[2011-2013] IIML Essay/GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences. It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads …

All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences. It would be good if we can use an earlier format.

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


X %,Board, year
XII%, Board, year
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.

Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT (2010):
(category if applicable)

Extra acads :

Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Date :

Essay :
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
Time given :
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5):

Panel Members Intro:
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5):
Any other relevant detail.


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Plsss somebody post their experiences ASAP.. many of us here r first-timers & ur experiences will be gr88ly valuable to us..

I myself hv my IIML interview 2mrw.. So, plsss somebody post their experience quickly....
X % - 84% Maharashtra Board
XII% Science - 72.5%, Maharashtra Board
B.E. Mechanical Engineering 55.5%, Pune Univ with one drop year after TE

Print Media - 18 months
Entrepreneurship - 42 months

CAT (2010):
DI 97.89
Quant 83.83
Verbal 95.93
Aggregate 97.66
(category NC-OBC)

Extra acads :
Not mentioned by me in the Interview.

Topic: "Beauty pageants objectify women"
Number of Ppl present: 5
Time given: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:

Surprisingly, out of 10 people in the group, only 5 showed up! This made the GD flow much smoother, because the time allocated was reduced proportionately (Time for GD = 1.5 minutes x Number of Candidates)
No fishmarket at all.

I loved the fact that IIML gives you 15 minutes to write an essay on the same topic, prior to the GD. This leads to a better GD because you generate so many points and can think more about the issue.

The essay is supposed to be written on a piece of paper ruled on both sides. Bring your own pen without fail. We asked for and got rough paper (hotel stationery) to jot down notes while writing the essay, and were allowed to keep those notes to help during the GD. I finished the essay really fast, and spent some time creating GD points on my rough paper.

One strange thing was that they gave no warning when the 15 minutes were going to be up, they directly asked us to "stop writing". Don't count on them for a one minute warning.

The GD started pretty nicely with the 5 participants speaking in linear order for two rounds, after which we had some individuals shine, especially one person due to a location advantage at the centre of the table.

I got in second, and made four entries with fairly good content; one point I made even had 3 participants nodding in agreement.

Since generally GD is my weak point, I am glad about the way my IIML GD went.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Panel Members Intro: One lady (L) and one slightly older gent (G).
L: Please tell us about yourself.
Me: Answered, showcasing my entrepreneurial venture details.
G: Please show me your certificates.
(Showed work and acad certificates. I had only one extra-curricular cert)
G: Extra Curricular Certificates?
Me: Most of my extra curriculars don't have formal certificates :P
(Missed a chance to elaborate about some other interesting stuff I did, but since we were talking about my venture, I thought they'd ask about extra currics later. They didn't.)
L: So you studied mechanical engineering but now are in IT?
G: When I was young I liked tinkering with mechanical objects, liked aeroplanes.. so I joined Mechanical Engg. But it didn't work out. I even had a drop year in which I worked at a call center. At this time I discovered my love for computers. In the same year I started writing my software and even started selling it online in the middle of my final year.
L: So yours is a sole proprietorship?
Me: Yes it is. I thought of registering as a Pvt Ltd but didn't require it, and also wanted to avoid getting unnecessary legal obligations. I had to incorporate an LLC in the US a year ago.
L: What is the difference between Proprietorship and Pvt. Ltd.?
Me: Mostly in legal compliance, Pvt Ltds require a lot more legal compliance. They have more rules, like having Directors, shares, paid-up capital etc.
( what a dumb answer that was. I was answering in terms of why I went for a Proprietorship instead of a Pvt Ltd.)
L: So do you have sales tax records?
Me: (weakly) No, we entirely sell online products to non-Indian customers
L: You file IT returns, yes?
Me: Yes, I do, but IT returns don't accurately depict our sales; here I can show you some bank credit notes regarding the inward remittances I received towards sales.
L: Show me the IT returns
Me: I'm sorry I don't have them with me at the moment..
L: (Silence)
G: So which was your favourite subject during engineering?
Me: (Umm..) Engineering Graphics. I even topped my college in the subject.
G: So how much did you score?
Me: I don't remember, it was long ago and there was no formal award
G: You topped but still don't remember? 😞 How many mathematics subjects did you study during engineering?
Me: Three
G: Which ones?
Me: Just called Engineering Mathematics I, II and III
G: What did you study in Engg Mathematics III?
Me: I don't recollect, it was eight years ago! I'm not in touch with Quantitative subjects. In fact if accepted at a B-school I plan to take some short courses in Quant and Finance before joining.
G: Did you study Management related subjects?
Me: yes, Industrial management
G: What did you study in there?
Me: (Thinking) Mostly related to management from a Mechanical Engg perspective.
G: Any topics?
Me: Time and Motion study, Utilization of machines etc.
G: How would you start a time and motion study of me?
Me: I'd start by recording your movements with a camera
G: That any layman can do :splat:
Me: That was how I'd start. Then I'd convert your movements into numbers and tabulate them for analysis.
G: Ok.
G: So what part of your studies do you use in your day-to-day business?
me: Not much of my formal studies, to be honest.
G: Do you believe that formal studies are important, then?
Me: Yes, they are important as they give you a firm grounding. As of now I am learning some things on the job, and it is a very expensive way of learning.
G: Give me some examples from your work where you feel you would have done better with a formal management education.
Me: Negotiations, for example - last year during the recession I had to renegotiate prices but I haven't been able to get them back to where there were. There were other failures of mine connected to the recession as well, for example when I had to let people go due to financial necessity. Right now I'm learning things as and when needed, but it'd be good to have these tools already present in my kitty.
L: So when you are there.. I mean if you get selected, what will happen to your company?
Me: I have two options, either I will get my largest vendor to buy me out, or I will convert it to a mixed hardware-software product that can be easily managed.
L: So you will supervise it?
Me: No, I will not be involved in day to day operation. I will convert it to be more based on trade than on intellectual property. I will have some of my leading employee take over.
L: Will you want to be part of the placements process?
Me: I was going to ask you about deferred placements. My current plan is to work in consulting for five to six years and get industry experience before my next entrepreneurial venture.
L: Ok, Which other calls do you have?
Me: I have 4 calls in all, Calcutta later this week, and in April Indore and Ranchi.
G: Okay, and all the best for the future
Me: Thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you.
L: Please send in the next candidate.. his name is.. (searches in papers)
Me: I know him by face, that's fine
G: Even better. Please ask him to wait outside.
Me: I will, thanks.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

