XLRI GDPI Experiences 2016-18

Aspirants, who are having your GDPIs, please share your experiences in this thread as to how was your overall experience,your centre,gd topic,pi experience & time allotted for it,etc.

Can anyone post an example of the GD topic as mentioned in the instructions for call getters?

with a general example mentioning the arguments and scenarios with the ranking and all so that we can have a decent knowledge about how to deal with it.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Dont know why this thread is so barren.. but let me start it.

course:- XLRI HRM

Location:- Jamshedpur 

Campus:- Beautiful, it looked surreal.. the people who study there are really the chosen ones.

GD topic:- can demographic dividend become a liabilty?

GD:- 9/10 came for the GD. We were seated in a round fashion with no table in between. We were assigned tags with number written on it. GD was conducted by  3 panelist, who kept on observing each candidate, they were moving around a lot. GD started, 5 mins for thinking and 30 min for discussing.Discussion was pretty cool. Nobody fought against each other. We chose one aspect of the topic and then we all drilled down on it. Even people who were not speaking much was being encouraged by some of us to speak. Overall experience was awesome!!! Panelist kept a close eye on everyone and everything!

PI:- Same panelist as GD. first set of questions were related to GD. They had noted down the points we made in GD and asked in details about almost each one of them.

Then came the SOP. Almost all the questions were touched upon by the panelist.

Then came the Essay, asked me about why i have written this and that.

Then came 2-3 G.K. questions.

Then asked about personal experiences during my worktime or ECA.

One Sir checked all the ECA certificates and marksheet.

Notes:- The whole process was smooth. Panelists will make you comfortable. Gave an eclairs at the end, but the real takeaway part was being in the campus for 2-3 hours 😃

All the best to everyone!

XLRI BM afternoon slot - on behalf of a friend - 

Bangalore BM

GD Topic - Should B Schools allow Student politics

Went well. As a group we reached a consensus and were able to discuss 3 points for and against each as well as implementation constraints. Not a fish market!

Interview : was primarily based on the video and SOP. Was asked about the last two questions in the questionnaire. Ended with a question : What radical step can be taken to ensure that juvenile crimes come to a halt!

do we need to write the SOP and carry the folder for interview

Kudos to those who can remember their experience. I can only recall bits and pieces.

Location : Radison, Delhi for HRM

GD topic: Is a discontented employee a source of problem for organization?

8/9 participants, 35 minutes, average-ish GD. Everyone got time to speak, but most of the points were repeated. The group wasn't able to conclude properly, imo.

Suggestion: Those at the middle of table have a positional advantage, but one must have the calibre to make most of it. In our group, the guy sitting in the middle took initiative and was able to literally guide the group. So if you are in the middle, back yourself to make the most of it.

PI: Ahh man. They grilled me so much that, trust me, in the middle of the interview, a grilled chicken from punjab came and patted me on my back as a show of sympathy, and said 'atleast now you know what it's like.'

First of all, no questions on acads, why hrm, current affairs, essay. They took one question from my assessment (the outstanding suggestion one) and grilled me on it. How is it outstanding, I dont find it, you just copied the idea, not good. What else? what else? what else?  How can you better implement it? why wasn't it implemented if it was outstanding? This is essentially 'Some HR term'.

I could sense from the tone of the panel that I was sawing the branch that i was sitting on, and that they were not impressed.

Another question - when have you shown your people's skills in work?  - Replied - panel not impressed, gave a 'meh' look. Again counter questions on it, deducting flaws in my solution, what can be better done? what would you do to make sure this situation did not arise?

Seriously, I do not remember much after that. The interview went on for 25-30 odd minutes but at the end I was so exhausted that when one of the panelist gave me an extremely simple question on intangible measures to improve employee productivity, i could come up with 2 extremely stupid points ( I dont remember them, i however, do remember the feeling of my mind, telling me that this is stupid). The interview end was rather abrupt. Asked me about my other calls and wished me luck

Opinion: Please dont freak out or anything. I have run through the interview multiple times (i mean bits and pieces, questions here and there) and know that I should have done better and did not perform to the level expected of a well-prepared candidate, so partly the grilling is my fault. May be it was their way of telling me the same. More so, once they realized I was screwed, they moved on to other questions.

  1) Please do prepare your self-assessment thoroughly.

2) I urge you to try to not buckle under pressure. In the last minutes of my interview, I really messed up that simple question. Another day, another time, I would have nailed it. I know it is a rookie mistake,and not many do it, but still...

All the best for your interviews people 😃

When xlri declare their final shortlist?? Any idea

GD PI Experience:
Date: 20/21 Feb, Bangalore
(Had HR interview on 20th and BM interview on 21st)


Topic for GD: Are interviews necessary for hiring to managerial position

PI: Interviewers were very friendly, made us very comfortable. There were two in the interview panel - the same two who evaluated the GD. Some of us were asked questions from GD (eg: how it could be improved, why we took a certain stand etc). Some personality related questions were asked and several work-ex related questions were asked. One person in the interview panel looked at the marksheets and certificates while the other was asking questions. Having a resume in the file which was handed over to the interviewer might have been useful here. I didn't carry my resume, though. Interview lasted 15-35 minutes. Mine was 35 minutes long while the one interviewed ahead of me took hardly 15 minutes (perhaps because he was a fresher).


Topic for GD: Influence of media on Society

PI: Again, the 3 member interview panel was very friendly and keen on making us comfortable. Asked in-depth questions related to work-ex. The interview went extremely well. No rhetorical questions were asked. They didn't ask for any certificates or marksheets. They even declined to take a look at them even when I offered it. Interview lasted around 15-25 minutes.

