[2011-2013] MDI GD/PI Experiences

MDI process starts from today 22nd March 2011. All the best to all the puys…hope all the puys become MANDEVIANS. Plz post your gd/pi experiences in the format given below. CAT Score: DI Quant Verbal Aggregate PROFIL…

MDI process starts from today 22nd March 2011.

All the best to all the puys....hope all the puys become MANDEVIANS.

Plz post your gd/pi experiences in the format given below.

CAT Score:

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

Work-Ex (number of months):
Sector :

Any other special thing abt u:


GD Details:
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

PI Details:
Panel Number:
Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

Request to all puys
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PS: Using the same format as used last year. Thanks to Vision IIM_ACL for it.

All the best to each and every one of you :thumbsup: Give it your best shot

it would be great if someone who has given the gdpi tell us about break up of score??

A whole day has passed...no-one willing to share their GDPI experience??

If you think you can win, you can. Faith is necessary to victory.

All the best, prospective ManDevIans!

Guys who are having interview in Bangalore... I searched for Pai Viceroy hotel in google maps... But its address is different from what has been mentioned... When I searched for the address mentioned it points to a hotel called 'Royal Corner'... Can someone plz clarify this...

Chalo let me start

CAT Score:
DI 83.13
Quant 93.38
Verbal 99.86
Aggregate 98.96

X 91
XII 85.1
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age 7.95/72

Work-Ex (number of months):43
Sector : IT

Any other special thing abt u: :oops:

VENUE: Kolkata

GD Details:
Topic: Honesty is divisible into financial, social, intellectual and professional spheres
Number of Ppl present : 10 (1 absent)
Time: 3 mins for thinking, 15 mins for GD, last 2 mins depends on the panel. If someone doesn't speak much, he/she/them will be asked to summarize, otherwise discussion goes on.

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Okayish. No fish market. Made 5-6 entries, made some points, cited some examples. At the end, we were gasping for fresh points though.
One girl was asked to summarize for the group.

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff. : Already mentioned. No written summary.

PI Details:
Slot: 2:00 pm 22nd march
Panel Number: 3
Panel Members Intro: One prof P1, another alumnus (?) P2

P1 started with project details, work profile, risks of project delivery management. Then asked about the platform I work on, what's booting time of a pc, what goes on when windows loads up, what are drivers, what are different types of drivers.

P2 then took over and started questions about hobbies, family background etc

In all, went on for about 10 minutes.

Any other relevant detail. : What I gathered from others, questions are coming from a wide sphere of subjects. So be ready to be asked on anything between implementation of 6-sigma to office gossips.


Verdict : PGPM Converted

shivdeepak Says
Guys who are having interview in Bangalore... I searched for Pai Viceroy hotel in google maps... But its address is different from what has been mentioned... When I searched for the address mentioned it points to a hotel called 'Royal Corner'... Can someone plz clarify this...

no there is a pai vaiceroy hotel in jayanagar 4th phase...its about 8-9 km from majestic bus stand(Blore Cy Jn)

try this address:

Pai Viceroy Hotel,
33 Cross Road,
Jayanagar 4 Block,

CAT Score: 276
DI - 99.46
Quant - 92.31
Verbal - 97.65
Aggregate - 99.44

X - 89
XII - 81
Undergrad Major - 68%

Work-Ex (number of months): 17
Sector : education

Any other special thing about u: me

VENUE: hotek pan asia continental (kolkata)

GD Details:
Topic: should india rely on nuclear power to fulfill its energy requirements (don't remember the exact statement)

Number of Ppl present - 9
Time: approx - 20 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: was the best GD i have ever participated in . it never seemed to even come close to a fish market . the panelist (prof) appreciated us for this :cheerio:

PI Details:

Panel Number: 3
Panel Members Intro: prof from GD (quite friendly) and a recent alumni

prof - intro
me - told
prof - recite a poem of yours
me - :
prof and alum. - very nice .

prof - so you are a civil engg from a government institute . aren't you wasting the exchequers money by not utilizing the 4 years of engineering ?

me - no sir .. i don't feel so .. told about the knowledge aspect and that i can't foresee my future , but i feel that whatever i learned will come in handy

prof - so how good were you in civil engineering ? i mean you took it by choice or because it was the only option left ?

me - told the honest answer

prof - so you are an addicted pagal (he had asked this before the GD) . what are the pros and cons ? what do you do over there ?

had a healthy discussion on this.

prof - what other calls ? why MDI

me - answered

alum - so what did you teach ? some basic questions related to that ..

prof and alum -- that's it . thank you

my interview lasted for around 10 mins . i can't gauge my performance but the experience was a nice one especially because unlike the other interviews the panelists treated us like respectable prospective students rather than some stupid fella to chide at .:thumbsup:

MISC . the prof had a small informal chat with us before the gd process started . that really eased the tense nerves ..

