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Can anyone tell me what's the next step after getting XAT score card for XLRI admissions?

I just realised my date of birth is wrong. Will they still correct it?

Any chance to convert BM at 98.8?

 Is there any chance of getting call from XLRI with my XAT scores(OA 97.5, QA 83, VA 80.7, DM 99.9 and GK 96). 

Can 85.8 in DM clear BM cutoff. OA is 98.9

XAT OA 98.03 VA-LR 98.7 DM 97.8 QA-DI 80.2

Chances for XLRI-HRM call and conversion?

  Is there any chance of getting call for XLRI BM with my XAT percentiles as mentioned here : (Total 95.588, QA 96.497, VA 92.945, DM 53.898 and GK 24.472) ??

OA- 96.7%ile, Sectional spilts: 95.9 |  86.6 | 88.9

What are my chances for conversion?

XL BM shortlist out by 9pm today.. called XL today.. all the best!

Does anybody know the dates of interview at different centers for BM and HRM? Please reply ASAP with the correct information only.

Hi friends... Is the selection process different if we are selected for both BM and HR or we ll have one interview for both ?

got shortlisted for both bm and hrm 😄 

OA - 95.1 QA- 94 DM - 90 VA - 84 Got calls from both HRM and BM? How likely are the chances of conversion?

OA- 93.52, QA- 98 DM-75 VA-81. I got a call for HRM. What are my chances of conversion?

form of xlri released?

Is this a dedicated group only for XL call getters?

1) by how much does the Waiting list move? (BM and HR)

2) What is the relation with percentiles and converts?

3) The respective Overall cutoff for both BM and HR?

4) Which has more weightage, GD/PI or the percentile?

Hi ,

Got an overall percentage of 98.5, but was not shortlisted for BM.

QA - 83.284

VA - 96.757

DM - 99.655

OA - 98.576

Any ideas why?

hi guys, any suggestions for which topic to choose for the video? also how long should it be and what is its weightage?