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All the best to everyone for their IIMC GD- interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:* Acads ...
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Better late than never.


X - 91%, CBSE, 2003
XII - 84.8%, CBSE, 2005
B.Tech., Mechanical, CGPA - 7.63, 2010, IITD

Manufacturing (Petrochemical sector), 10 months

CAT (2010):
DI - 97.89
Quant - 99.29
Verbal - 97.84
Aggregate - 99.71
(General category)

Extra curriculars - average

Interview & GD

Venue: Mumbai
Date : 24/2/2011 (Morning slot)

GD :
Topic: Moment is better than momentum
Number of Ppl present: 7 present (2 absent)
Time: about 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the discussion: We were asked to write down our thoughts in first five minutes in paragraph form. It was collected later. Discussion was quite chill. Most of us had already met each other during IIMA interview the previous day. So there was hardly any interrupting or cutting off. Everybody got chance to speak. But my mind went numb after realizing that the GD topic was exactly the same as the heading of an article in a newspaper which I had been reading in the waiting room just 10 minutes ago! Nobody else knew it except me and the profs. So I grabbed the opportunity and jumped in to tell everyone where the title came from and what the article contained. Other than that, did poorly. Spoke 3 times but only about cricket. (That's what the article was about.).

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3.5
Rate your performance(0-5): 2

Panel Members Intro:
P1: Quite young prof. Hair like a guitarist. Very friendly.
P2: Another young prof. Looked strict.
Questions: Went in, they offered me toffees and stuff, and I refused politely.

P1: So where are you from?
Me: Sir, Im basically from Haridwar, but I work in Surat.
P1: Oh, you know about the municipal corporation of Surat? It is a case-study in many colleges. (He discerned from my blank face that I had no idea what he was talking about, so changed the subject, apparently to calm my nerves). Its so effective, its model is being followed by other cities as well. Well. Okay, so tell me something about Haridwar.
Me: (started telling him the meaning of name, and history)
P1: No, we want to know more about Haridwar.
Me: (started telling about economics and upcoming SEZs in Haridwar).
P1: Its strange that somebody from Haridwar is talking about history and economics. What is Haridwar famous for?
Me: Sir, its a religious place. People go there from all over India.
P1: Why?
Me: To find spiritual peace and enlightenment.
P1: Why do I need to go to Haridwar for that?
Me: Sir people try to get away for a while from busy city lives, and fixed routine jobs, and go to a peaceful place like Haridwar.
P1: But people tell me that places like Haridwar and Varanasi are very crowded and not at all peaceful. (I nodded). Tell me, why dont people go to some deserted beach resort where it is peaceful?
Me: (I was quite impressed by the question, but did not flinch and quickly thought of an answer.). Sir, when people go to holy places they feel that there is a guiding force that is helping them. They feel peaceful under it. It is absent in beach resorts.
P1: Why cant I go to a regular temple to find peace? It has guiding force. Why Haridwar?
Me: (I was exasperated by all this unexpected questioning, and finally gave in and, after a pause, revealed my true thoughts). Sir, I believe that if I want to find peace, I can do that by sitting in my bedroom also. I dont need to go to Haridwar. I think that people who go to such places are trying to run away from the problems in their lives, rather than dealing with them. (I think it was a negative but honest answer.).
(P1 looked as if he had just defeated me in a chess game. After all, he had got to the inner me in less than 5 minutes time.)

