XLRI GMP 2005-06 Batch

Hi, Let’s start a thread for XLRI GMP too! Let’s introduce each other. I got thrU for XLRI GMP I am Girish had 97.3%le, lo----ng exp. >10yr., good PI. Presntly in Mumbai. (Hi Mumbaiites shall we meet once.) ATB ::


Let's start a thread for XLRI GMP too! Let's introduce each other.

I got thrU for XLRI GMP

I am Girish had 97.3%le, lo----ng exp. >10yr., good PI. Presntly in Mumbai. (Hi Mumbaiites shall we meet once.)


Hi Frnz,

Not even a single reply till date! What's the matter.

Plz enter ur profile. Let's introduce each other virtually, till we meet


Hi Nitin:

Into the GMP 2006 Batch. I am Sathish, got about 6 yrs workex in Information and Knowledge Management Industry. Good to meet you online.

What's your take on this program - compared to the 1 yrs programmes offered by ISB, IIM A.

I know of another guy from TCS, who was in the interview next to me, also got into this program, though not sure if hes joining in.

Hope to meet you soon at XL, take care. :smilecol:

Hi Sathish,

@ last ther's a posting

Hope other guys too R forthcoming.

I'm very keen to join the course. There was Shashikant with me while my pi took place. He 2 got selected.

For ppl like u & me (with >6 yrs exp.) GMP seems 2 b the best bet. U get all the content of 2 yrs. of regular course compressed + our rich exp. in the industry.

I don't want 2 get into instt. comparison (See what happened in XL MBA thread ). But 1 yr MBA is the flavour of the season! IIMA has just announced 1 to start from 2006. SPJIMR has just launched one to start from this yr. So good laterals are assured (My assumption!).

IMHO Our faculty's help (I heard somewhere that informal help is available for placement), our collective contacts, booming industry, the perceived need for many mid. & senior managers requirement in wide range of industries will ensure us good placement. ( I was keenly observing ISB developments & it has grown beyond many expectations!)

I can say GMP is one of the very few such programmes, exclusively designed to meet the needs of ppl like u & me. So the size of the batch from similar courses from the instts of xlri ilk must be approx. 200-300. So we r going to be part of a very exclusive group. and there's a huge demand! We are out in a yr. think abt the opportunity cost of a yr.!:)

GMP has delivered good no. of batches till date. XAT as an admission criterion is the recent phenomenon (may be since 3-4 yrs.) They r creating alumni, ...may be many more things r on the way.

SO all said & done. It's the most cost effective one & I am sure ROI is going to be the best

Pls. join the bandwagon!!! & PLS JOIN http://groups.yahoo.com/group/XLRI2005-07?yguid=94328713

HI ,

i am suprio, 3 and 1/2 year work ex in Tata Steel jamshedpur , me too joining GMP, great to hear that there are already more guys waiting for joining , lets make this thread really creative and knowledge worthy for all GMPians

As far as i know there are about 7-8 guys with me joining from Tata Steel , course content is very good at par to BM , but on campus front , i am not so sure now may some one else throw some light.

Guys please post your ucational background and from which company and work ex peroid to know each other better.

Hi Subspan,

Thanx for the posting!

Educational background BE (Elect). I was working with a co. called SST India, a CAD/CAM software co. Prior 2 that I worked with Aveva India, EDS Technologies, Rolta, (all CAD/CAM sw companies.) I also had started a .com company @ the peak of internet craze . (Burnt Fingers badly ) Nearly 14 yrs. exp.

I was always looking forward to join in XLRI.

Regarding XL campus, hope u & ur colleagues may throw light. I felt it's quite good knowing the legacy & photos in the brochures & website.

I love reading Management literature, watching Hollywood hits! (Shall we talk about our hobbies 2.)

Plz encourage all ur GMP joining colleagues to contribute here. You 2 may give their profile if it's ok with u.

Let's all maximize our learning from XL through great team spirit


Hi nitin ,

great to hear back from u, as for my profile i am to a electrical engg from BITS -2001 pass out, got into tata steel through cam pus inter view , has been working in the field of electrical negg since thenin Tata steel.