I totally failed to answer acad questions, and also as an entrepreneur I had the problem with income papers not reflecting appropriately. Moreover I omitted to state any of my awesome websites and side projects. But the interview was fairly smooth and had its good points.

VERDICT: Undecided - I'm not quitting my day job yet!


X - 80.00%, Maharashtra State Board - 2003
XII - 80.00%, Maharashtra State Board - 2005
Undergrad - BDS - 60.94% - 2009

Work-Ex: 17 Months

CAT 2010:
DI - 96.06
Quant - 76.51
Verbal - 75.70
Aggregate - 90.29
(category if applicable) - NC-OBC
Essay/GD/PI Experience

Venue: Mumbai
Date : 23/02/2011 - 2:00pm slot
Panel No: 2

Topic: If life is a competition, success is the final quest, then victory is all that matters.
Number of Ppl present - 9 (1 was absent)
Time: 2:00pm
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: wrote around 1 page covering some examples - average
Time given : 15mins
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5
Topic: same as essay
Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5 - average (added 3 points only).. but the panel members were not much noticing the discussions.. i think they might have given average marks to everyone

PI: (Smiles all over from start to end)
Panel Members: 2 Members - P1, a middle aged and P2, young and dynamic
P2: Show me ur documents
Me: here they are sir
P2: Tell Me about yourself?
Me: blah blah blah
P2: So u r a dentist,(they were chit chating between themselves that dentist earn a lot of money and its intersting even dentists are cuming to management field)
P1: What abt ur maths skills? if u could tell sumthing abt the xpression "pie" in detail.
Me: told them some thing but unfortunately ended up with sorry dont know sir (they grilled me on this "pie")
P1: Management of pre-election poll surveys if u r a manager?
Me: told them that survey would be done on the basis of around 1000 ppl but they were interested in me telling that as a manager u should think abt economical ways like survey among 50 ppl.
P2: Why MBA?
Me: blah blah blah
P1: What other calls do u have?
Me: I told them IIM I. (no more questions on that part)
P2: Again gone back to why MBA part
Me: Explained them in detail my future plans and they were happy for that
P1 & P2: Ok than
Me: May i leave now sir
P1: yaa sure and send the next person in......