P1: So why did you speak so less in the GD?
Me: (Gave some fundas about reading the newspaper in the waiting room and getting confused on realizing that the GD topic was one of the headlines from the same paper.)
P1: Okay, you have written that youve read Dostoevsky.
Me: Yes, sir.
P1: What books?
Me: Notes from the Underground, Crime and Punishment, Brothers Karamazov.
P1: Tell me about The Brothers Karamazov.
Me: (Named 6-7 important characters. Started narrating the story but was interrupted.).
P1: Dont tell me the story, tell me what you get from the book, what was Dostoevsky trying to do when he wrote the book?
Me: Sir, actually many western philosophies like nihilism were emerging at that time. Dostoevsky was in a way trying to negate those philosophies through his existentialist literature.
P1: Was he? (Didnt look convinced.).
Me: (without any confidence) Yes sir.
P1: What is nihilism? Btw, its not *nihilism*, its *nihilism* (corrected my pronunciation).
Me: Sir, its a philosophy that says that were born and then we die, and everything that comes in between holds no meaning, and everything is meaningless.
P1: (looking satisfied) And what is existentialism?
Me: Sir, it says that a persons decision is not always logical and rational, but is also affected by his feelings and emotions.
P1: Does existentialism mean that? (Didnt look convinced).
Me: (with full confidence) Sir, this is what I think of it! (Later I reflected that this was a strange, funny answer.)
P1: Okay, what other authors have you read from Russia?
Me: Sir, Ive read Gogol.. (Was thinking about others but was quickly interrupted.).
P1: What books?
Me: Sir, Dead Souls.. (Quickly interrupted again, P1 was getting excited it seemed.).
P1: What other authors?
Me: (after a momentary pause) Sir, Ive read The Overcoat, which is another Gogol.
P1: Have you read Turgenev?
Me: No, sir.
P1: Have you read Pushkin?
Me: Sir Ive heard a lot about him, but never read his books. (I had also heard about Turgenev but P1 was rushing too fast.).
P1: What other authors?
Me: Sir, Ive read short stories by Chekhov, but I used to read them in school, havent read much lately.
P1: (Nodding approvingly) Thats okay. Thats okay. (After a pause). But you know these books were written in like 1850s (I nodded), so these are old books. Have you read any contemporary book about Russia?
Me: (Searched desperately for an answer, and found a little escape) Sir, I havent read any recent books, but Ive read a book about the war in Stalingrad during WW II, and the tactics used by Stalin to defeat the Germans. And Ive read another book about WW II, but it was a massive 800 page book, and I didnt complete it.
P1: Okay. What do you think, is Russia a better country now, or was it better during Dostoevskys time?
Me: Sir, I think its better now.
P1: (protesting) Really? Do you know the price of bread in Russia these days?
Me: No sir, I dont.
P1: Then why do you say that it is better now?
Me: Sir, it was dictatorship there back then, the Czars and all, and now we have democracy there..

P1: Oh you mean it that way. Thats okay then.
P1: You should read this book called xxxx by xxxx (For some reason, I dont feel like revealing the name of the book. He told me it had won some awards, and provided good info on modern Russian life.) (Wow, he was suggesting to me books to read.)
Me: Okay sir, I will.
P1 prods P2 to ask any questions.
P2: So what is your job profile?
Me: Sir, I am a mechanical engineer and I work in the Central Engineering Services department whose job is to provide technical assistance to all the manufacturing plants in the complex.
P2: What sort of assistance?
Me: Sir, like planning for maintenance shutdowns.. (Started explaining work undertaken in shutdown, interrupted).
P2: How long do you take for a shutdown?
Me: Sir, around 10 days.
P2: (in disbelief) You shutdown plants for 10 days?!
Me: (calmly) Yes sir.
P2: (again) You shutdown plants for 10 days?!
Me: (calmly) Yes, sir.
P2: Okay, what happens if an emergency order comes to you during a shutdown?
Me: (I thought he was talking about some emergency orders concerning safety) Sir, we will stop the work and make sure everything is safe and sound and.. (interrupted)
P2: Youre not getting it. What if emergency order?
Me: (Then I interpreted it as an emergency work order.). Sir, we will take up that work also, and call more work force if required.. (stopped answering on seeing a blank look on P2s face.)
P2: What happens if you get an emergency order?
Me: (I look at friendly P1 for help but he is apparently engrossed in reading my interview form) Sir, I do not get what you mean by emergency order.
(There hangs a stony silence for a moment between us.).
P2: (mumbled something that was just enough for me to discern what he wanted).
Me: (with relief) Oh okay, sir you want to know about emergency orders by customers?
P2: (just when he was about to start ripping off his hair) Yes! Yes!
Me: Sir, we make sure that we have enough inventories before we take a shutdown. We have very large inventories that can meet the emergency orders.
P2: Have you heard about *some curve concerning inventory*?
Me: No, sir.
P2: (Another question, forgot what it was.).
Me: Dont know, sir.
P1 joins back with a chuckle.
P1: You have written here that you dont know music theory but you can play the guitar. What does that mean?
Me: Sir, that means that Im not very familiar with sounds and notations but I can play songs on guitar.
P1: That is not a part of music theory, is that?
Me: Yes sir, it is. (P1 looked convinced) And I cannot tune a guitar using just my ears. I have to use a tuner.
P1: Okay. But once again, why were you quiet during GD?
Me: (repeated the same thing said earlier, but with a wider grin.).
P1: You could have added this stuff about nihilism and all that. You should open up more.
Me: Yes sir, I should have. (P1 nods, smiling)
P1: Have you been though IIM interviews before?
Me: (Thinking that he wanted to know if Ive been rejected earlier I said no, but immediately realized that I made a mistake as I had been through IIMA interview just the day before! But I did not correct myself hoping that theyll at least excuse me for my nervousness during the interview for being a first-timer.)
P1: Okay, Thank you.
Me: (Said thank you, politely refused the offered toffees and chocolates and walked out.)