Hey puys...there are two Pai Viceroys in Jayanagar(according to google maps)...one is in 33rd cross and the other in 16th cross
The contact number for the 16th cross one is:26535400..
Link for Contact details: Pai Hotels - Bangalore and Mysore - Leisure Hotels that are perfect for Business.

CAT Score:
DI: 98.xx
Quant: 96
Verbal: 98.XX
Aggregate: 99.59

(BAD) Acads:
X: 80
XII: 80
Undergrad Major - 62% Mech Engg

Work-Ex (number of months):26
Sector : IT

VENUE: MDI Campus Gurgaon
23 March, 9:30 AM, Panel 1

GD Details:
Topic: Corruption can bring economic development
Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 15 mins or so
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: We did not have too much content. Most of the group went against the topic, I thought of contrasting with points like the 2G scam resulting in cheapest telephony rates, also the pre-1991 industrial scene. Overall ok GD. The panel stepped in on a person-to-person basis, telling one chap to let another finish, or to another to summarize. It is the first time I've seen a panel moderating a GD on a personal level.

Other Salient Details: A few random members who did not speak much were asked to summarize and speak of their opinion.

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: 2 People. One prof and another alumnus perhaps, looked too young to be a prof.


Q1: Why low acads in Class X and XII?
A: Prepared statement

Prof: You are a good bullshitter ( )
Me: reasons and gyan

Q2: You from DPS RKP? Then Q's on Principal of school, falling standards etc. Then Prof says: As DPS standards are falling we should not take students from that school, yes?

Some more gyan.

Q3: What did u like in mechanical engg?
A: Engines

Q4: Ok tell me something about Carnot engine?
A: Knew this

Q5: Questions about my university and its founder and a few landmarks in his name in Bangalore

Q6: Tell me the name of 5 women CEO's in India
A: Knew only 3.

Throughout the interview the prof kept up the stress factor with statements. For example:
1) Why did you quit your job? You don't need an MBA.
2) Very low grades throughout...what were you doing in school?
3) Be sure of your answers. Don't tell me "Maybe" or "I'll try"

To be frank I was not really bothered about these stress-causing statements as I have IIFT, so I was cool all along.

At the PI end, the prof took my file and personally verified the X,XII and Engg marks. Also, they call people randomly for PI.

CAT Score:
DI: 95.xx
Quant: 99.XX
Verbal: 98.XX
Aggregate: 99.54

X: 81
XII: 82
Undergrad Major - 63% E&C; Engg

Work-Ex 0

VENUE: MDI Campus Gurgaon
23 March, 9:30 AM, Panel 1

GD Details:
Topic: Corruption can lead to economic growth
Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 15 mins or so
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: steped in 3-4 times ,,,cited examles on 2G(money generated from auction could have gone to other sectors....),inflation........,,,,,China..........
Overall Average GD

Everyone asked to summarizE in the end

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: 2 People
First asked abt my GD performance,,,,,had a small gd with the panel member(10 mins)
I am a fresher so grilled a lot on grad( microprocessor,networking....)
I answered but not gave convincing ans,,,,,,wanted them to ask abt my extracurricular actvs,,,
(quizzing,football),,,,but didnt want to make any excuses that i wasnt good in engg subjects,,,,tried to ans as much i can..

overall below avg interview,,,

WAT DO u guys say wat r my chances,,,,and wat r the weightages given to CATSCORE,10T,12TH,GRAD

CAT Score:
DI: 99.xx
Quant: 97.XX
Verbal: 74.XX
Aggregate: 98.14

X: 90
XII: 93.25:cheerio:
Undergrad Major - 59.94 bcom

Work-Ex 0

23 March, 9:30 AM, Panel 2

GD Details:
Topic: Euthanasia - passive and active should be made our fundamental right
Number of Ppl present: 9
Time: 15 mins or so
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: steped in 5-6 times ,,,cited examles on how we are vesting too much powers in the judiciary, the scope for exploitation, someone has to play god, where to draw the line between euthanasia and suicide.....
Overall Average GD