Rate your preparation(0-5):
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

I was lucky that no academic questions were asked since i am a dentist



X 84.13%, Maharashtra Board, year 2002
XII 81.17%, Maharashtra Board, year 2004
Undergrad Stream B.Tech, CSE, CGPA 6.11, VNIT Nagpur 2008

Tech Mahindra - 31 Months

CAT (2010):
Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Venue: Juhu
Date : 24 feb 2011,9:30 AM

Essay : The Government is right in denying provision of surplus food grains for free to people below poverty line
Number of Ppl present 7
Time: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
GD Time given : 10.5 mins
Was a good GD. Entered twice. Good group. no fish market Everyone helping everyone else.
Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):3

Was the last person to be called.
Panel Members Intro: No idea. P1 and p2
P2:Introduce yourself
me: Answered
P1: Why MBA?
me: Answered
What specialization?
ME: Answered
The first 3 questions were straight forward. After that the interview was stress. I was asked the amount of power required to start up a computer. Weight of a cricket ball, Length of a cricket pitch in metres(Forgot the yard to metres conversion). Could answer few. Asked about India's GDP as well and answered that nicely
Became a bit nervous as I was replying I dont know to half the questions. Was asked full form of BEST, about the number of people that travel in a
local train in peak hours. No questions related to hobbies,acads or work ex. Was asked about other calls after interview got over. Seemed to be a short interview, 15 mins I guess
I dont know how it went. I am concentrating on IIM C now. Hope they dont stress me out.
Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):2
Any other relevant detail.



X 84.8%, Maharashtra Board, year 2001
XII 86.4%, S B M Polytechnic year 2005
Undergrad Stream 63.3% B.E. K J Somaiya COE year 2008

TCS - 28 Months

CAT (2010):
Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Venue: Juhu
Date : 25 feb 2011,2:00 PM

Essay : Religion is the only way to attain Spirituality
Number of Ppl present 7
Time: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
GD Time given : 10.5 mins
Was a good GD. Entered twice. Good group. no fish market Everyone helping everyone else.
Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):3

The panelists were:
P1:: Mr. Jabir ali
P2:: Mr.Sushil Kumar

Me: Good Evening Sir.

P1: Can i Have your documents please.
Me: Here they are sir.

P2: So jaydev, Please tell me something about your academics from School.
Me: I was in R C Patel School in Borivali and completed my SSC in the year 2001.

P1: You stay in Borivali?
Me: Yes sir. Then i joined a diploma course in S B M Polytechnic. It was a 4 yrs course with a one year internship integrated in the same.

P2: Why did it take 4 yrs for your 12th?
Me: Sir, as i told i did not go for 12th but did a 4 yr Diploma course in Digital Electronics from S B M Polytechnic in Vile Parle which is equivalent to 12th. On the completion of the course i got admission in K J Somaiya COE.

P1: Was it because you did the diploma? I mean there are several colleges which give you admission in the Degree course if you've done the diploma from the same right?
Me: No sir, we have a centralised procedure for admission where after the completion of the diploma one needs to apply for admission in the Degree colleges. Based on the score one has in the Diploma, they get admission to the concerned colleges. I got my admission in K J Somaiya COE through this process. I completed my Graduation in the year 2008 and have been working with TCS since then.

P2: So it was 3 yrs?
Me: No i have been with TCS for 2 yrs and 3 months as of now.

P2: No, I am asking about the degree course.
Me: Yes sir, after completing the diploma, we get a direct admission into the 2nd year of engineering.

P2: Its mathematics that you'll lose out on right?
Me: No, I wouldn't say that. Its just that in Diploma, we have mathematics only in the first 2 years and then no maths for the next 2 yrs. This gap is probably why some of the diploma students do not do good in maths. But i feel personally, i did good in mathematics.

P2: OK. So tell me something about your extra curricular activities.
Me: I was the Cultural Secretary for S B M Polytechnic and handled the various inter college events. I was also the PRO in IETE at Somaiya COE.

P2: What are your Hobbies?
Me: I like playing chess, reading Novels.

P2: Which novels?
Me: I like Harry Potter, LOTR, Bartaemius Trilogy, Inheritance Series, Novels by Dan Brown and other such fictional novels.

P2: You don't read Gujarati Novels?
Me: No. I haven't read any till date.

P2: You do know how to read and write in your mother tongue right?
Me: Ya, I do know how to write in Gujarati. My Grandfather had taught me the same.

P2: Thats good atleast. But you never felt like reading a gujarati Novel?
Me: No. I haven't read one till now.

P1: Why is your latest salary less than your first salary (Laughing)?
Me: The first salary was for around 2 months and the same is reflecting in arrears (smiling). Hence the difference.

P2: So tell me which are your other hobbies?
Me: Its reading, playing chess.

P2: You watch movies or some tele shows?
Me: yes, I occasionally go for a movie with friends when we have some time.

