[2014-2016] IIM Bangalore Interview Shortlist and Related Discussions

Hello IIMB Aspirants,* *Congratulations everyone who got shortlisted for IIM Bangalore WAT/PI round :smiley: ** In this thread, please limit your discussion to questions specific to IIMB PGP Programme. *Please go throug…

Hello IIMB Aspirants,

Congratulations everyone who got shortlisted for IIM Bangalore WAT/PI round πŸ˜ƒ
n this thread, please limit your discussion to questions specific to IIMB PGP Programme.

Please go through the following threads which will answer most of the questions that you will have at this stage. You will also find useful information for filling up the online application form and pointers/tips to the WAT/PI preparation.









Details of the PGP program and some Statistics about the PGP batch of 2013-15:



Link to the latest document on IIMB PGP Admission Criteria and Shortlisting Process


All the Best πŸ˜ƒ

Abhisek Banerjee

PGP 2012-14

any idea about when the shortlist is gonna be out?😐

Hi! My CAT scores are as below :-

QA 73.26

VA 98.6

OA 94.26

10th :- 88.2

12th :- 83

College CGPA 8.4

Workex :- 2.5 years in Automotive

What are my chances of call and conversion? Thanks!


QA: 90.23, VA: 98.23, OA: 97.23. Xth:76.6, XIIth: 75.8, Grad: 65. Work-ex: 6+ yrs. General cat, male. What are the chances?

QA: 98.45, VA: 93.7, OA: 98.73. Xth:96.6, XIIth: 91, Grad: 7.21.fresher

General cat, male. What are the chances?

QA: 90.36, va: 99.99, OA: 99.73. 10th: 93, 12th : 93, UG: 89. 14 months workex as of Sept 2013. female, not engineering.

The list will be out in a day or two. Till then I suggest all aspirants wait! πŸ˜ƒ
Although we understand your anxiety it is very hard to individually predict whether or not you'll get a shortlist.

When is the shortlist expected??

I have 92.73 percentile OA (balanced sectionals) Xth 86.53 XIIth 78 Engg 60.50 (aggre) 66.93(final year) 2yrs+ IT work EX as a QA What calls can i expct? any sureshot convert? NCOBC category

QA/VA/OA = 95/92/95.5, X/XII/BE= 83/82/74, NC-OBC. any chance for IIMB? plz suggest

OA:99.09 QA 98.6 VA96.6.

X-93.8 XII-95.4(Both CBSE)
Cgpa (NIT)-8.13.
No Workex(Final yr).
Male GEN.
Chances for B call?

OA-94.93; VA-95.02; QA-89.8
10th-96.3; 12th-95.8; grad-77.4; WorkEx-19 months.
Is there evn a remote chance of a call?

QA-96.62 VA-99.47 OA-99.43

10th-91 12th-87 UG-79.4 work ex-14 months.
What are my chances for a call from IIMB puys...seriously due to my profile I think I'm gonna miss out on all the old IIMs 😞

OA: 97.46
QA: 95.59
VA: 95.70
Xth: 84.4, XIIth: 88.40, B.TECH: 81.33%, Work Ex: 37 months.
Do I have any shot at bangalore or for that matter any other IIM except the new ones??
Thanks in advance

OA : 99.4

QA : 87.27
VA : 99.95
10th : 94
12th : 89.9
B.tech : 68
work ex : 13 months
general category, female
any chance of getting a call at all?

overall 98.93...



10th 87.8

12th 90.5

btech 8.6 IIT indore... working in since 8 months... what is the possibility and what are other iims possibilites

@abhi.iimb : I have a 99.91 on my CAT, and my academic scores are:
10th: CBSE : 93.0
12th: CBSE: 84.4
Bachelors in Engg. with an aggregate of 73.0%
I have a work ex of >36 months.

Would you say i have a shot at the 3 idiots campus? πŸ˜ƒ
Thanks for your help. I know that only THE list can tell us. Lets hope for some +ve news πŸ˜ƒ
GEN category
OA 99.52
QA 98.58
VA 98.35
X - 87.0
XII - 87.2
B.Tech 69.02 %
36 months work-ex in IT...
what are my chances for IIM-B ?

QA:96.62; VA:99.96; OA:99.86; xth:91.2; xiith:88.2; B.Tech:71.2; Wrk-ex:9 mnths;


any chance of call frm IIM B?

also can u plz advise on chances of other IIMs...