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3.5
Rate your performance(0-5): 3


P2 was hardly talking. P1 was the sole decider and, luckily for me, he was passionate about literature.

VERDICT: Converted
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X %,Board, year :97%, TN Board, 2003
XII%, Board, year :95.75% TN Board, 2005
Undergrad Stream :84%, BE-ECE, in CEG, Anna University, Chennai

Telecom sector, Tata Communications Ltd, 22 months

CAT (2010)
DI : 96.06

Quant : 98.49
Verbal : 96.46
Aggregate : 99.19

(category if applicable) : NC-OBC

Extra acads : Was Secretary of my dept Association, organized many events in college.

Venue: Mumbai
Date : 26-Feb-2011- 09:00 hrs

Essay / GD: Bohemian life and machine tools,

9 people were called, one was absent. Totally effective 8 people.
Essay: 5 mins, wrote about how technology and machines make life simple

GD: 10 mins, gave some 4-5 good points. Another guy started the GD and told that we can discuss "how technology changes the life" (No one in my group knows what Bohemian life means..!!!). We all discussed agreed and spoke. Great GD, no fish market at all, as we all knew each other already. We gave chance ourselves to speak. In final they asked everyone to summarize in random order.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

PI: 20 mins
Panel member: 2 (One professor, and lady prof)

Explanation and meaning of my name- long explanation

About work experience: discussing about telecom sector, and my company, what do I work, then they asked about many questions and situations about the telecom sector. Answered all

Then they asked me to compare my work profile and my father's work (my father is bus conductor). I gave two similarities, one difference (which I don't remember now..:)

They asked me about my native - Thanjavur a lot of there is to talk about it I explained about the specialties of my native for 2-3 mins

What is microprocessor? (I have won a prize in microprocessor programming contest) explained technically. They asked me to explain as if I am explaining to my mother. I told that the ticket vending machine(used by my father, who is bus conductor) is microprocessorand explained it's working in simple language.. they looked satisfied. Then they asked machine without microprocessor..told many

My hobbies-Listening to music, tamil old melodies by ilayaraja, she asked to name some songs, I told, then she asked director of the movie, actors on that movie.. i told all of them(Note: she knows tamil )

She asked whether I read any book, as hobby. I said NO, but have plans to start reading novels!!!