P1: Yes, timewould be one big issue :)

P1: So tell me, Why would you like to go for an MBA leaving your current job at TCS?
Me: Blah, blah, blah... (Don't remember much of it myself :))

P2: So you've applied for ABM as well. What was your motivation for the same?
Me: Blah, blah, blah...

P1: What is the crop grown in Gujarat? In Dahisar(Mumbai)?
Me: Clueless :(

P1: Which other calls do you have? What would be your preference in PGP and PGP-ABM?
Me: answered.

Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):2
Any other relevant detail.
Please prepare on the Agri sector if you have ABM call. Few of the colleagues were asked about Annapoorna and PURA scheme.



X %,Board, year - 86%, CBSE, 2004,
XII%, Board, year - 72%, CBSE, 2006,
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. - 65.2%, B.E.(ELECTRONICS),

Sectors, Company - Fresher

Extra acads : Nuin special, a bit of Robotics-IEEE, college fests organising, quizzing, singing, etc.

Any other special thing about you : Collecting coins - Numismatism.

Interview & Essay-

Venue : Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu.
Date : 25th Feb, 2011.
Time : 09:30 am.

Topic : The motive is not Greed, but, success which is the major reason behind the success of capitalism.
Number of Ppl present - 9/10(CAT 100%iler Gaurav Malpani-IITB was absent..!)
Time : 15 Mins.
Brief Snapshot of the attempt :
wtf! I was going according to the time-limit.. But, the sheet was snatched away from us in around the 9 min. mark..:shocked::shocked: I could barely managed to write a page & 6-7 lines out of the 2 pages..!! I defined greed & success & stated how greed was different from success.. I wrote abt how china was goin on for an economic war against USA.. & hasn't gone for any sort of war till now.. which has resulted in an immense economic growth-rate for china.. I was abt to mention abt how in contrast US, German, Japan economies fell when they went on a rampage.. How germany started the world war-1 & 2.. But, the prof. snatched the ppr ryt @ that time..
Time given : 9 Mins.
Rate your preparation(0-5) : 4/5
Rate your performance(0-5) : 2/5 (couldn't mention many things as ppr got snatched away @ around the 9 min. mark)

Topic : Same as the essay topic..
Time : 15 Mins.
Brief Snapshot of the attempt :
Made a very gud attempt in the GD.. came in abt 5 times.. agreed to points & also, provided examples on the points of the fellow mates.. made some very gud points in the middle of it as well..
One gurl was not speaking @ all.. overall, twas a peaceful GD.. no fish-market at all.. we ourselves concluded the GD at the end..

Rate your preparation(0-5) : 4/5
Rate your performance(0-5) : 4/5

Panel Members Intro : P1(Jovial guy-he was smiling throughout), P2(the current affairs guy).
Me : May I hv a seat,
P1 : Pls seat down,

P2 : Giv me ur certificates,
Me : Yes Sir(Give him my certificates),

P1 : Okay, so what prep. hv u made for this interview?
Me : A bit of current affairs; being a fresher, mainly on my electronics grad. portion, & abt general HR questions,

P1 : Who told u to prepare for all these things?
Me : Sir, I contacted my mentor.. & he told me these things..(My 1st Mistake)

P1 : OK.. So, who is ur mentor?.. What's his name?
Me : :w00t::w00t: Was taken aback.. After all got a lot of mentors for all the insti's.. How m I supposed to remember their names..
Finally, named my latest e-mailer Mr. Amit Tayal(IIM-Ranchi Mentor)..

P1 : OK.. Amit Tayal..huh..! So, what how did he tell u to prepare for ur GD/PI's?
(P2-nudging-P1) - Nowadays, 1st yrs hv started dis new mentorship program for the IIM call-getters.. P1 : OK..
Me : Sir, he told me on wht topics u need to prepare for ur GD/PI's.. like current affairs, acads->if ur a fresher..

P1 : OK.. so, what all did he tell u abt IIML?
Me : (Made something on my own) He told me that coming to IIML was like going to hell.. IIM's r so much different from other insti's in terms of the huge workload, like all the quizzes, submissions, etc.. which make u like a MANIAC.. that u face a lot of hardships at first, but u get used to it after a while..

P1 : Did he tell u how to counter all dis huge academic pressure?
Me : Yes, Sir.. He told me that students in IIML study till 3-4 am in the night.. Sir, thats why I hv also started studying till late 3-4 am in the morning..

P1(impressed) : So, following the life of an IIMian already, huh.. But, u must be having college in the morning..
Me : Sir, I'm a 2010 passout & hv a 1 yr drop aftr that.. So, no college now for me..

