of factors ?

Me: Factors like Current Ratio, Finance to Value, Integrity etc.

P1: You do the spreading ?

Me: No sir. We dont, if there are any outliers or abnormalities, we will inform the bank and they will get it rectified.

(It was all P1 talking to me while the other two were silent)

P1: What is a Current Ratio?

Me: Sir, it measures the liquidity of a firm - Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities

P2: We have heard of Assets and Liabs. But what is current asset ? (I was expecting them to ask this)

Me: Sir, An asset which is used up in one operating cycle or one year is called a current asset.

P2: What does it consist of ?

Me: It consists of Cash, inventory, securities etc.

P2: What is a non-current asset then ?

Me: An asset which cant be used up in one operating cycle.

P2: An example ?

Me: Plant and Equipment, machinery

P2: Any idea about Corporate Governance ?

Me: No Sir.

P1: You do have a sound understanding of what the terminology is. What is your JEE and AIEEE Rank?

Me: Sir, I was ranked 211 in JEE and 18 in AIEEE .. All India Ranks.

P1: Why are you working in Middle East ? People who are half as skilled as you work there !! Tell me the reason frankly, tell me that you work there for money.

Me: Sir frankly, money was never a criteria. It was just that it happened to me.

P3: (Old Man) So what are your hobbies ?

Me: Sir, I used to play lawn tennis but then I quit after the ligament tear. Didnt take a risk. Apart from that, I involve in theatrical plays, mythological roles.

P3: What kind of mythological roles ?

Me: Roles like Duryodhana (Mahabharath).

P3: Do you read and write Telugu ?

Me: Yes Sir. I do. Do you want me to perform a skit ?

P1, P2 P3: Laughing... No No. Thats ok.

P1: So what did you do in IIT ? You didnt study well ?
Me: Sir, if you could observe my grades, first two years it was around 8 and last years it was 9.1.

P3: Have some biscuits - Here.

Me: No sir. Thank you 😃

P1: Yeahh. So what happened in the first two years ?

Me: It took time for me to settle down. Last two years, I had electives in Maths and I did well.

P1: 2 years to settle down ? Come on.. Tell me frankly ?

Me: Haha, Apart from that, I used to involve in activities while balancing the acads and due to that I got good positions and awards in the 3rd and 4th year Sir. I dont have regrets on that.

P1: So, Vivek, Its good that you wanted to an MBA. Definitely do it. But do not go back to Middle East.

Me: I will think of it Sir for sure.

P2 P3: Whats your long term goal ?

Me: As said, I would like to work in the strategy consulting role for 5 to 6 years. My dad is a CA with his own firm for the last 30 years. My brother is doing his CA and with the help of some of my friend I would like to start off a consulting wing to the firm which is right now specialised in Income Tax - Want to start something in line with PwC etc.

P1: Good. IIM B offers a lot for strategy consultants. the case studies etc. As a consultant, what would you advise Vijay Mallya ? (Laughing wickedly :P)
Me: Went on explaning routine stuff of a consultant role. But was cut short.

P1: Never advise Vijay Mallya. He will never come out of his troubles (laughing again)

Me: Haha. That was a good one Sir.

P1: Good to interview you. Definitely do an MBA but dont back to Middle East. Any questions ?

Me: Thank you Sir. Is there a process where we can float a course of our interest or a self study option ?

P2: Yes. We do have that even if there are 2 students.

Me: Thank you Sir.

Phew !! First one to be interviewed and lasted for around 40 minutes. It was a healthy funny discussion. If you are well prepared about your fundamentals, it would be a cake walk. Kept on asking questions one after the other about the work (the way I wanted to), I could answer them. Mention ONLY those things which you know. Even if you utter something which you dont know, you will be screwed.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3/5

Rate your performance(0-5): 4.5/5

SOLID preparation ALWAYS helps. Always give your best. Cent Percent. Never take anything for granted or half-hearted.

VERDICT: Converted

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Hi can someone tell me when prep classes start ? Would be of great help !

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Guys anyone received any leads about the other formalities? any mail? fee payment stuff and so on? from IIM B admission office

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any sc waitlist tracker doc??

believe. begin. become.
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congrats to all who have converted 😃

i was curious whether the admissions office have mentioned any last date for accepting the offer. or any deadline coz i am on wait list and would like to know what are my chances.
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