XLRI-Truths & Reality

Spread the Insidde News and reality of the college. Feel free to ask any quetions. EXLINK commitees and placement report do not provide the true picture of the college because they are branding it

Hi, if you have any quetion related to XLRI feel free to ask me. College commitee and Placement Report do not provide the true picture of the college and often misguide the students.

Some Pointers to keep in mind before joining B-school:-

1) Dont join B-school just for the sake of doing MBA. Have a clear goal about why you want to do an MBA and which stream you want to pursue because this will help you in homing on correct b-school. For ex. Suppose you want to pursue Operations than NITIE might be better choice than SPJIMR or XLRI despite both this college ranked above NITIE. 

2) If you are from an engineering background and want to pursue Finance in B-school than having cleared CFA Level-1,2 helps a lot becasue by having this you will be able to get the shortlist from finance companies during Summer placements which generally happens very soon after you join the college. Further try to join 1 or 2 Finance commitees.

3) Dont make your decision based on the Placement reports of the college. This report are fudged and have superinflated CTC's due to one time joining bonus and variable packages and stock options.

4)Having expirience helps in b-school because it makes you more mature and makes you eligible for Lateral Recruitment process (People having a work ex greater than certain months, generally 20 months, are only allowed to appear for this process and around 25% of the batch gets placed in LRP).

5) In MBA profile matters a lot because you wont be able to appear for an interview until your CV is shortlited and shortlisting depends on your profile i.e 10th, 12th, undergrad etc.. 

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What is the typical profile required for strategy consulting firms like BCG at XLRI? My details 10th - 94.2%, 12th - 97%, Engg - 75.375%, Work Experience as an Analyst in analytics for 2 years 5 months... Will I get shortlisted?

Some Realities of B-school:-

1) Placement processs of most of the b-schools are not democratic  and placecommers might behave as your masters. Further dont exppect any help from the management of the college because they will simply tell you that placementss are a student run process  and they cannot do anything. At my college Placecommers debbared around 6 students from appering for Golden cluster companies(Some of the most coveted) because this students couldnt appear for the written exam of a Top-company. Becasue list of students who were to appear for the exxam was sent at around 12 in the midnight for a 6am examination. And this students had slept of before the list came and woke after the test had been conducted.

2) Placecommers always get an unfair advantage in getting shortlist and get favours during the interviews. 

3) Many students even in the top tier b schools get placed in 3rd class companies paying 8 or 9 LPA. So make your decision very carefully and make sure to talk to some seniors from the college whom you can trust 100% and just dont talk to any senior Because most of the senior you might talk to may not provide you the correct information because they try to protect the brand of the college. Please reach out to a person whom you can trust completely.


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