XLRI Three Year Ex-PGP Programme

Hi Everyone, Wanted to check if anyone has any idea/feedback/opinion to give about the three year Executive PGP Programme conducted by XLRI. The website says its the same structure but covered over a longer duration due to distance constraint…

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to check if anyone has any idea/feedback/opinion to give about the three year Executive PGP Programme conducted by XLRI.
The website says its the same structure but covered over a longer duration due to distance constraints. I believe they do it through DirecWav and hence can be done in any city in India.
If anyone has any idea (:) about the way it is conducted, the contents, the results after course completion (like promotion in organisation/change of roles and responsibilities ) etc, do post it here.

A cousin of mine was doing this distance MBA program from XLRI.. dunno if its the same one.. he's still doing it actually.. their classes are held through video conferencing, they can actually see what the profs are teaching and can ask them questions.. Classes are held only on weekends.. they even went to XLRI for 2-3 weeks, stayed there .. had some classes, probably a workshop or something.. am nt sure.. n he says its good.. they good books and study material too.. Now if this is the same course ur talking abt.. i cn ask more..


Hey, Thanks Neha.
I will really appreciate if you can gather more info about this course from your cousin.
I would like to know about the quality of the course and the benefits he/she derived after course completion. Also, how hectic is it?

Hi deepti,
i checked up wid my cousin.. well the course tht he's doing seems to be different.. its of a different duration,jus 1 and a half yrs as compared to the 3 yr one ur talking abt...so sorry cant help u out wid tht !! 😐

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to check if anyone has any idea/feedback/opinion to give about the three year Executive PGP Programme conducted by XLRI.
The website says its the same structure but covered over a longer duration due to distance constraints. I believe they do it through DirecWav and hence can be done in any city in India.
If anyone has any idea () about the way it is conducted, the contents, the results after course completion (like promotion in organisation/change of roles and responsibilities ) etc, do post it here.

Hi Deepti,

1. Exec-PGP ( for ppl with work-ex > 5 yrs, course duration: 9 terms spread over 3 yrs - in between you could continue working...),
2. GMP ( 1 yr course : fully residential tho) and 3. the purely on-line virtual certificate course are the three courses which are generally not clearly known outside and are relatively ( unlike BM 1960s and PMIR 1949) new.

The on-line classes which you have referred to earlier may also be part of the Exec-PGP course too.

The rigor/ faculty and overall structure of Exec-PGP and GMP courses are pretty similar to the 2year residential programmes.


Hey MAV,

Hope u are'nt offended if I address u that way....well first things first......
If my assumption goes right are u an insider at XLRI ?...I mean pursuing any of the fulltime/residential courses...........
I would actually be glad if you could throw some more light on the 1 yr GMP program offered over there......the kind of audience that enrol themselves for the program....again experience/area of work expertise etc etc......

I also happened to speak to the concerned person handling admissions for this program and got to know that they donot offer any placements on campus as in contrast with the BM/PM&IR; programs...........
Don't u think that would be a kind of a dampener considering the fact that you are quitting the job you have in hand...and again if u guys say its worth the risk....
to what extent is the course reasonable enough that it would fetch me a decent pay pack after am out of it with expected roles/responsibilities?

All you who have been following this thread.....do keep your thoughts flowing in..
would help us to ascertain the credibility of the same........

Hey starlite,
thanks for that valuable piece of info. I had no idea about the placement stuff and was wondering the same.
hmm.. now it really makes me think. I think it will definitely be a scary thing to do, if they offer no placement support. After all people with work experience are already wary of losing their financial security and to top it, no placements.

Here is when some inputs from the alumni are required. Can someone please tell us how people have fared after these programmes? Have they got decent jobs or rather how soon did they get A job ?

I had another question about the eligibility for the GMP. Maverick this is for you.
They say in that section, "3 years mangerial experience" is mandatory for this programme. Now do they actually mean only managers can do that course or is it that any person with a reasonable knowledge of the industry working is eligible ?

Man these rules are putting me off. Why is it so difficult to get a good b-school ? :shock:


Hey Deepti,

That is what is of most concern here !
One thing I donot understand is why XLRI does'nt offer placement assistance for participants of this program.....must be so that it is targeted at professionals who wish to go back to the place where they came in from and take on better roles/responsibilities ...I again doubt the credibility of the same.......
And well as far as the experience criterion is concerned, they expect us to have a min of 3 years post qualification experience in executive capacity and I was quite happy to get to know that software professionals would be considered under this category as well !........and ya , am working as a consultant in an IT firm...would be completing around 3 years of experience by 2005 next year.