P1 : So, when u had college?
Me : Sir, I used to study till max. 1-1:30 am in the night..

P1 : hmmm.. hv u ever slept in class?
Me : No, Sir.

P1 : C'mon, Akash.. I hv slept a lot in class.. U also must hv slept somewhere, sometime in class..
Me : I do sometime lose interest but, hv never slept in class though..

P1 : There must hv been many girls in ur class ryt.. So, sometime during the class u myt hv lost interest here & there..
Me : No, Sir.. never.. ya, but, sometimes I used to see towards them as well..:drinking:
P1 : So, if I give u a seat in IIML, wud u be able to win us some medals in Sports?:cheerio::cheerio:(I had mentioned that I had taken part in National-level Badminton & Football competitions held in MIT, Pune..)
Me : Sure Sir.. I'll do my best to win some medals for IIML..

P1 : Gud.. So, wht role do u play in football?
Me : Sir, basically I'm a midfielder.. I like to keep possession of the ball.. I hv a passing game.. & seldom do I give the ball to the opposition..

P1 : But, does being gud in sports guarantee that ur gud in acads too? Wht topics hv u prepared in acads?
Me : Sir, Semiconductors, Digital Logics, Control Systems, Microprocessors..

P1 : But, if I ask u something & u can't tell me.. then, how can I giv u admission?
Me : Sir, I can only hope that I'll be able to answer ur questions.. I hv prepared to the best of my abilities.. Now, the rest I leave to god..

P1 : What is a thyristor?
Me : Told its a SC device.. It has 3 terminals.. Anode, Cathode & Gate.. Gate being a control terminal..

P1 : Why is transistor given the name "TRANSISTOR"?
Me : Because there is "Transfer" of voltage from low resistance region to high "Resistance" region.. So, "Trans-Istor".. & hence, amplification of signals takes place..

P1 : What is the size of a diode, transistor, etc?
Me : Told.

P1 : Draw an AC waveform..
Me : Drawn..

P1 : Suppose, I place a diode in front of it.. What will be the output?
Me : Told that first we'll hv to convert AC to DC using a rectifier.. otherwise, the diode will get damaged.. I looked @ him..

P1 : I dunno.. u explain to me.. laughed a bit too..:wow:
Me : Gave the same answer..

Suddenly, P2(who had been checking my certificates till now) interrupted and said in a very harsh & loud tone.. - What is the output? Forget abt that thing.. give us the output..
Me - Sir, I think the diode will act as a switch & when the barrier potential of the diode is reached, the diode will get turned ON.. & we'll get the same output..

Both P1 & P2 : OK..(Meanwhile P1 goes to the Toilet)..
P2 : Where is ur hometown?
Me : Told.

P2 : Asks me abt the current political scenario there?(Laughing sarcastically)
Me : Told.

P2 : Ok.. U can go..
Me : Thank u Sir.. Shook his hands.. & P1's too on the way while he was coming from the Toilet..

Rate your preparation(0-5) : 4/5
Rate your performance(0-5) : 4/5

Any other relevant detail -
If ur an engg., prepare well on ur acads.. They r grilling on acads, esp. if ur an engg..

VERDICT: Rejected..

IIM L page is the most dormant one... all others have 3-4 pages filled already.. Puys pls do share ur experiences

Sorry for not following the format ..

10th - 92
12th - 96
B.E - 90 ( ECE )

Work ex - 43 months

only 1 guy

1) introduce urself
2) what is non creamy layer whats the income limit to be eligible ( answered wrong )
3) GSM - CDMA ( i had mobile communication , i answered ) told
4) About why ur income not considered for OBC - NC , is that parents income or family income . told
5) who si vice president told
6) Lok sabha speaker told
7) Rajya sabha speaker told
8 ) ur state population told 7 cr -- it is 6.6 cr ( I was wrong he didn point out )
9) ur district population didn tell
10) ur district square feet didn tell
11) suicide is high which part of India ( I said north and then delhi , he said truly it is south and then it is kerala )
12) Tourist places in your state . told
13) What is the diff between news paper and news mamagize told
14) Whats the magazine u read - TEHELKA 😃 ( he was laughing and asking only sensational magazine isn't it ) told
15) who is editor of Hindu didn tell
16) where did it get its name from ? I said Hindustan told
17) whata the script sanksrit is written - Devanagiri i said Davnegare 😛 told but wrong he didn point out
1 who signs 1 rupee note
19) who signs 10 rupee note
I said governor of india they were :w00t: .. I said RBI .. they asked so we settled on governor of RBI .. Not sure about my impression for this question
20) how many languages in a rupee note I said 18 it must be 15 told but wrong he didn point out
21) are they official languages .. I said no national for India only hindi and english are official for parliment ... else all languages are same 😃
22) He asked me to sign on the photograph that was pasted on the form additional to the sign we did at the end of the form .. anybody who has done the same let me know ...
23) do you read novels my face lit up .. yes thriller sydney sheldon and some self help books .. self help ????? I said they are your true friends when u r frustrated or disappointed though you shouldn't rely on them for encouragement.
24) how many calls i said shillong luck indore B .
25) whats ur prefernece I said I respect IIM as a brand NO preference but when I convert all I will choose Bangalore then lucknow. But no preference.