(I was Secretary of my ECE Association. I have been logistics coordinator for many cultural and technical events). They asked about the challenge I faced in organizing events. They asked how logistics work will differ for cultural and technical events. I told continuously many differencesstarting from events conducted arrangements chief guest for events stageslive concert workshoptechnical conference guest lectures actor or singer including posters and banners They asked how posters will differ I told that for cultural, posters will be colourful, fancy, attractive.. he asked "then for technical events, as we are professors, will you put posters in dull colour?" I told not like that sir. For Technical, the theme of posters will differ like in background of poster we will put signals, machine, waves, some technical equations, maths formulas Both laughed and looked satisfied

I have applied for both PGDM and PGDCM. They asked why PGDCM? I told that my close friend is studying in PGDCM in IIM C. I asked him about it. He told that not much difference between PGDM and PGDCMand explained about it. They asked my friend's name. I told his name (Vibin). She asked me whether Vibin Prabhakar(!!!) I told Yes (They have known my friend, as his the topper in PGDCM). They became very happy.

PS.: Pls don't risk urself by saying ur frnd's name, if he is performing very bad in his classlol..

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4
Regards, Velavan S, PGDM - IIM Calcutta (2011-13)
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Well I am pretty late to post my experiences...but anyway posting for sake of future aspirants..so here goes my experience


X 71%, 2002
XII 73%r 2004
Undergrad Stream B Tech, CSE 66%
Sectors, IT MNC 20 Months

CAT (2010):
(category if applicable):NC-OBC

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & GD

Venue: IIM Calcutta
Date : 24 Mar

GD :
Topic: India should continue expanding its Nuclear Energy (Can't remember the exact topic)
Number of Ppl present:8
Time:10 mins with 1 minute for each person at the end to say whatever he/she wants
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:We had 5 mins at the start to pen down our thoughts in an A4 sheet. We were supposed to write complete senntences in that sheet and that was later to be collected. As no one was taking initiative i started the GD (first time in my life) ,everybody chipped in with some gud points. I entered thrice and it was one of the best GD that i had this season
Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):4

Panel Members Intro: P1- An old professor
friendly person. P2- was younger and looked like an alumni
L1 - middle aged lady professor and a really sweet one:cheerio:

L1 : so you are from xyz college, we have some students from there
Me : yes mam(told the names of my batchmates,she shook her head as she remebered one)
L1 : (after scrolling through my data sheet) so why u have such low marks in 10th
Me : pointed out that these marks are considered good in UP Board and i got 2nd rank in my school.(looked convinced:cheerio:)
L1: (asked suddenly as she scrolled below) but ur 12th marks in CBSE are not also good :oops:
Me : told that i switched from Hindi medium to English medium (gave a convincing nod luckily she did not ask about my grad marks:cheerio:)
Now P1 comes in action and P2 as usual watching silently
P1 : so how good u are in maths?
Me : sir, i would rate myself above average (didn't feel right to brag coz i was sitting in IIM C)
P1 : draw the graph of 1/x
P1: what is it called?
Me : asymptote (read 2 days b4 in experience thread, thanks pg)
P1 : tell me it's real life application?
Me : sir i am not able to recall any
P1 : asked some questions about a circle in square and vice versa , and relation between side and radius
Me : answered confidently (though he tried to unsettle me)
L1 : Asked about career goals
Me : blah blah (told about getting in top management)
L1 : (unconvinced) but you dont seem like someone with leadership abilities
Me : tried to justify and told about managing literary event in college
suddnly P2 who was sitting quiet till that moment jumps in
P2 : let me tell you something, Literary club is the most defunct club in any college
everyone had a good laugh...
L1 : so how MBA will help
Me : blah blah (seemed unconvinced...somehow i blurted 'diversity')
L1 : but we admit highest no. of engineers here
Me : yes mam ,probably more than 80 % but people would come from diff industries as well as organaisations
P2 : If you mean by diversity like people from TCS, Infy and Cognizant..yes that kind of diversity we have here (had no choice but to laugh)
P2 : so you are from bangalore naa why don't u go to Brigade road if u want to see diversity.
Me : grinned
P2 : how often u go there ?
Me : told that usually twice in an month.
P2 : so what exactly u do over there?
Me : for a moment i thought of telling the exact reason but somehow controlled myself as there was a lady in panel so gave some BS
P2 : (going through my file) so what is cryptography ?
Me : told in layman's term and some forms (looked convinced)
P2 : tried to dig in further but gave up ultimately as he understood that i have no idea of my acads
P1 : asked an ethical question
Me : replied to best of my knowledge...but could have given a better answer
P1 : again asked about some file structure on library downloading server
Me : gave some half baked answers and mentioned about metadata (he also understood abt my sad state of affairs wid acads:oops:)
P1 : some more acads questions ,the basic ones
Me : luckily escaped thru acads round
P2 : (again came back to leadership) so what is more important to lead or to follow
Me : gave a diplomatic answer like not everyone can lead and followers should also look upto right person to follow
P2 : so there is Leading and Following, is there any third state
Me : (after scratching my head for a while) i guess doing nothing :)
Everyone burst into laughter
P2 : so is our PM gud leader ?
Me : No sir but i guess he is good at following
P2 : so whom does he follow ?
me : (wid a grin) one who can't be named
P2 : (smiles) Thank you for coming in you can send the next candidate.

Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):3

verdict : converted

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GD : 6 present ( 2 absent)
probable reason: my low self confidence after r*** in A interview

sir i am a fresher !!!!!!!!
my profile
extra circulr-little bit!!
how r my chances getting into iim -c even if got 100%ile in cat!!!!!!
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gudakesh Says
@moodysmartguy .. take my word brother - you will most probably make it through .. you started off on a wrong note by belittling IIM Ranchi in front of the panelists (maybe the way you said it irked them) .. they tried to stress you thereafter (which is natural) but the fact that your interview lasted for such a long duration leaves a good scope for you . trust me had they decided to outrightly reject you the interview wont have lasted even 10 mins (happened with me @ IITD) .. so have hope . atb !

sir i am a fresher !!!!!!!!
my profile
extra circulr-little bit!!
how r my chances getting into iim -c even if got 100%ile in cat!!!!!!
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X 84.13%, Maharashtra Board, year 2002
XII 81.17%, Mahrashtra Board, year 2004
Undergrad Stream B Tech, CSE from VNIT Nagpur 2008, CGPA 6.11
Sectors, IT Company Tech Mahindra- 31 months

CAT (2010):
(category if applicable):GEN

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & GD

Venue: Mumbai
Date : 25 Feb 2011

GD :
Topic: All happy families are alike but all unhappy families are not
Number of Ppl present:8
Time:10 mins with 1 minute for each person at the end to say whatever he/she wants
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:We had 5 mins at the start to pen down our thoughts in an A4 sheet. We were supposed to write complete senntences in that sheet and that was later to be collected. First time this has come. Was an ok discussion. I entered only once. Not satisfied.
Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):2

Panel Members Intro: P1- Had hair like former GNR guitarist Slash. Really friendly person. P2- was younger and seemed strict.
Questions: I was the 7th person to enter(again 7th after IIM L's PI). P1 offered chocolates, biscuits and cashews. Since had eaten a chocolate before the interview, I politely declined. P1 asked the following questions.I was asked what the previous 6 people told me. Told.
Then was asked to observe a photo of Taj Mahal and asked what time of the day I thought it was clicked. Gave some fundas. Was asked about my opinion on the GD. Told.
Was asked about difference between Indian youth and youth of other countries. started answering. was interrupted and asked if question itself was flawed since lot of diversity in other countries. SO told that would be better if a specific country is mentioned and diff could then be explained properly.
Was asked about my work experience. explained my job profile to them. Now P2 ame into the picture.P2 asked me diff between IT and Computer engg. Answered since this question had been asked to someone last year as well.
P2 asked diff between hardware and software engg. Answered.
P2 tried to confuse me when I mentioned Siebel as the software my project works on. He told me to name other Data Mining software apart from Siebel. Told him it is CRM. Named a couple of them.
Then interview was over. Was 15 mins long. Felt ok. Definitely not a stress interview like L. Dunno what will happen though. Hoping for the best. Cheers. Remain calm in your interview and you will be fine.

Rate your preparation(0-5):3
Rate your performance(0-5):3
Any other relevant detail.