As most of you here believe it would be definitely good to get an insider from people already there on Campus or may be some of the alumni as you suggested......
Just keep us all updated on this as and how u get to hear something new !

Hey... after going through all the options available with XLRI/XIM and other institutes, m really perplexed, confused, zapped etc etc.

Well, the point of confusion is : Whether I should apply for the 2 year full time courses or go in for the 1 year ones or better still the 3year part time ones !!!

Definitely anyone would want to go in for the 2-year full time course for the amazing experience it gives you. But to think about it practically, its so tough to get a call from these institutes. So why waste money in applying for the full time courses, which have cut-throat competition and which also nullify your experience ????

A better option for working executives would be to go in for shorter courses like the GMP or the 3 year part time ones.
Now the question that arises here is , if your organisation does not offer you a sabbatical and your institute does not give placement support, then you are left to from where you started after your graduation (in case you did not get a campus call).

So the best option here would be to go in for a 3 year part time course !!
Does this sound logical or is it too pessimistic ? Pour in your inputs.

Well, I also happened to speak to this person who did the 14 month DirecWav course from XLRI and finished it last year. He says, if you look at the learning curve, its amazing and definitely should be given a shot. But if you are looking for a career leap with this kind of course, you may be a little disappointed.

Hmmm..... That puts me back to square one....

Hello starlite and Deepblu,

If you both can post your profiles here, can give you a better opinion.

As of now, the people enrolling in GMP here, are mostly TATA group employees - who take a sabbatical from work.

So, in my view, if you want to enroll into GMP and your organization offers a sabbatical, then thats the best opion for you.

Had known a couple of ppl in GMP last year( who have subsequently pased out). One of them was in the sales function of GE Medical equipemtns. And another was a HR Manager for a IT/BPO startup (who opted for GMP for cross-fucntional learning).

THe HR magr has subsequently set shop with another startup. Haven't heard yet from the GE sales executive where he got into.

This year, the profile is even more diverse in GMP - we have army major.

I am no "insider" 😁 - I am just a II yr BM student :)

The online course with Hughes - again pioneered by XLRI - is damn good. I made a visit to the studios from where the course are broadcast. The display on your termincal in chennai/b'lore/delhi/b'bay/wherver .. will have two parts ..first the powerpoint presentation of the prof and of course the prof's face (so tht u can guage his mood ?) ... Rest stuff like fac, books, course etc is same.

The choice should be very clear depending on what you want. If that is known, the rest will follow.

Hope this helps,


Hi Mav/Deepti,

Good to see a lot of participation getting into this topic
As far as I am concerned Deepti, I am in a more or less similar kind of situation as u r in........and the main concern that's biting me all the time is the credibility, gains, learning......u get out of the GMP/Part time programs. One this is for sure that you would never ever be able to get the kind of exposure you get when u go through the full time programs.......
Again considering worst case scenarios like your company not offering sabatticals,
and the participitant not getting placed on campus which is most likely to happen, he/she would be left no where....and suggested he would be back sitting at square one....
The one good thing though is the fact that we could atleast ride the turf on the XLRI brand....and am damn sure abt it..........

This ones to MAV........it would be of great help if you could get us some first hand information on the rigour with which sessions are held for the one year GMP, the kind of case studies handled on campus, the summer projects carried out by participants etc etc.... how far is it comparable to the way it is carried out for guys in BM/PM&IR;?......
As far as my profile goes....me an Engineering grad passed out in 2002 frm Blore Univ.....worked for a BPO for around an year after my grad, got into software sometime in mid 2003...and here since then........

Please do keep pouring in your suggestions/views and ya if any of you guys in and around Pune/Mumbai...could as well meet up and discuss things out in better detail....

Hmm... I spoke to a manager in my organisation who recently passed out of ISB.
The inputs he gave me about the various programmes were amazing. It makes me think.
A word of caution here about taking a sabbatical from the org, that he told me was, that you may actually lag in terms of salary and not get the role you want once you come back to the org, which sounds fair coz you have not worked for that one year. But then would it make more sense to quit and fend for job ? Depends.

Ok, my profile, I am working in the IT Industry for the past 5 years now and am looking for shift to HR or Communications. So eventually my technical experience is getting nullified for sure, cant help it. But thats the way to go.

I am kinda getting biased towards doing the 1 year programmes for various reasons now.
1. Short Duration.
2. Fraternity is compatible to your experience, (its atleast not freshers out of college).
3. Can get the safety net of a sabbatical (if you want to take it) !

The only worry is, placement support is a must !!!!!!

Hey Maverick, can you check with people there in the admissions office to find out why they dont have this for the GMP and if they plan to introduce it ?
Also, how ex-GMP' candidates have managed to get jobs ? Will be a great help.


