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Edited the post…

Edited the post...


One of my friends went to Cass for the M.Sc(finance) program without work-ex....He could not find a job in UK after the program and has come back to India.....And as far as I know, he is having a tough time here also.....

I would advise you to go there with a few years of work-ex under your belt....

Here are the positives:

(a) If you read carefully it says "Cass Business School - City of London". The "city" as londoners call it is downtown. Where most ibanks and other financial institutions are located. So in terms of location its on par with the best in the world - like say Stern NYC.

(b) You get automatic HSMP (google for HSMP if you dont know what it is). That takes care of VISA issues etc. which is a potential problem in the US.

(c) Course content + faculty + International exposure should be NOT a reason to worry too much. Unless your expecting a Wharton or Columbia or Chicago.


(a) Only one and it takes the cake - too expensive a proposition considering the lack of brand value it suffers (especially in India)

So if you can afford the money it should be a great experience. But dont hinge everything on finding a great job post-MBA. Because as with most MBA programs around the world it can just guarantee opportunities for a deserving candidate. I don't know your background hence cannot comment on this. But its a risk for sure.



Edited the post..

In terms of reputation in India, according to you, which one of Cranfield, Cass, Lancaster and Edinburgh has a bigger repo, particularly in investment banks and other financial institutions.

Arun I'd request you to pls check this. 😃

I have spoken to one of the alumnis and what i heard is that cass is the best in UK for finance go for it buddy

crazyhere Says
I have spoken to one of the alumnis and what i heard is that cass is the best in UK for finance go for it buddy

Hi.. I wanted to know what the alumnis felt about industry interaction, career service etc.

If possible, could you please PM me the contact details of them. I was very confused on which b-school to go to. If my woes weren't enough, I got an Edinburgh offer too. Now I have to choose between Cranfield, Cass, Lancaster and Edinburgh!


hi ..i didnt speak to alumni of cass ..the information i got is from one of my friend who is doing his mba in cranfield ..he suggested me to go for cass iff i want my career in finance..
i shall speak to him if he is o.k to share the contact details then i shall PM u his id


btw ..i have an interview scheduled in lancaster next week you know any alumni in lancaster or any one who has been admitted to lancaster for MBA. ..pls let me know