FORGOT TO ADD two more questions ( add them in the middle )
1) prove e power zero = 1
2) prove 0! = 1 . I was trying I wasn't progesing he stopped .

The other guy just signalled that it is 25 minutes they let me out .. exactly 25 mins ...

Okay he had a very blank expression in his face ..In the end I gave my hand to shake he reluctantly reciprocated 😞


Scuderia Says
What about people with both PGP + ABM calls ? A common interview ??

Yes, we have a single combined GD/PI for the PGP + ABM. And please avoiding such trivial queries on the thread. You can PM us or post it in the IIM L GD/PI discussion thread. Lets keep this thread dedicated only to GD/PI experiences.

I don't like stating it every time but please let some common sense prevail.
No harsh feelings.
X 87.2%, CBSE, year 2001
XII 87.8%, CBSE year 2003
Undergrad Stream 8.46 GPA at NIT Kurukshetra (Electronics and Communication)
Cognizant - 28 Months
CAT (2010):
Any other special thing about you:
Played chess at National Level chess tournaments. Drawn and defeated Elo rated chess players in FIDE rated tournaments.
Interview & Essay
Venue: Juhu
Date : 23 feb 2011,2:00 PM
Essay :
Topic: If life is a competition, and success is the final quest, then victory is all that matters.
Number of Ppl present 9
Essay time: 15 mins
I spent 5 minutes noting various points on a scrap piece of paper, and thinking about a structure for my essay. I spent the next 10 minutes writing the essay.
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
GD Time given : did not keep a tab of exact time.
It was a reasonably good GD. I entered multiple times. Good group. No fish market Almost everyone contributed and made valid points.
Rate your preparation(0-5): I was not fully satisfied. I could have prepared better.
Rate your performance(0-5): reasonably good.
The panelists were:
P1:: Mr. Jabir ali
P2:: Mr.Sushil Kumar
My impression is that the panelists form an initial impression of the candidates in the GD itself (in any given GD. I had appeared for MDI last year). This impression carries over to the interview (as the same panelists are present both in the GD and the interview). So, my advice is that a good GD is very important in forming a favourable first impression.
I do not remember the exact sequence of questions in the interview. The interview was reasonably casual. They asked me about my native place, about Kurukshetra and Pune, compare and contrast the same. They grilled me on PGP vs ABM, on how I fit into an ABM (I had said PGP is my first choice, and it was obvious, but they grilled me more on ABM, especially P1.). This was somewhat tricky and I tried to navigate the minefields to the best of my ability.
They were going through my profile and noted both the good things and the bad things about my profile. They said that my salary was low for someone with my experience. They were quite impressed with my chess-related accomplishments.
There were hardly any GK questions, Electronics based questions etc. Overall, my feeling was that they were studying me/my profile, noting my strengths and weaknesses, and assessing my suitability for the program.
VERDICT : What is to happen will happen. The result is not within my control, so I'll just let go.

Final Result : Converted


X %,Board, year: 88
XII%, Board, year: 93
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : BE, EC, 78

Sectors, Company - Number of months: Semiconductor, 60 months

CAT (2010):
Aggregate: 99.23
(category if applicable) General

Extra acads :

Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore

Essay :
Topic: Positive discrimination is the price we are paying in the present for the past
Number of Ppl present: 7
Time: 15 min
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Talked about reservations and other forms of positive discrimination and said that they are good if implemented in a phased and controlled manner, especially in our country with a history of social discrimination
Time given : 15 min
Rate your preparation(0-5): 1
Rate your performance(0-5): 3

Same topic as the essay. Entered only 2 times. Not satisfied with my performance.

Panel Members Intro:
Questions: Why MBA, questions about my company, co-curriculars and favorite author, last business book I have read, what is fiscal deficit and current value, why is there so much corruption in India even though we are so spiritual, how will I manage given that I am married etc.
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3
Any other relevant detail.