Hi Deepti,

Since you have 5 years work-exp, I would have suggested ISB for you, considering the similar profiles i have come across at ISB. But, since you want to make a career shift that complicates things further.

To elaborate, your prior work-exp will not be much handy, if you try to leverage that after shifting to HR or communications.

Tough call. If i would recommend,

a) In case of career shift - opt for college with good placements or off-campus placements( you will have to verify this for yourself) after course.

b)In case of continuing in IT in higher capacities, opt for a college where similar profile people( and hence companies) congregate (for example ISB 4+ yrs workex)

If you have 2-3 yrs work-ex or lesser, then XL is the place to be. Though we have quite a few people even in regular courses with 7-9 years work-ex.

Best of luck

I am attaching the link to the ebrochure containing details on each programme offered at XLRI


1. Executive Postgraduate Programme
2. Satellite Based Interactive Distance Learning Programmes
3. One-Year General Management Programme
4. Postgraduate Programmes in PMIR & BM

Hope this helps

You can look at PGSM program of IIM-B. Although it requires applicants to have IT experience but then is worth looking at.

Even I have a similar profile - I have 6+ yrs of work ex in IT industry and current role is manager. I have my B.Tech. in Computer Science and was looking for a good MBA program. I have noted the following for XLRI 3 yr part time program.

1. No placements as this is supposed to be part time and I guess it requires ur current employer to approve. Hence, offering placements will be quite detrimental to the course as the companies will not approve their current employees if they have a chance to leave the company after 3 yrs. That is my rationale.

2. Requires a person to be at XL campus for 18-20 days in 3 months and in a year it amounts to 72-80 days. I dont know if any IT company would give 80 days of earned leave (or lesser if u remove the weekends).

3. Travel would be too high as XLRI is in Jamshedpur and connectivity between Jamshedpur and other cities like Bangalore/Hyd/Chennai etc. might be an issue and would involve a lot of travel.

Academically, I feel that it is quite a good course and might be worth the money and time involved. But comparatively, I would feel that PGSM of IIM-B is much more convenient. One may have to shift to Bangalore (which is quite possible) as most of the IT companies have offices in Bangalore. Shifting might be easier to Bangalore than taking off from work for 70-80 days a year.

Also, Bangalore has got so many good IT companies that job change (if desired) should be possible. And many IT companies recognize IIM-B's PGSM program and hence there will not be much difficulty in shifting jobs if one wants to. Also, IIM-B's PGSM program is the only executive MBA program in India that has features in the Business Week's list of top executive MBA programs across the world.

I had checked with the 1 yr certificate programs given through DWGE and I came to know that the faculty is very good and academically it is really good...but the drawback is that there are so many participants that it is very difficult to ask questions extensively. So either one has to resort to emails or otherwise.

Hope this helps.


Hi all,

Its good to see so many inputs flowing in from all those involved in the discussion here.the bad part of it being that each time I happen to go through em am left with a plethora of questions which intrigue me and make me think and rethink over and over again about a decision that could be as biased and disparate as this..
And here I am again with a few many more danglers and hope you guys could help me out
Well first things first I would live to let my intentions clear.have been in the IT industry for around 2.5 years now and have never been able to convince myself all the way long that this is the place I got to be in ..just as desparate to get involved in the other side of IT as in Business Analysis/Consulting which I am very much sure isnt going to happen as long as I here involved in Coding/Delivery/Project deadlines etc etc
So is pursuing an MBA program the way to go abt it?....I am sure a full time 2 year program is definitely going to help me achieve my goals.but again am a bit split up as far as this decision is concerned here .and also doesnt really make any sense to get into any Bschool just for the heck of getting in.
Do I have a point here?.....Now as far as the Executive programs are concerned, they have a lot many advantages as cited out by Deeptibut equally a risky take as well..and you guys know the reasons
And Maveric, I have a couple of questions to you.it would be really good if you could share some insights into the profile of the GMP guys at XL as in the Industries the come in fromthe experience they carry along with themthe benefits they have derived after completion of the program as far as roles/job profiles/ pay scales are concerned.Hope you guys could help me get over the dielemma am presently in..

Hi guys....

Am still looking for some inputs from your side...
Taking up XAT on 9th of Jan anywayz.....

reviving a very old thread .GUYS ...any one who has more information on the profiles of people joining the three year EXE PGP course of XLRI ?

it's spooky quiet on this thread ....some one tell me... more about this yaar ...cmon


I am pursuing the three year EX-PGP course from XLRI Jamshedpur. In case of any queries,please do buzz me