XLRI PGDM(GM) - GMP 2018-19 official placement and information thread

To bring in insider news with a focus on placement opportunities.

GMP 2017-18 update

18 students placed in Accenture

Few in Virtusa

GMP 2017-18 update

13th November 2017 status 

The quarter century comes up. 25+ placed

Recruiters so far - Accenture

Virtusa Polaris

A renewable energy company

A bank

We understand placement is an important criteria for applications, and would request all the interested students to visit http://www.xlri.ac.in/academic-programmes/school-of-business/pgdgm.aspx and check the placement section for verified and official details from the college.

https://xlrigmpsite.wordpress.com/   <-pls educate yourselves.

Update - Genpact and ZS have recruited. 

These are regulars. 

Update, 11 Dec 2017: 40+ placed but Amazon doesn't recruit this year.

A short summary of the placement scene:

Accenture 18

Amazon 0

Axis bank 3

Gartner 0
Genpact 1
Infosys 4
Optimize 0
Vikram Solar 2
ZS 3 

It seems update needed .. opting for placement - 94 Profiles available in online for recruitment- 48 Hence already placed -46 Forum showing - 40 were placed And interestingly .. 8+ years above - only 2 placed .. 8 guys looking for placement 7-8 years - 5 placed .. 7 looking for jobs.. 6-7 years - 12 placed .. 8 looking for jobs 5-6 years - 27 placed .. 25 looking for jobs 6-7 years -

Can anyone update the placement status?

@Sistros_Dareios @Ravichandrams can you guys help?

Around what date the final admissions are declared for gmp and when does the programme starts ?

Good convocation ceremony. Close to sixty students placed. Good luck batch.

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