VERDICT: awaited, not sure if I will make it


X %,Board, year 81.2cbse
XII%, Board, year 77.4cbse
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization (CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute.
be cse 73.57
Work-Ex:23 months
Sectors, Company - Number of months

CAT (2010):99.99
DI 99.88
(category if applicable)
Extra acads : average

Any other special thing about you:

Interview & Essay

Venue: blore
Date : 2/3/11

Essay : taboo's and traditions are just cultural baggages
Number of Ppl present 10
Time:15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:everyone performed avg except obne guy who performed quite well
Time given : 15
Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):3

Panel Members Intro:2 senior prof
about my company,nationalisation of banks,who ,when nationalised banks,about ims(i was faculty der),what ims helps students prepare for cat and interviews,about comptr based cat,is it good......about my percentile....why abm.....all those were the q's...very friendly panel.................in the end gave me a choclate....
Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):4
Any other relevant detail.


sorry for the spamming.... but can anyone plz give the links for the interview experiences of iim ahmedabad and calcutta..... wanna read abt calcutta and post my experience abt ahmedabad....

Antony2815 Says
sorry for the spamming.... but can anyone plz give the links for the interview experiences of iim ahmedabad and calcutta..... wanna read abt calcutta and post my experience abt ahmedabad....

IIM C http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/2011-2013-iim-calcutta-gd-pi-experiences-25063249

Here goes my experience:


Please take this with a pinch of salt..

Background :
1. 10th - CBSE Board(2002) - 92.2%
2. 12th - CBSE Board(2004) - 83.8%
3. B.Tech. Chemical Engineering - IIT Guwahati(2009) - 7.38/10
4. Work Experience - Manager, Reliance Industries Limited,Surat(20 months)
5. CAT Percentile - 99.99 (Verbal=99.95, Quant=99.67, DI=98.54)

GD Topic :
All government institutions should be under the purview of RTI.
PI :
(Before starting I would like to let you know it was a stress interview in all the ways you see it)
1. What is your job profile? Before I could finish it the other interviewer asks me "Where are your salary slips?" And the next few minutes went with them ragging me around with "You cannot read instructions well. You have come here thinking that you are already through and not to give an interview. You come off as presumptuous"
2. You are a Chemical Engineer, then answer something about chemistry? Reply-I can try but Chemical Engineering is different from Chemistry. How is it different? Explained that but then they said "You just don't want to answer Chemistry so you are giving us a vague reason". Reply-I can try Sir. "Now we don't want to ask".
3. What do you do in spare time? Reply-Novels. Last three novels? How many novels are in Harry Potter Series and name them? Compare Mahabharata and Harry Potter?
Came back again on absence of Salary slips.Used it to ping on my extracurricular certificates which were made in February on request to Dean of Student Affairs.
4. How do you grow yourself? Reply-Reading novels, newspaper, journals. Keeping informed.
5. How many people work under you? If someone has made the same mistake, what would you have done? Reply - It would certainly have not made a good impression, but being his first mistake I would have made him realize that and made sure that he does not repeat it again.
6. How many centuries has Sachin scored?
7. You come off as a veteran of many interviews. How many calls have you got?
In the end I asked them if I should arrange the salary slips. "You have lost your chance. We will mention it to Admissions Office in bold letters that you did not follow the instructions well." The other interviewer asked "Why could you not arrange?"
P.S.:- All the replies not mentioned are the ones I answered and mostly related to subject matter.


Post removed due to policy issue.

Here goes my IIM Lucknow interview...


X-88.0% AP State Board
XII-90.9% AP State Board
1 year Gap
Btech-Andhra University-77.86%
Work-ex:55 months


CSC-50 Months
Wipro-5 Months

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Wipro.

Essay --15 Min
No of ppl present 7(2 were absent)
--Tradition is just another means of inconsistency and inequality.


Wrote some valid points
->Patriarchial system women being deprived of education.
->Caste system,lower castes deprived of basic amenities in the olden days.
->Taking care of one's parents in their old age.
->Marriage ,committed to a single partner.

GD --12 Min
Apart from the above points in the essay.
I talked about only Brahmins being priests in the olden days and now-a-days anybody eligible can become.
Talked about women reservation bill of 33% for justice for women who were
suppressed in the olden days.
Talked about religions preaching non-violence on one-hand and sacrifying animals on the other hand.

All in all a good GD,every body was helping each other.Felt had an OK GD.


I was the first one to be called.