R there more guys more west , those whom u know for this programme , in the east side there are many , i also heard few guys from infosys are going to join this batch , dont know their particulars , may they join this PG groups, where did u gave ur interview i gave a jamshedpur only.

The passing out batch did not enetr through All india basis they are espicially sponsored candidates , so cam pus may not happen although they are trying toconvince the admin, i spoke to one of them he was of the opinion that since our batch has been selelcted on all india basis there would be everything formal as of BM .

lets see ( keeing our fingers crossed ):grab:

Hi Nitin & Subspan:

Good to hear from your both, I too am keen to join the course. Regarding placements, I had called up placement office @ XL and had checked, there was a lady who picked up the phone and said, as of today they dont offer a formal placement service for the GMP batch for 2 reasons.

1) most people are sponsored( atleast till the recent batches) so can't participate in Placements and 2) there are quite experienced students which a) makes it difficult for XL to procure lateral placements and b) since with such experience, you generally become specilized in a particular industry, its difficult to get placements in the same Industry ( also at our exp level, its difficult to shift careers from say IT to FMCG etc. which freshers or students with 1 -2 exp regularly do.) and that too a higher level for candidates - Infact somewhere I read even Harvards and Stanfords dont have 100% placements even after 3 months of graduation.

Nevethless from my experience( not that its too much but it isnt too little either) , I think, XL dip should help us in the long run, when we are aiming for Sr mgmt & CXO level positions, and also considering our experience and XL branding, I am hopeful that in the worse case that we decide not to get back to our ealrier company, it shouldnt be difficult to get a job outside (- if not in campus ).


PS: BTW when is the joining date for the course, I havent recieved a letter from them yet, have you guys got any intimation.

It's great 2 Know even Infosys guys R joining!:)

All India selection, formal placement, comparison with HBS,... Music to hear &:icecream:

I gave PI in Mumbai. There was Shahshi who had flown from H'bad (Coming from Airforce it was 2 easy for him )

There is another person for GMP in Mumbai but looks like dilly dallying 2 much

I am just waiting for the letter to rush to Jamshedpur to take admission.

I can foresee that we all will have a great time in XL


Hi guys,

there is good news for all of us, it has been recently decided that we will getting PGP status from this year ,we will be getting Post graduate diploma in general management that is a total 1 year MBA status like other colleges.

So GMPinas its time to cheer .

Thats great new suprio..

Hey why dont you convince your other colleagues also to join this forum, that way we get to get along with each other fast.

Btw, I did my Engineering in Electrical & Electronic too. any coincidence here :wow:


Hi saathish,

i have already few to join this group , u will be seeing new posts very soon .

where did u did your engg from , and where do u have your experience from which company and in what field.

Hi Suprio:

you can mail me at [email protected] I shall reply back with more info . Pls send me your contact numbers too to this Id, I shall call you up.


Hi guys,

there is good news for all of us, it has been recently decided that we will getting PGP status from this year ,we will be getting Post graduate diploma in general management that is a total 1 year MBA status like other colleges.

So GMPinas its time to cheer .

Hi Suprio:

hey where did you get to know of this news...???


It's Great To know!
Let's Celebrate

Girish B Hukkeri

Hi Girish:

Can you mail your mobile number/ contact number to me at [email protected]


Hi Satish I just am sending the email.:)

We can pm each other too!

Yesterday, I had a long chat with Shashi from H'bad. He too is going to post in the thread shortly.

He told that Prashant too has got admission. Prashant had attended the GMP PI with us in Mumbai. We all had given PI in sequence. Looks like that was the luckiest period for all of us. (I am sure the TISCO guys may be lot more luckier than us! )

I was following education loan related postings. Looks like it will help us a lot. I was checking all relevant postings everywhere. I am relieved that xlri letter includes a loan form from SBI

I heard a few guys from Delhi rcvd letters. What's the news in J'pur. I'm waiting for my letter in Mumbai.:)