P.S.: 100th post on PG. I hope it's a +ve sign :)...turns out it wasn't

sir i am a fresher !!!!!!!!
my profile
extra circulr-little bit!!
how r my chances getting into iim -c even if got 100%ile in cat!!!!!!
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prof look at each other say we are done.
(I am like wtf kuch aur to pucho hobbies ke liye kitna prepare karke aya hun ...cal to famous hai as a person understand karne ke liye..aur sare frds ko line se pucha hai isliye specially prepare kiya hai hobbies cal ke liye....aur itni achi achi chije likhi hai..ekdam bhi stereotype nahi hai hobbies and extracurricular )

I feel for you man.... 15 min interviews mein kuchh bhi sure nahi ho sakta....all luck
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GD : 6 present ( 2 absent)
GD topic : I would not do an MBA because:
(we are like WTF! ) ;lady wrote the topic and gave a laugh/or a smile...trying to mock over our faces on looking at the topic
(essay 5 min... thought i have to play very safe ...last interview iima i screwed over y mba? and here they gave this as a gd topic)

wrote i wouldnot do an MBA if i feel that i could get the experience which an MBA gives by other means.If I have a mentor who can guide me as well as professors at IIM, i would not require an MBA.(so basically told that I require an mba since no other place where i can get that)

GD: panel says start,,,, 1,2,3,4,5 seconds of silence...finally 1 guy gets courage and starts off the topic.

now he got a diff interpretation I=> a person not I .. Bingo ...i come forward with a point as the next speaker

made 3-4 entries( was cutoff 2 times...wouldnot say cutoff ..rather it was so peaceful that we all were giving each other chances)

Out of the 6

the one who initiated the gd and another chap spoke well.

We were asked to either summarise or add new points or add whatever you would like in 1 min
we were asked to summarise in the reverse order of the no of times we had spoken ..
i was given 3rd last chance ( yehhh means i am top 3 performers of the gd) ( would had performed better but wanted to play safe on such a controversial topic after the A exp)

didn't summarise well ..realised afterwards that it was a bit short...: ( ( we were given 1 min should had used 😞 )

i was the first to be interviewed yehhh (it's best to be first to be interviewed ..u donot have to go over the anxiety.....anxiety killed me in A.in which i was the last...also in A the ques kept repeating from candiate 1-7 and bingo i go in and i am bombarded with diff sorts of ques ....so no prejudices to be followed )

P1 : middle aged prof P2: lady prof ( lady?? would be hardly 3-4 years older than me)

All ques were asked by P1 except .the end part which was asked by P2.

so you are final yr student of chem eng IIT Bombay
yes sir

from bhilai?
bhilai is a town in district durg

oh we thought you were in boarding there.
no ,live in durg....about 10km from bhilai ....school bus used to pick me.

your father is a businessman?some rice mill
yes my father owns a rice mill

So you got placed at campus?
yes sir at ...xxx

xxx what is it? havent heard
sir it is a construction chem eng company ..suppose reliance has to build a plant ..then this compnay would consult and build .it

so it is consultancy?
yes sir chem eng consultancy

so fav subjects in chem eng
thermodynamics and chemical kinetics

what is chemical kinetics? (he sounded like "what....what is chemical kinetics??" ....so it seemed clear he didnot know a shit about chemical kinetics=> he doesnot know any chem eng.....i thought beta aaj to pel sakta hun infi)

study of rate of reactions,like the reaction is 1st order,2nd order, dependence on temp

what is 1st order ,2nd order?

give example of 2nd order?

do you know the manufacture of alcohol?
sir i think alchol ethyl achohol is made from sugar....alcohol is a byproduct of process

other products of sug
sugarcane juice,jaggery,gur...(could not remem molasses but anyways he didnot know 😃 )

How is chem production in india ? are the biggest companies here ?
Sir the biggest chemical producer companies dupont, dow chemical are all american companies.
in india if we talk of chemical companies we can name only reliance, which is producing petrochemicals.