Three guys asked to summarizE in the end...not me

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: 2 People
Q. asked about gaap
A. (nothin much)
Q. how would u interview the head accountant?
A. (application.....)
Q. (a problem on life stock accounting)
A. no idea
Q. in order give the ranks of the army officers..
A. not much idea...said Cheif of Army is at the top....
Q. what is his rank?
A. general.
Q. what is the most popular ad on tv?
A. coke!!!
Q. no idea, get idea!!!!!
Q. asked bout assamese culture,my stay in kol, my schooling, my dad's business, a question to name all the wc winnin captains........and so on
(remarkd in between wen i mentioned that i was involved in my bro's biz..." yeh to tumhari party karne ki umar hai.....aesh karo...)

WAT DO u guys say wat r my chances,

CAT Score:
DI: 96.xx
Quant: 87.XX
Verbal: 98.XX
Aggregate: 98.23

X: 85.29
XII: 80.92
Undergrad Major - 68.52

Work-Ex 16 Months - IT

23 March, 2:00 PM, Panel 1

GD Details:
Topic: Euthanasia - passive and active should be made our fundamental right
Number of Ppl present: 9
Time: 10 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:Was more or less fish market. Talked two times in between but discussion was not going anywhere. Overall below avg performance. :banghead:

PI Details:

This was the shortest PI i ever had. Dont know how we were being evaluated. Infact all in our panel had the same time duration of around 5-6 min.

Panel Members Intro: 2 People

P1: So, wat do you want to do?
Me: :lookround: Sir regarding what.

P1: (Jovially) Arrey yaar, right now you want to do MBA. I want to take interview. Ofcourse i am asking about future.
Me: Answered.

P1: Asked something about NGO where i worked.
Me: Answered.

P2: What was your last year project?
Me: Told

P2: Asked something related to project which i answered.

P2: You did not understood what i asked.
Me: M sorry. Heard again and then answered as we were trainees, we are not working on that.

Thats it. The interview was done.

Now i was thinking to cover up for GD fiasco in interview. But it did not happen.

Seniors, any idea on this.

Verdict : Awaited.

CAT Score:99.89
DI: 99.12
Quant : 99.81
Verbal: 97.65
Aggregate: 99.89

X :87.8, CBSE,2005
XII: 72.2, CBSE, 2007
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age- 7.19, IIIT Allahabad, 2011

Work-Ex (number of months):0
Sector :

Any other special thing abt u:

VENUE: MDI Gurgaon 22nd march,2011 9.30 am

GD Details:
Topic:Nuclear Power: Solution to India's power deficit.
Number of Ppl present :6( 4 absent)
Time: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The coolest GD till now, 6 people discussing for 15 minutes. Everyone spoke well, made points both for and against the topic. The GD was not even close to the fish market.

PI Details:
Slot: 9.30 am
Panel Number: 3
Panel Members Intro: P1: old man, P2: old woman
P2: You are a fresher, don't you think you should get work-ex.?
I: gave a well rehearsed answer.

P2 started countering the points, I also replied to that, and after a moment I stopped answering, as I was not able to reply to her counterpoint.

meanwhile P1 takes over.
P1: Your hobbies?
I: play table tennis, watch cricket.

P1: Don't you read books?
I: I have read books like India Unbound, the Google story etc.

P1: So that means you are more into the economy and business books?
I: Yes sir.

P1: What is the state of economy of India?
I: Quoted the figures about the GDP, GDP growth, forex reserves ,inflation rate.

P1: What should be the optimum inflation rate for a country?
I: Answered 6-7% (not sure about this, it was a fluke).

P1: Do you know about the inflation rates of Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden?
I: No sir, I don't have any idea.

P1: So why is inflation increasing?
I: demand is increasing, and supply is not increasing at that rate.

P1: How demand is increasing?
I: India's GDP is growing, the paying capacity of people has increased.

P1: How has the paying capacity increased?
I: somewhat due to 6th pay commission implementation.

P1: Does 6th pay commission benefitted more than 50% of the population ?
I: No, 55% of population is engaged in primary sector.

P1: What is primary sector?
I: Agriculture, and forestry.

P1: Is agriculture growing?
I: Yes, it grew at 5.4% during the last FY, and last to last it was 0.4%.

