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Any idea as to when will the final results of BM/HR be announced?

Hey all!  Congrats to all those who managed to convert either BM/HR! 

We, as ExLink, have created a Facebook group for all those who have converted - https://www.facebook.com/groups/819429901541195/

So if you have converted, plz send a request to join the group, and send a screenshot of your result page (which mentions that you have converted) to any of the following, so that we can add u. 

Aaditya https://m.facebook.com/aaditya.gangolli

Anubhav https://m.facebook.com/anubhav.moharana

Nitya https://m.facebook.com/nitya.muralidharan.1

Shubham https://m.facebook.com/awesomeshubham

To all those in the waitlist, don't lose hope... It isn't really over until it's over. 

XlriXLRI-BM wl 89.