Why is it so? are the chem companies producing enough in comparison with demand?
sir i think india is one of the biggest consumer of chemicals and india has huge scope in development. We are focusing more on service sector rather than manufacturing but there is a huge scope in this sector.

nowadays chem industries polluting?
in mumbai we have very stringent laws for avoiding this. industries cannot dump before treating the wastewater.

have you seen the waste water plant ?
sir haven't seen plant. but i know the process( kyun bola 😞 )

so what is the process

It is involves MEE which is multi stage evaporator.. steam is used...sir i donot remem the process :(

Tell a rough idea
It would involve distillation . then separation of solid waste.

P2 now thinking mein bhi kuch to puchti hun

So what do you do with this solid waste,not the biodegradable ones?
we dump it in landfills. also the salt which is produced is used in farms. Besides we also use them as fertilizers..

So let me give u a maths ques

given compound interest P,r,T ... find the amount.
wrote the basic formula

are you sure this is correct?
reads the statement again and says yes .

What if the compounding is continuously?
wrote the formula

how did you get the formula
showed the limit of x->infinity (1+1/x)^(x) =e
So n->infinity (1+1/nx)^(ny) =e^(y/x)

says isnt it x->0
i say no it is x->infinity

ab puchti hai tumne waha kuch aur likha tha yaha kuch aur...( yaar bas variable change kiya tha chamkta hi nahi use. ya chamkana nahi ata mujhe 😞 )

bolti hai you know the value of e so verify the above by putting values of y and x....
(me thinks scope isse kaise nikalunga limit hai...clear cut to aa raha hai isse chamak kyun nahi raha ..but keeps trying)

I told that the above may also be proved by binomial expansion.

asks what is binomial expansion?
writes down the formula..

asked condition on n for nC1
tells her n>=1

what other conditions?
n is integer

now tells but here n is integer here but not necessarily there?
i explain there also n is integer ...we are dividing the year in n parts.
if it is compounded quarterly it is 4 times.
so even though n tends to infinity it still is an integer

asks but what is compounded 7 times a year?
I was confused didnot answer,whether it is n=7 or 12/7 (but i mean yaar iim prof itna basic ques puch raha hoga to koi flaw hoga....didnt answer kept thinking)
(later after interview realized n=7 hai to clearcut....)

3 possibilities
1)either us lady ko chmakta nahi
2) i donot know how to explain properly
3) she was just testing my confidence
jo bhi ho mera hi nukshaan huai 😞

prof look at each other say we are done.
(I am like wtf kuch aur to pucho hobbies ke liye kitna prepare karke aya hun ...cal to famous hai as a person understand karne ke liye..aur sare frds ko line se pucha hai isliye specially prepare kiya hai hobbies cal ke liye....aur itni achi achi chije likhi hai..ekdam bhi stereotype nahi hai hobbies and extracurricular )

and i gave that reaction to them . said " done"
"yes "
"thank you mam"

I use a lot of informal lanugage while conversation like "yeah" " ya"..etc etc . But that is a habit and since no work exp so can't get over that habit which is there in college you..
i was smiling throughout the process,after the terrible A .(y did i gave my A interview the first 😞 )
which made me realize in interviews you have to keep your mind free


personal feedback : sir was infi peace and the kind of ques he was asking were very easy ..most of the ques contained the answers,so in a way was helping me ...don't know if that is his style of talking or that was intentional..
mam was probably trying to judge confidence....

All interviews I heard IIMA ,IIMC are very very extremely chilled out,,,..atleast for the IITB final yr junta....only u urself can screw ur interview..i did that in A :(

why did i take my A interview 1st ....i had to reschedule all my interviews coz of college midsems clash ...should had rescheduled A to be the last :(

Verdict : Reject ...

probable reason: my low self confidence after r*** in A interview

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hey while my interview was going on they were having their breakfast and they wre so much engaged in breakfast......offered me a tofee in the end after 10 mins of casual discussion....i cudnt answer starting 2 Questions then they just chatted wt me:(

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Hi Everyone....

B.Tech.-78 (IIT)

Work Ex - Almost 2 years

CAT - 99.89 (Gen)

The Interview panel had 3 members....P1, P2 and A1 (Alumnus)...the interview lasted for about 30-40mins....below is how it was, as much as I can remember....