P1: Why is it so that from 0.4% to 5.4% in one year?
I: Talked about the drought due to El Nino.

P1: Why did it still grow by 0.4%?
I : No answer( after coming out I realised it was due to good wheat harvest).

P1: What contributes to GDP?
I: Household consumption, government spending (P1 interrupted)

P1: Government spending?
I: NREGA, other rural programs.

P1: What is NREGA?
I: answered.

P1: How many days of employment?
I: 100 days.

P1: What are the wages in NREGA?
I: Wages vary from state to state. Punjab has wage rate of 125rs , whereas Haryana has 180rs.

P1: Is NREGA beneficial to remove the poverty?
I: NREGA is not sustainable, as the government needs to spend more on the education, and health sector. Blah blah.

P1 asks P2 about whether anything else she wanted to ask.

P2: Any questions from us?
I : No (Had no information about mdi, what could I ask them)

P1: Cat percentile? Calls? Why didnt you get a call from Indore. ?
I: I have poor academic record, that's why.

P1:(Surprised) No, your academic record is totally fine. (First one to say this )

P1: That's all . Thank you.

The interview lasted for around 10-15 minutes. No grilling on academics and all. Being a fresher I don't know whether I should take mdi this year or not. PM me for your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Any other relevant detail.

what is break up of various sections?

Please al those who r postin der GD/PI exps., do mention ur PI panel...It'll giv us an idea of areas of interest of our respective panels..
Thnx in advance..

If each one of you could post elaborate replies as sid_manu did, it would be of much more help to the aspirants. You may have recited a well rehearsed statement, but even that could be of some use to someone else.

All the best everyone of you.

CAT Score:
DI 92.8
Quant 99.5
Verbal 95.3
Aggregate 99.05

X 84.2
XII 79.6
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age BE(Chemical) 6.94

Work-Ex (number of months):nil
Sector :

Any other special thing abt u:

VENUE: MDI, Gurgaon
24/03/2011 2 pm panel 3
GD Details:
Topic:Utility in physical sense more money, more houses, more cars is the sole purpose of Education
Number of Ppl present 9 present 1 absent
Time: 2 mins to think+15 mins to discuss+2 mins to write the summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:great group. never turned into a fish-market. the topic was discussed peacefully. chipped in 4 times.

PI Details:
Although i was 2nd in my group, the panel called me 1st
Panel Members Intro: a lady prof(L) and a guy prof(G)
G: why did we call you first?
M: no idea(Get idea)
G: think about something
M: maybe i am a fresher thats why
G: there are many freshers here
M: no idea sir
G: do you know something called as random numbers(must be a finance prof)
M: yes sir
G: we called you randomly
M: ok sir:oops:
G: tell me about the background of your family
M: blah blah
L: what are the key features of budget this year?(my dad works in ministry of finance)
M: told
L: what is GDP? i dont know about this term
M: told
G: why did you come here?
M: told about why MDI(said 'MDI is one of the best')
L: which other college in Delhi-NCR is 'one of the best'
L: what all calls have you got?
M: told
L: and you over with their interviews?
M: yes
L: which five parameters will you use for choosing the college?
G: write it down
M: 1) faculty
2) alumni base
3) placements
4) location
5) infrastructure

G: you wont consider fees as a parameter?
M: started to speak...cut in between
G: your dad is in finance ministry, you dont have problem with finance
M: sir, its not like that... again cut in between
L: what are your hobbies
M: reading fiction books
L: which book have you read last?
M: told
L: what was the subject of the book?
M: explained in detail
L: do you play any sport?
M: football
L: favourite team?
M: told
L: favourite player?
M: told
L: favourite indian player?
M: told
L: how do you rate your GD?
M: told some gyaan
L: why what happened
M: gave some reason
L: she opened her notebook and told me a point which i made. had a discussion on it for few mins.
L: give me two strengths and three weaknesses
M: started talking talking
G: just say it in points and state your strengths and weakness
M: gave two strengths and two weaknesses. goofed up on the third weakness
G: ok, you may go.
L: no wait. i have one question. how did you land up in patiala from faridabad?
M: told
L: fine thank you. you may leave

interview went on for 20 minutes. it was good. but, no acads, no final year project

no seniors were involved in the process so couldnt interact with them. being the first one to be interviewed, i got free by 3:10.
had tour of the campus and its awesome. i wish i can be a part of it next year.:cheerio:
Verdict: Merit rank 514. selected for PGHR