Overall, I felt HR had more personality related questions while BM had a lot more work-ex related questions testing our knowledge in our work.

GD PI Experience (BM) Date - 27th Feb Location - Ashraya International, Bangalore GD topic - Can good individual performers be good leaders? GD was good. I felt that we covered a lot of points and were able to reach some decent conclusions. Everyone got a decent chance to contribute as it went on for 35 mins. PI - A lot of focus was given to the questionnaire. Even the others in my panel faced questions about what they had written in the questionnaire. Initially I was grilled about my work-ex. Lot of details about the product that I work. How it can be improved? How can my work be improved etc. Then, I was asked about my answer to the question about 'vehemently disagreeing' (in the questionnaire). I'd written about Freebasics and a lot of discussion happened on that topic. Then, I was asked about my answer to another question (i think about the outstanding idea rejected). They asked me to take them through that situation and also asked me some questions about it. Overall, interview went for about 25 mins. Panel was cool and seemed interested in my answers (hopefully I was reading their expressions correctly..!!) Fingers crossed!

XAT %ile - 98.7

XLRI BM -Interview XIMR Mumbai- Morning slot

3 panelists, all males. They were nice and co-operative. As far as I could tell, none of the members from the group was grilled.

GD - Should betting in sports be legalized in India?

Nice GD. Everyone got a chance to speak their points and we were able to stick to the criteria matrix.

PI - Started with basic questions about me.

Questions - 

How can you say that a particular design is complex? Compare for a pencil and a car.

Defining moment in life.

Effect of oil prices on automobile industry.

Breakdown a car logically based on its design.

Who made the game Pacman?

Anything else that I would like to talk about.

XAT %ile - 98.7

XLRI BM -Interview XIMR Mumbai- Morning slot

3 panelists, all males. 

GD - Is a discontent employee really a problem?

Average GD. Although two of the guys tried to create a ruckuss but it went fine. 

PI - Started with basic questions about me. My profile in work.

Asked about some recent news

Why are some faculties highly paid while some a average paid?

Role model.


Aerodynamics of a car

diff b/w mechanics, dynamics and kinetics

what substance to add to a low grade petrol to make it a higher grade.

Do you think that cooking is a female oriented task?

Gd-pi experience 01/03, Delhi. HR. Gd: should promotions be based on seniority or performance? Good discussion, everyone got a chance to speak. About 30 minutes. Pi: 25 minutes. All questions from essays and on business ethics. Based on situations. For eg. Have you had to bend any rules in your work experience? Would you ever break a code of ethics and in which situation? If there is something interesting in your essays, they will talk to you about it, for sure. No stress, just normal conversation.


GDPI Experience: 2/03, Delhi, BM. GD: Is it necessary for youth to be materialistic. Good discussion. Everyone made good points and pitched in.Luckily I seemed to do well in this GD.

PI: 3 Members, M1(50 Yrs), F(Sarcastic), M2(Stress). M1 was very decent and started asking about my work ex and scope of further development in India for mobile financial needs. Answered well including payment bank and Jan Dhanyojna, RBI KYC norms etc.

From here It went full stress: M2 was sitting with his legs crossed and leaning far back into the chair. Asked me to clarify my stand in GD. Asked me to name few entrepreneurs who were materialistic and successful. Went into negation when I said steve jobs. Later I added Martin Shkrelli and turing pharmaceuticals then he finally was like bas itna hi aata?. Gave comparison with Ratan tata in how he was not materialistic. M1 was the only one supporting me while F1 had unreadable expression. F1 asked me about "Which group would be most affected if Love marriage/Arrange marriage would be made compulsary?" Took some time to jot down and answered LGBT community as they will suffer in love marriages. SHe asked for more examples: I said Religious people would prefer arranged marriages(M2 enters and says oh.. so all religious people like arranged marriages? Bhai rukja). Explained that there are two sides to every coin and said that for religious people the choice is skewed more to arranged etc..) M1 was the only person listening intently. M2 was like hmph.. kuch nahi aata while F1 was sniggering looking at M2. I just had to maintain composure and laugh. F1 was still asking tell me more, I gave 1-2 examples still saying more more. When I said I am not able to recollect any more she replied that "u have supported arrange marriage in your form.. you should know this"...(When I was discussing advantages/disadvantages etc.. F replies that that is discussion for 3rd, 10th class students)

M2 decided that he wants to screw me.. M1 was mentioning my long name. I was joking that many of us south Indians have long names. Here jumps Mr. M2 again saying "Oh! you mean all south indians have long names!" God I hate him. Just kept smiling through the interview.

What do you think guys? Any chance of convert @97%.

Any feedback welcome.

What documents are expected to be with us During interview? Urgent:



Place: Jamshedpur

Gd topic: Should employees retire.

PI: Mostly based on the self profile questionnaire, acads( I am a fresher) and general ethical questions. Interviewers are very cool. All the best :) 

Can anyone give some clarity on the criterion in gd.. What is that exactly.. And also if an example could be given.. Let's say the topic is should betting in India be legalised;:: what criterion can be used in such a topic:

Guys can someone please explain the GD process with an example ? I gave my GD PI for HR (Topic: Should mangers be unionized) but still have no idea what was expected out of us :\ A detailed example would be highly appreciated !

Need to carry only originals in the interview right? And do we need a printout of the scorecard

Guys when does XLRI usually declare its results? Any idea?