P1- So give a brief background about urself...
Me-Said a line on engg....came straight to current work....spoke in detail about what I currently do....he asked some qns around how u do it.....
P1- So how would you predict the agricultural production for the upcoming yr..
Me- Said about finding all parameters that effect production....then see what the expectation from each parameter is.....was cut in between by P2
P2-Had some query from my form....
P1-continue with the earlier qn
Me-continued with my answer on the same...
P1-No dont go in this detail...tell in 1-2 sentences as if to a lay man....
Me-Tried to summarize what I had said in simple terms...
A1- Is there any use of predicting....they are rarely correct....
Me-Since this qn is work related to me....used work exp to answer how prediction helps....and also places where it cannot be relied upon....
A1- What is black swan (don't tell the movie)...
Me- Not aware....he said it is related to analytics....I said I had never heard of it....
P2-Y do we have such long numbers on credit cards (work related)....I want a 4 digit credit card...
Me-Said 4 digit cards would run out after 9999 cards.....the he said that you need only 6Bn combinations....asked me how many digits would suffice....I said 10.....then he asked y do credit cards have 16......I said not all digits are part of the account number....he asked me to take out a credit card if I had one and explain what each digit meant......I did not have a clear idea about this....tried explaining what I knew.....
P2-What happens post u swipe a card at the store....
Me- Explained the entire process.....
P1-Ur an IITian....working in a very good firm....Y MBA now....
Me-Regular stuff on growth....explained how from here an MBA will take me in an idle position....
A1-What if not MBA...
Me-Said would continue in the same firm....will get an opportunity to shift to US in a year or so...
P1-U should take it then and if needed later do ur MBA from some university there...
Me-I do not want to leave India....
P1-Something he said....which lead him to Y IIMC
Me-Started with random stuff....as to IIMC is the best....he countered on how do u say it is the best....again I said random stuff of what I have heard from seniors / professors etc etc....then finally some sense prevailed in me and I gave 3-4 tangible reasons to justify IIMC is the best....
P1-Ru coming to IIMC just for the piece of paper (degree)...
Me-Sort of argued (politely) that it is not just a piece of paper....it implies that you have gone through and passed the rigorous curriculum....stuck to my point....
P1-So are IIM's polishing institutes...
Me-Said if I am 90% on some metric and if you help me get to 100% it is polishing.....but in terms of business knowledge I am probably 30-40%....so it is no way polishing....
P1-That means ur coming for a change..
Me-Most certainly....
P2-He had some difficulty understanding what I had written in career goals..
Me-Explained what I meant....one qn on the same....was able to answer..
P2-I have given u so much space to write ur career goals but u have used only half of it...
Me-Sir, it says write not more than 60 words....and I have written exactly 60..
P2-Exactly 60?
Me-Yes sir..
P1-You are going to leave ur company if called....don;t u think its unethical..
Me-Said what the director once told me in the firm....no one is going to stick here for his life....but we want the journey to be smooth, beneficial for both the company and the employee as long as we are together.....said would definitely consider re joining the firm post MBA.....

I feel almost exhausted by now (it was long).....feel it has come to an end.....suddenly....

P2-So ***, how ru as a person....
Me-Repeat the qn.....completely blank on what to say.....started very randomly....saying I think I have been good with everyone..... realized I have to say something tangible here....then on some topic of friends....said I happen to miss out on friends once I leave that place....have tried to change this habit...but not very successful....
He had one point on this...
Me- Then moved to professional life....said about being punctual for everything....from meetings to deadlines...
P1-Do you think this interferes with creativity....as in deadlines...
Me-Had a discussion on this topic....I tried to divide work in corporates into 2 buckets....one where u have to meet deadlines with the best possible quality....and one where u can afford to invest more time on but require very high quality.....the discussion lead to how will u get some change in the company....how will you convince ur CEO for this....what if he says he will fire u if u dont stop thinking of random ideas.....basically a discussion.....i think it was good....
A1-What other calls do u have....

They looked at each other and said ATB....u can go now.....

Verdict - Desperately Awaited

Let me know if you have any comments........

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