Madam: M,Prof: P and Absolute: A

M:So Mr A tell me about your self
A:Started telling about from the birthplace and all,when I was cut by her stating that everything was there on the resume,so asked me to tell something else.
A.Told about how my company saved 2 lakh rupees for my work and how a requirement that was previously out of scope because of the budgetary constraints didnot get scrapped because of my solution and the customer saved around 22 million dollars.
All the while she was not listening to this :(
M:Why do you want to get into management.
A:Mam,I am interested in IT and consulting so that is why I want to go into
M:Today Ipad2 is getting released,so can you tell me the differences between Ipad1 and Ipad2
A:I do not know Madam.
M:How do you feel about your job
A:I feel good madam.
M:What do you read?
A:I read both fiction and non-fiction.
P:Did you read "the Last lecture"?
A:No sir,I havent read.
A:Actually sir,I am not getting much time these days as I work for nearly 15-16 hours daily.
P:Oh:wow: thats Ok.I was just asking because you said you read both fiction and non-fiction.
M:So did you put any leave today?
A:No Mam,I will go to office after the interview
M:Do you have flexible timing or is it rigid?
A:Flexible timing mam,as we tend to work into late nights like 1-2 AM so its not an issue with the manager.
M:Did you undergo any leadership training in your office?
A:No Mam,I didnot there are trainings but due to hectic work schedule we seldom get nominated for such trainings by our managers.
M:So what did you tell your manager today for coming here?
A:I told that I have some personal work and I came here mam.
M:Who is your favourite author?
A:Erich Segal
M:What are all the books of him have you read?
A:Lovestory,Oliver's story,Acts of Faith,The class,Prizes and Doctors.
M:Didnt you read "Only Love"?
A:No Mam,I didnot find that anywhere in the market,I tried for it though.
P:Do you about Devang Mehta?
A:No sir I do not know
P:Do you know about NASSCOM?
A:Yes sir,NASSCOM is the association of Indian software companies.It oversees the rules and regulations of the software companies and their business.
P:Can you describe the SDLC process
A:Answered thoroughly
P:Difference between CMMi Level 5 and Level 4
A:Level 5 I told,when thinking of level-4,he told take your time.Finally told something related to level-3 and level-4 in level-4 :wow:
P:Can you tell about the IT value chain.
A:Sorry sir,I do not know about the value chain. :shocked:
P:The process from your requirement analysis to delivering the software to the client.
A:Started again to tell about the birth of the software till its delivery but he cut me short.
P:Do you know the contribution of IT-sector to GDP
A:No sir,I do not know,however the rate at which the service industry grew in the last fiscal year was 9.6%
P:Do you what are the allocations for IT in this budget
A:Minimum alternate tax raised from 0.5% to 18.5% as a result,the bottom line of small and medium scale IT players will be effected.
P:Do you want to go to consulting after MBA?
A:Yes sir,IT-Consulting.
P:Name some IT companies in India,which also do consulting.
A:Started with TCS,Infosys,Wipro..
P:oh,so all the biggies of India do the consulting.
A:Yes sir
P:What are the foreign firm that do consulting in India
A:Cap gemini,Accenture,IBM .CSC does not have consulting division in India,only application support and software development.
M:Why are you so tensed?
A:Mam,I worked till 3 AM in the morning yesterday am here with less sleep on the top of that didnt go for any coaching for GDPI :splat:
M:You do not need to go for coaching for GDPI
A:But then Mam,when compared to others who practised a lot,I will be at a
M:But by being tensed,you will spoil your chances naa
M:Do not feel the peer-pressure,do whatever you feel like to do.
A:Ok Mam.
P:What can at max happen if you do not do well here tell me
A:I will not get a seat in IIM Lucknow sir
P:Thats it naa..world wont end.
A:But this is very important to me sir.
M:(Laughing)you can come again next time..
A:Mam,again I have to go through all the grind.
M,P:(Again laughing)You can go through all the grind.
A::shocked:Poor me also laughing
P:What are all the calls you have
A:Lucknow,Indore,Raipur,Rohtak and Trichy sir
P:You didnot get call from any other IIMs because of your low quant score.
A:Yes sir.
M:Turning towards P,are we done
P:Giving my file,don't worry man,you are going good
Thats it..Interview done..


Dont know what to make of such an interview..

Somethings which could have been better.
Mock GDs and Mock Interviews.

Hope this helps others who have Lucknow interview ahead.

I believe GD+Essay play a very important role in the process.The Profs will form an opinion on you and if you have a good GD and Essay,then that good impression automatically follows to the Interview also.